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The Public Pokemon Tileset

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Transparent and Resized version can be found here (transparency included):

Edit: May 18th, 2012 - Added some more tiles. I added some new dock tiles, some boats, some hanging lanterns, barbed wire fences, and a few other things since the last update.
Please do not ask me to help you with your games people. I've literally gotten 5 different people asking me to help them with their games. I have difficulty telling people no, because I don't like to be rude. So please, just don't ask. I'm not interested at the moment.

Games I'm willing to help as of the moment:
-Pokemon Citrine (duh it's my game )
-Pokemon Celestite

That's it, please do not ask. Thank you.

To specify, NOT ALL OF THESE ARE MY OWN. If you choose to use any of these, give credit to the following:

I'm working on making various revisions to a lot of these, but it takes time to recolor them. You no longer have to ask to use these tiles but just give credit where needed.

Credit goes to:
And partially myself, ThatsSoWitty (And yes, if you use this sheet, you do have to credit me. It really agitates me when people say I just assorted this sheet. I made a good amount of the tiles on here, and would enjoy receiving credit for them. And if I don't receive credit, I won't publish my tilesets anymore.)

Every time you look on the internet to find a good tileset, you find bits and pieces. I have found thees and compiled them into a random tileset to be used by myself and others. Pokemon and these tiles aren't always made by me, and are sometimes edits. BUT it still doesn't mean that own all of the ones I didn't make. These are all from PUBLIC tilesets made from the listed people above. Please do not say anything about how these are stolen.

I am currently working on assembling them for use with RMXP. RMXP uses 32x32 tiles. The tiles on this sheet are currently arranged by 16x16, but I can re-size them to 32x32 if needed. I hope you enjoy this sheet and use it your selff.
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The link is broken:|

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Yeah it's gone again :/ 
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Is broken again :/ Could you fix please? :D
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WolfrideProfessional Digital Artist
I regret you decided to use one drive. The hoops of logging into an account to download, it rejects any e-mail I enter that doesn't invoke making a new one with their service, and I shouldn't complain about the art being free, but I was hoping to not have to edit the opaque background. I'm appreciative don't get me wrong, but could you use an easier download method, reupload to DA with a transparent background, imgr, anything else? Edit: For those having issues with the download button, disable ad blocker, refresh. Pretty sure it's the same size as 'preview' and either will work.

Thanks for all the hard work and to all involved. Looking forward to trying these. Not many good quality things like this to what I'm doing.
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KarkyNHGDHobbyist General Artist
The Link is broken once again. Could you fix it please? Thanks!
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jonihindryckxStudent Artist
Please can you fix the link? he is broke.
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can you please fix the links
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Greenadine0Hobbyist Digital Artist
The files on the MediaFire links and the OneDrive link are not available anymore. Is the 32x32 still available somewhere?
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diazsadikinStudent Digital Artist
I want to make a tileset, but, may i use some of theese tileset for my tileset? I will give a credit! (Sorry for my bad english)
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ThatsSoWittyHobbyist Digital Artist
Yep, giving credit is the only condition so if you do that, you are free to use it!
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how can i download it
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ThatsSoWittyHobbyist Digital Artist
There's a onedrive link in the description where you can find the files.
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This tileset is pretty much exactly what I was looking for! Much appreciated!
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ThatsSoWittyHobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome and I'm glad it's of use to you! Just remember to give credit!
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BrunaInesStudent Digital Artist
Your tileset is amazing, thank you >.<
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ThatsSoWittyHobbyist Digital Artist
You're very welcome!
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Hey man ! I absolutely love your tilesets ! however, the links on the description are kinda broken. :(
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ThatsSoWittyHobbyist Digital Artist
Links have been updated with a link to the folder on OneDrive. The one with the black space is the one you want.
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elswampertmexicanoHobbyist Digital Artist
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If I credit everyone, am I able to use these tiles for commercial purposes?
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ThatsSoWittyHobbyist Digital Artist
Not at all.
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dirtywigglesStudent Digital Artist
I made one that is proper dimensions and gets rid of background color. Does anyone have the supposedly usable version of this?
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ThatsSoWittyHobbyist Digital Artist
Links have been updated with a link to the folder on OneDrive. The one with the black space is the one you want.
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Welp, this looks so sick but the mediafire links aren't working? Can you try fix it please? tysm
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