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inspired by [link] ©
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May 21, 2011, 7:48:35 AM
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nice work, thank you for sharing
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Okay that's messing with my head! :-o's very good though! :clap:
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I really like this, its a great idea and shot. =)
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Very well executed!
Definitely makes me wonder...
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thanks a million :D!
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Brilliant photo, and awesome concept. It's really well done.
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Great concept, great pull off, love it :heart:
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While I like this and the one that inspired it, I hate to say it but Calvin and Hobbes did it first...
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no idea who that is, but i got the idea from the link in my description.
and i know it wasn't my original idea, but to me it being a different interpretation is good enough for it to stand alone as art. thanks for your feedback :)!
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lol, Calvin and Hobbes are a syndicated comic strip. They did it for comedy, but you did it for a much deeper meaning. =D
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Stunning! O_O
Makes me think about it ;)
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I like what others like about this. The opposite image in the mirror. I also like the gritty monochromatic texture the photo has. It's almost like it's being shot with a video camera.
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cool!!!! i love it!
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Haha, thats pretty awesome :P And yes. Yes I have. Great work!
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wow! i love it, very unique :)
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Reminds me of a scene in the last season of Lost.
Good image, composition and lighting are well done.
I think the image file on this site though is a tad too big.
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This is really interesting.
I cannot comprehend how you did this.

What I love is how that makes me think about reflections. What if we are actually the reflections, and what we think is backwards is actually the right way round? Woaaah.
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i realllyyyy love this~
not only is the concept great, but i love the dark-edgy feel to the picture =]
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Wicked, nice concept and execution :) and yes, i have wondered! :s
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