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This Product Sucks!
Ask me any product that sucks and I'll make a stamp out of it! Whether it's a game, console, Operating system, toy, etc...

Products only, not people, beliefs or anything that involves groups.
General Stamps
These stamps can be about anything you want just as long as they are within the deviantART rules.
User x User Stamps
These stamps are for...
  • Joking around with you and the person you request
  • Pairing you with a deviant that you admire
These stamps are NOT for...
  • Harassment
  • Trolling
  • Promoting negativity

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The Commission Chronicles: End
The Commission Chronicles
Epilogue: Aftershock.
     I yelled out as I shot up from my sleep, sweating heavily. The visions beginning to fade. Then, right on schedule. I started shaking.
     Then weeping. I sat for what seemed like hours, just sobbing on top of my bed. I finally slapped some sense into myself and just sniffed now and then.
     I got up and hovered out of my room. I looked around, the soft pulsating of the crystals spread throughout Crystoldia almost seeming to speak to me.
     I sighed and flew out of my room. Three years, three years it had been since Latias… Since I fulfilled the prophecy.
     And almost every night so far had been a sleepless one. Her memory haunting me in my dreams. Her eyes always reaching for me. I had tossed and turned, waking up violently from the all too realistic dreams.
     I always k
:iconvypor:Vypor 56 507
The Commission Chronicles 27
The Commission Chronicles
Chapter 27: Final Commission.
This chapter is pretty violent.

     I screamed as I dropped the Lasyrblades and rushed over to her. I didn’t care if anybody tried to shoot me as well, Latias was all that mattered at that moment.
     “LATIAS! LATIAS SAY SOMETHING!!” I yelled repeatedly as I put my left hand under her head to support it and my right hand over her neck. Just trying to keep her sitting up.
     Then my right hand felt something. Something… wet. I lifted it up and looked. And there was blood all over it.
     “No… No! NOOOO!!!” I screamed out. I looked back at Latias, and her eyes slowly looked over at me.
:iconvypor:Vypor 48 174
The Commission Chronicles 26-2
The Commission Chronicles
Chapter 26: Attack
Part 2
Or radioactive bananas will come for your soul at precisely 2:30 am tonight.

     “CRAP!” I muttered under my breath. “Now how am I gonna get out of here?”
     I looked around, many of the Pokemon were looking through the window at me with very worried expressions.
     I sighed. “I’ll be fine. There always has to be a way out of here.” I telepathed to them. “Go on! Don’t worry about me!”
     I urged them on, I couldn’t let them just sit there. And I couldn’t sit there either, cause just then I heard the door at the other end of the prison chamber open.
     I ran around the corner of one of the prison cells and peeked around. And my eyes saw exactly what
:iconvypor:Vypor 42 115
The Commission Chronicles 26-1
The Commission Chronicles
Chapter 26: Attack.
Part 1.
This is part ONE of chapter 26.
Read this one first.
If you read the second part first, then shame on you
Radioactive bananas will come for your soul at precisely 2:30 am tonight.

     Without warning The ‘Project 009-A: Blastoise’ launched at me. I barely dodged in time. And to my great surprise I discovered that he or it, or whatever they were, had small jets welded to their bionic leg armor.
     I shot back around into the main chamber so that I’d have more room to dodge in.
     009-A however, slammed into the wall, which didn’t seem to phase him much. Cause he swung right back around and started firing his canons at me.
     I shot upwards while charging an Energy Sphere, then swooped right down around to him. He began to swing a punch for me, but I saw it coming and pulled up just fast enough so that
:iconvypor:Vypor 43 143
The Commission Chronicles 24
The Commission Chronicles
Chapter 24: Revertion.

     Matt, Jared and I contemplated an attack plan late on into the night. And as a result, I discovered that Latias wasn't particularly fond of sitting around planning.
     “Are you ever going to finish this??” She asked, sounding quite bored. I sighed and looked over at her. “Yes Latias, we just have to figure out a good way to surprise the P.A.O. That part is essential if we plan on beating them-” I noticed Matt and Jared watching me curiously.
     I rolled my eyes. “We can communicate telepathically.” I said. “I was responding to her question about how much longer that we'd be spending doing this.”
     Matt just slowly nodded. “Riiigghht...” Once again, it was time for the eye rolling. “Well if Latias wants us to stop, then I suppose we could.” Jared said.
:iconvypor:Vypor 47 164
The Commission Chronicles 25
The Commission Chronicles
Chapter 25: Project B.T.E.P.
     Latias and I ran around playing all day. Though it didn’t feel right to me. I felt as if I should be somewhere, helping someone. I felt guilty for playing when I had a job to do, a purpose to fulfill.
     Latias must have noticed this, cause she stopped me. “Brad, what’s wrong?” I just looked down.
     “I don’t know Latias.” I said. “I feel like I’m shirking my duties, my responsibilities as the Guardian of Crystoldia in doing just that. Guarding Crystoldia. Not to mention we just left the Resistance there by themselves. And now we’re playing around while their lives are in danger.”
     Latias held put her hands on either side of my face and looked into my eyes. “You are not shirking your duties. You did what was right for your family, what you promised to do. You ca
:iconvypor:Vypor 42 167
The Commission Chronicles 23
The Commission Chronicles
Chapter 23: Home Again.
     “I’m back…” I said absent-mindedly. “I’m finally back home…” I looked over at Latias, and she just smiled back.
     “Well, we ain’t going to get any farther just by floating here.” I said, taking in all that I could so as to remember where to return to when we needed to have Palkia bring us back.
     “Let’s go. I’ve got a family to return to!” Latias grinned mischievously and shot off. I too grinned and was immediately right behind her.
     I looked down at the trees in the forest where we had been teleported above, and tried to recognize something. I had a pretty good sense of direction, but it would definitely help if I knew where we were.
     “See anything familiar Latias?” I telepathed to her. We both slowed do
:iconvypor:Vypor 40 154
The Commission Chronicles 21
The Commission Chronicles
Chapter 21: Rescue.
     “Oh my gosh! You did?!” Latias was excited beyond belief by now. “Whoa there! Easy Latias!” I said as I pulled my hands out of hers before her bobbing up and down excitedly ripped them off.
     “What was it like?! Did you find anything?! Was there anybody there?! Tell me!” I just stared at her. “What in the world has gotten into you Latias?! I’ve NEVER seen you this excited.”
     She slowed down and finally took a breath. “Well, I just wanted to know what Crystoldia was like.” She said. “All I’ve ever known about it was rumors and the tiny, not very informative tidbits that have been passed down over time.”
     “I see.” I mused. “Well, I can say it was shiny. VERY shiny!” I then realized it was a mistake to tell her that. Her eyes grew big and th
:iconvypor:Vypor 48 294
Lootbox by ThatWasLeftHanded

Adolescents playing video games that offer randomized rewards to increase competitive advantage could possibly be exposed to mechanisms that are psychologically similar to gambling.

According to (and many, many other articles that show the study of gambling), these loot boxes have the same affect on the brain as a slot machine!

What's scary is that it's unregulated, anyone can gamble in these games with no consequence other than draining your bank account...

Here's a list of games that I know of that have (or had) loot box gambling mechanics built right in:

- Overwatch
- Call of Duty: WWII
- Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
- Team Fortress 2
- Playerunknowns Battlegrounds
- Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor (Removed)
- Star Wars Battlefront II (EA) (Removed)\
- Halo 5: Guardians
- StarCraft II
- Heroes of the Storm 

There are probably a lot more. I recommend avoiding these games at all cost if you want things to change...

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So according to dumb people, quality control is now censorship...
It seems that the Arial Anomaly in Planetside 2 lags the game for me...
That moment when you find the in-game chat more entertaining than the game itself.


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