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Random Favourites

The Commission Chronicles 25
The Commission Chronicles
Chapter 25: Project B.T.E.P.
     Latias and I ran around playing all day. Though it didn’t feel right to me. I felt as if I should be somewhere, helping someone. I felt guilty for playing when I had a job to do, a purpose to fulfill.
     Latias must have noticed this, cause she stopped me. “Brad, what’s wrong?” I just looked down.
     “I don’t know Latias.” I said. “I feel like I’m shirking my duties, my responsibilities as the Guardian of Crystoldia in doing just that. Guarding Crystoldia. Not to mention we just left the Resistance there by themselves. And now we’re playing around while their lives are in danger.”
     Latias held put her hands on either side of my face and looked into my eyes. “You are not shirking your duties. You did what was right for your family, what you promised to do. You ca
:iconvypor:Vypor 42 167
The Commission Chronicles 23
The Commission Chronicles
Chapter 23: Home Again.
     “I’m back…” I said absent-mindedly. “I’m finally back home…” I looked over at Latias, and she just smiled back.
     “Well, we ain’t going to get any farther just by floating here.” I said, taking in all that I could so as to remember where to return to when we needed to have Palkia bring us back.
     “Let’s go. I’ve got a family to return to!” Latias grinned mischievously and shot off. I too grinned and was immediately right behind her.
     I looked down at the trees in the forest where we had been teleported above, and tried to recognize something. I had a pretty good sense of direction, but it would definitely help if I knew where we were.
     “See anything familiar Latias?” I telepathed to her. We both slowed do
:iconvypor:Vypor 40 154
The Commission Chronicles 21
The Commission Chronicles
Chapter 21: Rescue.
     “Oh my gosh! You did?!” Latias was excited beyond belief by now. “Whoa there! Easy Latias!” I said as I pulled my hands out of hers before her bobbing up and down excitedly ripped them off.
     “What was it like?! Did you find anything?! Was there anybody there?! Tell me!” I just stared at her. “What in the world has gotten into you Latias?! I’ve NEVER seen you this excited.”
     She slowed down and finally took a breath. “Well, I just wanted to know what Crystoldia was like.” She said. “All I’ve ever known about it was rumors and the tiny, not very informative tidbits that have been passed down over time.”
     “I see.” I mused. “Well, I can say it was shiny. VERY shiny!” I then realized it was a mistake to tell her that. Her eyes grew big and th
:iconvypor:Vypor 48 294
The Commission Chronicles 22
The Commission Chronicles
Chapter 22: Dimensional Conflict.

     As I flew back to Crystoldia, I had many thoughts running through my head. Most of which were about the so called ‘prophecy’. And about how I would know what to do next.
     “I suppose the voice will just tell me when it thinks I’m ready.” I said to myself. “Until then I’ll just have to do my best to help the resistance.”
     It wasn’t long before I arrived back at Crystoldia. And I was promptly greeted by the voice.
     “Welcome back…” It said. “Hi… Uhh, whoever you are…” I responded taking note of it’s chuckling. “Well be I material or not, I am still here to help you.” It said.
     I nodded. “All right then, what other aggravatingly mysterious tidbits of information do you have for me?
:iconvypor:Vypor 41 142
The Commission Chronicles 20
The Commission Chronicles
Chapter 20: Crystoldia.

     “Latios!” I exclaimed. “You’re back!” He smiled. “Yes I am Lateon. I am sorry if I haven’t told you anything quite yet.”
     I shrugged. “It’s okay. You’ve probably been busy… Wait, how could you be busy? You can’t even go anywhere.” Latios chuckled a bit.
     “That is true.” He said. “But that doesn’t mean that I can’t gain information from the Guidecrystal.” I was immediately listening.
     “What?! Do you know more about it?!” I was probably acting like a small child when they wanted candy.
     “Yes.” He responded. “I have been gathering what information that I can from the Guidecrystal. And have come to a conclusion.” If I had feet I would have been tapping them impat
:iconvypor:Vypor 44 145
The Commission Chronicles 19
The Commission Chronicles
Chapter 19: Fitting In.
     As I slept I began to listen for the voice to tell me something else. (I expected yet another aggravatingly mysterious quote.) But it never came. I just had my regular dreams.
     When I woke up I looked over at Latias, once again she was right beside me snoozing happily. I smiled but then remembered that I hadn’t had the voice tell me anything important like it usually did.
     “I wonder why the voice didn’t appear?” I thought to myself. “I know I haven’t finished my quest. Have I?”
     I sat there and thought about what all I had to do. And that’s when I realized that I had never actually been given a job to do. I mean, I had been shown the supposed “Crystoldia” a few times in a dream. But for the most part, I had basically commissioned myself to help Latias as my purpose.
:iconvypor:Vypor 47 144
The Commission Chronicles 18
The Commission Chronicles
Chapter 18: Reconciliation.
     “WHAT’S THAT?!” I telepathed to Latias. “IT’S THE ALARM! THE P.A.O. FOUND US!” She yelled. “WHAT?!” I exclaimed.
     I looked over at Latias. “What are they doing?!” I asked. “They’re going to try and stop the P.A.O. from getting away!” She yelled as she flew towards the exit tunnel. “Wait!” I yelled as I grabbed my Lasyr blades and flew after her, trying to think of just how I could help.
     “Latias!” I yelled to her. “This might be my chance to prove myself!” She stopped immediately and I ran into her. “Oof!” She gasped as she got back up and looked at me.
:iconvypor:Vypor 48 142
The Commission Chronicles 17
The Commission Chronicles
Chapter 17: Training.
     We headed back towards the training area where we had been about half an hour before. I was excited to see just what it had to offer. I knew that the other Pokemon would stay away from me, they always did. Ever since finding out that I had formerly been a human, all but two Pokemon seem to have shunned me.
     I looked to my right and saw Latias talking with Allie the young Eevee. She was still riding on Latias’ back, and seemed to enjoy every second of it.
     (“It’s good to see Latias happy…”) I thought. (“She’s been so emotional of late. I think coming here was a good thing for her.”)
     “Lateon? What is it?” Latias asked me. “You look rather deep in thought.” I just looked over at her. “Yeah, I was just thinking how it was probably a good thing that we came here.&
:iconvypor:Vypor 47 107
The Commission Chronicles 16
The Commission Chronicles
Chapter 16: The Resistance.
     I stared in disbelief. “Mewtwo?!” I exclaimed. Mewtwo floated up and landed on the platform.
     “What may I ask, is the reason for this calling Aggrus?” He telepathically asked. “We have some unusual visitors.” Aggrus replied.
     Mewtwo looked over at Latias and I. “Latias?! Your safe!” He exclaimed as he rushed over to her. I could tell from everyone’s reaction that he wasn’t the type to normally act like this.
     Latias hugged him. “Yes, yes I’m back…” Mewtwo then realized that everyone was staring and composed himself. “I feared that we would never see you again.” He said.
     He then looked over at me. “And who is this?” He said, I noticed him staring at me. “I know you’re reading my mind Mewtwo.
:iconvypor:Vypor 47 125
The Commission Chronicles 15
The Commission Chronicles
Chapter 15: Transformation.
     The spirit of Latios shot towards me, impacting my chest. I felt a new life energy surge through my body, but not only my body. It surged through my mind as well, I had Latios’ memories, his powers, his life force.
     I was rushed back to the real world, but I couldn’t move. I looked around and everything was in a green haze. There were soldiers, the ones who threw the grenade just standing there. And they were staring at me like they had just seen a ghost.
     I looked over at Latias, and she too was staring at me like she had seen a ghost. “Brad… Please don’t go…” She said. “What do you mean?” I asked. All of a sudden the fusion of the crystal and Soul Dew in my chest started going crazy.
     “GAAAAHHHHHH!!!” I screamed again. I felt my body twisting around. I could no
:iconvypor:Vypor 49 83
The Commission Chronicles 13
The Commission Chronicles
Chapter 13: Fugitive.
     I looked back and couldn’t believe my eyes. “Those aren’t jets!” I yelled. “I’ve never seen anything like them before!”
     The jet’s, if you could call them that, had rotating/pivoting engines on the sides making them extremely agile. They also had smaller engines on the tail for maneuvering and stabilizing. They looked kind of like a stealth helicopter, only with jet engines rather than rotors. And there were three of them. And each one had the initials P.A.O. on the side.
     Oh, and did I mention the gattling guns?
     “Latias! Go!” I yelled to her. “NO! I WILL NOT LEAVE YOU! REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED LAST TIME?!” She said. I stopped and looked at her. “Then let’s do this quickly!” I said as I spun around and headed straight for them. Latias did likewise.
:iconvypor:Vypor 45 155
The Commission Chronicles 14
The Commission Chronicles
Chapter 14: Infiltration.
     “I’m going to the P.A.O.’s hideout?!” I exclaimed. “Surprised?” It said. “You have proved yourself ready, and just in time as well. For the guide becomes weak as we speak.”
     “Oh yeah! The guide! I completely forgot about him.” I thought. “How do I get there?” I asked. “You will know…” Is all it said.
     “Ok, I’m sick and tired of all these stupid mysteri-Ohhh!” All of a sudden my head was filled with memories that I should never have known. I saw a large river traveling through a forest. I saw a mountain, and a valley. I saw all these different landmarks as I mentally zoomed across the forest. The landscape then started to become more mountainous.
     Then there it was, I saw the P.A.O.’s base. Tucked into a little niche in front o
:iconvypor:Vypor 47 100
The Commission Chronicles 12
The Commission Chronicles
Chapter 12: Reclaiming.
     I rolled on the ground weeping uncontrollably. “How could they take her from me?!?!” I pounded the ground with my fist some more.
     All of a sudden I came to my senses. “I might be able to follow them!” I thought as I jumped on the Lasyrboard and flew up into the sky.
     But then the thought hit me. They would have left hours ago, and I didn’t know which way to go. They could be anywhere right now.
     I started to cry again. “Latias… Why…?” I slapped myself and decided that I couldn’t just stay there crying like a baby. I headed home to check the internet for whatever I could find on the circus.
:iconvypor:Vypor 47 111
The Commission Chronicles 11
The Commission Chronicles
Chapter 11: Missing.
     After I went to sleep I dreamed that I saw the P.A.O. complex again. “Where’s the voice?” I thought as I strained to try and see if I could hear anything.
     Then, like it usually did, (Coming out of nowhere without warning.) the normal voice started talking again. “To find the cave you must first release the prisoner…” I looked down at the complex, trying to see which building looked most like a prison. “Where are they being held?” I asked.
     I was whisked away from the dream too fast to get an answer. “I think the voice just enjoys leaving me with agonizing mysteries for fun.” I thought.
     I woke up and stretched my arms. “Aaaaauuuuuughhhhmm!!!” I yawned. “Ooh, I don’t want to get up. You awake Latias?” I looked over at where Latias would have been. But
:iconvypor:Vypor 49 87
The Commission Chronicles 10
The Commission Chronicles
Chapter 10: Circus.
     I woke back up after I had the strange dream and changed into my grubs. “How am I going to explain this dream to Latias?” I wondered. “I swear the voice sounded kind of like hers.”
     “(Oh well) Hey! Wake up sleepyhead!” I thumped Latias’ head with my pillow. “HUNH?! WHA?!” She leapt up and looked around frantically, trying to see whom her assailant was. Then she looked at me. Holding my pillow.
     “Why I oughta…!” I just grinned. “Now, now Latias. You know how this always turns out. You never accomplish any damage to me because we both start laughing till our sides ache.” I said, still grinning. She tried to hide a smile, but failed miserably.
     “Yeah! Yeah! I know, you win!” She said, still hiding a smile. “Well, looks like we need to get to wor
:iconvypor:Vypor 43 78
The Commission Chronicles 9
The Commission Chronicles
Chapter 9: Forging.
     I was about ready to go to bed when my dad came into my room. “Your mother was telling me you got a new pet… Oh, my lord…” He stood there staring at Latias. “Brad. What is that?!” Latias and I looked at each other, and both had the same thought, “Oh great, not again.” My dad continued to stare. “Please don’t stare Dad.” I said. “It makes her feel uncomfortable.”
     “Forget uncomfortable!” He said. “I just want to know what the heck it is!” I shook my head. “Her name is Latias. SHE, not ‘IT’, is a creature that I thought only existed in video games. WHICH by the way, I have now discovered is not true. And not to mention we two can communicate telepathically." I told him.
     “Prove it.” He said. Latias and I once again looked at each other and sighed.
:iconvypor:Vypor 50 84
Lootbox by ThatWasLeftHanded

Adolescents playing video games that offer randomized rewards to increase competitive advantage could possibly be exposed to mechanisms that are psychologically similar to gambling.

According to (and many, many other articles that show the study of gambling), these loot boxes have the same affect on the brain as a slot machine!

What's scary is that it's unregulated, anyone can gamble in these games with no consequence other than draining your bank account...

Here's a list of games that I know of that have (or had) loot box gambling mechanics built right in:

- Overwatch
- Call of Duty: WWII
- Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
- Team Fortress 2
- Playerunknowns Battlegrounds
- Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor (Removed)
- Star Wars Battlefront II (EA) (Removed)\
- Halo 5: Guardians
- StarCraft II
- Heroes of the Storm 

There are probably a lot more. I recommend avoiding these games at all cost if you want things to change...

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It seems that the Arial Anomaly in Planetside 2 lags the game for me...
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