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ReATG 83: Screwlight Sparkle

By Thattagen
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Week 83: Draw a chaotic pony!

She's taking over. There's no chance.

Ponies belong to Hasbro.
BG texture by Torley.

EDIT: Hooray, featured in Drawfriend #701. Now I pretty much have to fix her tail.
EDIT 2: Tail fixed, as promised~
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Some idiot who likes computers: *He pokes her belly* .-. It doesn't have Youtube!

(Really. Youtube is the source of entertainment on computers.)
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Hello swirly eyed friend! 8D
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This is what would've happened if Twilight didn't snap out of it in Lesson Zero. Little Queen/Princess of Chaos. Besides my rant I love this. So awesome :D
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This reminds me alot of the style from Wind Waker! Very well done :)
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Holy Christ on the Moon, we're so totally screwed (and balled) by this...!
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I don't know why, but this concept is freaking awesome!
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Holy crap, this is just plain cool.
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I want a pic of Screwball as an alicorn. Just 'cause.
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What would she be princess of?
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whoa... your art style is freakin' amazing!
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I've always loved possession/mind control stories! That makes this picture epic! Her expression is perfect and her pose is absolutely fantastic. I love this picture!
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This may very well be the most frightening pony I have ever seen... Pinkamena has some catching up to do here...
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I need to get my mind out of the gutter, for a moment I thought this was a reference to Uzumaki (don't ask!).
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Omg, this is the best thing. I'd love to see an episode of this. It's just so cool!
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Really cool concept! I have never imagined Twilight Sparkle as Screwball but it's very chaotic vision. You managed to compose the elements of those two - hair, eyes and the look. I think the cutie mark could have been corrupted too.

I like the way it looks - the pony has an interesting pose and the way you made it's appearance is impressive. I like her facial expression too because it goes with the evil and the idea of chaos. Even the background adds dynamic to this work (I see those stains moving!) and some kind of abstractness.

However, I suggest you smudging the lines a bit because on a zoom some of them are very sharp. I don't think it looks fine when you put such a sharp thing on a smooth background.
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Thanks for the in-depth comment! I didn't corrupt the cutie mark because my concept was more like Twilight was in the middle of being possessed. Change the cutie mark, and she's not Twi anymore~

I'll try experimenting with sharp versus smooth in the future. Another thing that adds to the sharpness is the cel-shaded style. I just got really lazy at that point, okaaaay?
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Now that is really impressive!
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I've been reading to many fanfics
you do not want to know what came in to my mind when i saw "screwlight sparkle"
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I think I can guess :3
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