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Himeji Mizuki by thatrandomcrazygirl Himeji Mizuki :iconthatrandomcrazygirl:thatrandomcrazygirl 37 6 Yumeko Jabami by thatrandomcrazygirl Yumeko Jabami :iconthatrandomcrazygirl:thatrandomcrazygirl 34 5 What my mom thinks of Hetalia by thatrandomcrazygirl What my mom thinks of Hetalia :iconthatrandomcrazygirl:thatrandomcrazygirl 1 0 What my dad thinks of Hetalia by thatrandomcrazygirl What my dad thinks of Hetalia :iconthatrandomcrazygirl:thatrandomcrazygirl 2 0 Two Sides of the Same Coin by thatrandomcrazygirl Two Sides of the Same Coin :iconthatrandomcrazygirl:thatrandomcrazygirl 10 4 Look at my crappy handwriting XD by thatrandomcrazygirl Look at my crappy handwriting XD :iconthatrandomcrazygirl:thatrandomcrazygirl 5 27 Liechtenstein by thatrandomcrazygirl Liechtenstein :iconthatrandomcrazygirl:thatrandomcrazygirl 7 3 Pen/Marker Challenge 2 by thatrandomcrazygirl Pen/Marker Challenge 2 :iconthatrandomcrazygirl:thatrandomcrazygirl 5 3 Pen/Marker Challenge by thatrandomcrazygirl Pen/Marker Challenge :iconthatrandomcrazygirl:thatrandomcrazygirl 2 8 Mion Sonozaki by thatrandomcrazygirl Mion Sonozaki :iconthatrandomcrazygirl:thatrandomcrazygirl 5 24 Vietnam chibi by thatrandomcrazygirl Vietnam chibi :iconthatrandomcrazygirl:thatrandomcrazygirl 5 8 Belgium-Hetalia by thatrandomcrazygirl Belgium-Hetalia :iconthatrandomcrazygirl:thatrandomcrazygirl 5 7
Harry Potter Bday Game
1- Hermione
2- James
3- Parvati
4- Luna
5- Fred
6- Ron
7- Neville
8- Dean
9- Voldemort
10- George
11- Snape
12- Percy
13- Sirius
14- Bill
15- Ginny
16- Charlie
17- Remus
18- Tonks
19- Lily
20- Cho
21- Goyle
22- Dumbledore
23- McGonagall
24- Draco
25- Crabbe
26- Mad-Eye
27- Seamus
28- Bellatrix
29- Harry
30- Umbridge
31- Hagrid
January- Fed you to Fluffy
February- Tied you to a chair and forced you to watch Dumbledore pole-dancing
March- Prank called Voldemort
April- Locked you in Umbridge's office
May- Turned you into a ferret
June- Sang the Gummy Bear song
July- Splinched themselves
August- Painted the Dark Mark on your house
September- Gave you a love potion
October- Punched your face
November- Swapped your clothes with your worst enemy
December- Forced you to wash Snape's hair
First letter of surname:
A- Because they re-discovered dinosaurs
B- Because the voices told them to
C- Because Dobby turned into a tea-cosy
D- Because of Educational Decree 69
E- Whilst spying on t
:iconthatrandomcrazygirl:thatrandomcrazygirl 1 17
Adventure Time Birthday Game
Day of birth:
1- Lumpy Space Princess
2- Prince Gumball
3- Flame Princess
4- Cake
5- T.V.
6- Marceline
7- Lady Rainicorn
8- Kim Kil Whan
9- Finn
10- Flame Prince
11- Jake
12- Peppermint Butler
13- Ice King
14- Fionna
15- Lemongrab
16- Lumpy Space Prince
17- BMO
18- Ice Queen
19- Viola
20- Charlie
21- Princess Bubblegum
22- Jake Jr
23- The Lich
24- Hunson Abadeer
25- Marshall Lee
26- Party God
27- Lord Monochromicorn
28- Gunther
29- Billy
30- Tree Trunks
31- Mr Pig
January- Sent you to the Nightosphere
February- Got you drunk as hell
March- Stole your clothes
April- did the Numa Numa dance whilst wearing a bunny outfit
May- Ate your sandwich
June- Drew on your face
July- Took you on an adventure
August- Got you pregnant
September- Locked you in a closet with your worst enemy
October- Burned your house down
November- Shoved you out of a window
December- Baked you a cake
Favourite colour:
Red- Because Bubblegum's experiments failed
:iconthatrandomcrazygirl:thatrandomcrazygirl 3 12
Hetalia Bday Game
Day of birth:
1- Canada
2- Russia
3- North Italy
4- Germany
5- America
6- Austria
7- Denmark
8- Prussia
9- Hungary
10- Iceland
11- France
12- Norway
13- England
14- Japan
15- Liechtenstein
16- South Italy
17- China
18- Spain
19- Sweden
20- Finland
21- Ukraine
22- Belarus
23- Greece
24- Hong Kong
25- Estonia
26- Poland
27- Latvia
28- Lithuania
29- Cuba
30- Switzerland
31- Sealand
Month of birth:
January- Stole your possessions
February- Kissed you
March- Shoved your head in a toilet
April- Invaded your vital regions XD
May- Painted your house rainbow coloured
June- Partied with you
July- Killed you
August- Forced you to wear an embarrassing costume
September- Took you to a concert
October- Sat on you
November- Drew you a picture
December- Prank called you
Colour of shirt:
Red- Because Poland's fabulous
Green- Because you're special
Blue- Because the voices told them to
Yellow- Because they're scared of you
Purple- Because they lost a bet
Pink- Because they hate you
Black- Because Englan
:iconthatrandomcrazygirl:thatrandomcrazygirl 3 25
Louise ZNT by thatrandomcrazygirl Louise ZNT :iconthatrandomcrazygirl:thatrandomcrazygirl 6 18


Common Misconceptions About: APH Canada
I’ve gotten quite a few requests for a Misconceptions on Canada!
So, I don’t actually know that much about Canada. I don’t involve myself with him, simply because while I adore him, I don’t find most of his ships interesting. But I know enough about the fandom to know that they can’t Canada lol.
As one of my friends put it, Canada is either two extreme versions of himself.
One is the super-Uke Canada. We know the drill by now—stutters, blushes, doesn’t tell anyone how he feels. He also feels neglected and depressed because everyone forgets him. 
That’s usually the entire point of his existence; much like Romano, Canada feels like he’s in the shadow of a more successful/likeable sibling. Unlike Romano, who turns toward rage, Canada just sighs sadly and mopes. Usually, Prussia, Russia, or France sweeps in and actually notices him and everything is amazing until Canada thinks his lover likes his brother bette
:iconeyesocketsandsuits:eyesocketsandsuits 7 4
Pain Girl by TeroPorthan Pain Girl :iconteroporthan:TeroPorthan 384 95 Lady of Death with her Dog by TeroPorthan Lady of Death with her Dog :iconteroporthan:TeroPorthan 200 25 Disconnected Stamp by SparklyDest Disconnected Stamp :iconsparklydest:SparklyDest 9,784 1,819 The power of flight by prosaix The power of flight :iconprosaix:prosaix 8,803 254 Fairy Capitol by PaladinPainter Fairy Capitol :iconpaladinpainter:PaladinPainter 146 24 Grounded Dragon by PaladinPainter Grounded Dragon :iconpaladinpainter:PaladinPainter 440 67 Fire Dragon by PaladinPainter Fire Dragon :iconpaladinpainter:PaladinPainter 1,054 109 Disney Villains: Scar by Grincha Disney Villains: Scar :icongrincha:Grincha 2,460 397 Always with you... by JazzLassie6020 Always with you... :iconjazzlassie6020:JazzLassie6020 98 15 The Smoking Earth by FemtoGraphy The Smoking Earth :iconfemtography:FemtoGraphy 63 18 Saika by GigaMessy Saika :icongigamessy:GigaMessy 1,359 131 Bryan Fury by Scribbletati Bryan Fury :iconscribbletati:Scribbletati 249 72 Inky by stuck-in-suburbia Inky :iconstuck-in-suburbia:stuck-in-suburbia 179 15 Undo Button by fear-the-brilliance Undo Button :iconfear-the-brilliance:fear-the-brilliance 2,182 158



Hello! :wave: I'm Amy, but you can call me Jamie, I don't really mind which. I've been on this site for 4 years, yet I've never introduced myself. And as I've started becoming more active (I kinda went into a 2 year long hiatus Sweating a little...)  I'd like to hopefully get to know people and make some friends :aww:
Some things I like:
- Reading (especially fantasy and horror genres)
- Anime and manga (especially fantasy/horror/comedy and action series)
- Music (particularly rock, punk and metal)
- Animals, especially my pets

I can be pretty shy (especially in real life) so please bear with me! 

Thank you for reading and I can't wait to get to know you! :la:
Himeji Mizuki
So much for being more active lmao
First drawing with copic ciao markers! :dummy: 

As you can probably tell, I'm not quite used to them yet Sweating a little... But I'll get there somehow

Hope you like it! :la:
Character is Himeji Mizuki from Baka & Test
Yumeko Jabami
Man it's been a while since I uploaded something 😅😅
Here's Yumeko Jabami from Kakegurui/Compulsive Gambler. I thought I'd try a pencil drawing for a change since I'm not very confident with shading using pencils or charcoals... Her hair was the part that I was worried about most since I'd never used charcoal pencils before, but if I'm honest, I think it turned out ok XD

If there's anything I could do to improve or if there're any tips you wouldn't mind sharing with me, comments would be very much appreciated! 😊



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Amy (or Jamie)
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United Kingdom
Hello and welcome! :wave:
I'm a gal who loves anime, music, drawing, reading, fandoms, video games and much more. I've been away from this site for quite a while ^^; but now that I'm back I aim to try and draw a lot more and become more active :D

I love All Hetalia Characters - Stamp by Annington APH - Axis Marching Stamp by DeBellini APH - Allies Marching Stamp by DeBellini APH - ITALYxJAPAN Stamp by leadervance
Hetalia flags stamp by natersal Hetalia Stamp by zb5766 Japan Switz Stamp by Julesie Glamorous France by lilaclila
I WHIP MY HAIR BACK AND FORTH by Myouri Let's Get Together and Strike by AlClair APH :: L'Oreal Stamp by u-sagi Hetalia Nordics Stamp by AkiraNoru
Japan as an Italian by nutmegandginge Hetalia Italy Stamp by NekoBattousai +Asia hare hare yukai stamp+ by BlackLadySango
Axis's Hips Don't Lie Stamp by Psorasis Holy Rome Freaking Out by nutmegandginge Going 'Round in Italy's Fiat by nutmegandginge Nordic 5 by makeitstampy
The Nordic 5 stamp by TheShadowgirls Hetalia Girls Love Stamp by Liacat Adventure Time Stamp by Trillo-Lillo Harry Potter Stamp by Kezzi-Rose
Doctor Who Stamp by Oatzy HBO Game of Thrones Sword Logo Stamp by dA--bogeyman Kill la Kill Stamp by sennketsu Tekken Stamp by CoolBlueX
Shingeki no Kyojin Stamp by lskandar One Punch Man Stamp by LaraLeeL Tiger and Bunny Stamp by Stephany-Q-Vin Music Stamp by AcidaliaAdrasteia
LGBT+ Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Music by Zeronix STAMP: Asexual Pride by FlameExorcist Rain Stamp by Zephyr-Stamp
Stamp - I Love Anime by merurupururin book stamp by RoseRaptor-Stamps Fantasy stamp by test-page Horror stamp by test-page
I love storms stamp by TheHopefulRomantics slytherin stamp by Cat-Noir Many Fandom Stamp by artemisrox Sensational Scar by azianwolfdoll autistic by windows99 Inky by stuck-in-suburbia Undo Button by fear-the-brilliance Listening to the Rain by savagebinn Autumn Stamp by Kezzi-Rose 'Explaining' Stamp by Sonira-Stamps


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