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Christmas Treats 1+2: Cinnamon and Mint

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Somewhere in some universe, there exist fairy-like creatures that can only gain nutrition/magic from a specific food or spice. Around wintertime, one group of these comes out to celebrate some unbelievably significant cosmic event.

Though they may not be necessarily related, they might as well be sisters.

Sweet and spiced. Obviously a tsundere.
She's always the first to help any of the others, while constantly spouting denials.
Her fire magic smells delicious.

Cool and invigorating. Clearly the most mature.
Pretty smart. Hard to impress.
Sometimes wears sunglasses when there are things to be dealt with.
Can "eat breakfast" just by brushing her teeth. Her diet is arguably the easiest of them all.
Her ice magic can make it snow whenever she wants. And other ice stuff.
She never has bad breath.

(These look a lot like Wind Waker fairies, don't they...)
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Hate the flavours, love the characters!