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A mouth-breathing nerd who likes comics more than he likes other people.

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Hi Sean! I'm happy to see the Superburbs pages posted, but I need to make a correction on my name! It's Diego Vidal! not Diego Sanhueza!


Oops, my bad!  Lemme change my avatar on the site first and I'll fix that.

When this whole story is posted, I'll be starting work on a new comic.  I don't know yet if it will be Superburbs or my other comic but, if it is Superburbs, are you still drawing comics and looking for work?

Yes I am!

Hit me up if you want!

remember my email is: diego.vidal.sanhueza@hotmail.com

Hey Sean, how come the new pages aren't being put on WebToon? That's where I go to read this!
The new pages are going there this Saturday, you silly-billy.  I just finished getting all of the panels formatted for Webtoons, in fact, heh heh.

There should be 11 episodes of "Big Trouble in Little Towns" up on Webtoons and Saturday will make 12.  Have you seen that many episodes yet?

PS- Thank you very, VERY much for your interest in the comic!  Sorry I didn't see this sooner; got a new dog and she makes me forget I have dA accounts.

Ai's song could be heard in medieval times :D
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  To my untrained ears, it even sounds a bit like instruments they had in Ancient China, which fits her even more!

More like, "Ai of the Tiger," am I right?