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RP Generator
Welcome to my RP Generator where you create the scenario for an RP to have with me.
*How does this work?: Well, for example, say that you would like to have an RP about TF (transformation) but notice that a certain RP that already exists with it is not EXACTLY about what you want, such as it only being an anthro RP when you really want a normal transformation. Well here, you get to have ANYTHING at all as long as it is reasonably below 18+.
*IMPORTANT: All that you need to do is explain the situation that you want to RP down in the comments for me to see what it is before we start.*
*Why am I doing this?: Nearly all of my past RPs have been about specific storylines, which I now realize to be highly limiting (and possibly boring) to some people, therefore this is going to be about what YOU want—you are the creative star here.
Now let us get to it.
Who are we? (One of us could be a different type of character than the other, just ask me please.)
1. Pokémon (Most preferred)
:iconthatrandom4977:ThatRandom4977 9 448
Garden Prey (Glurt Vore)
Glurt, the small and primarily green dog-like Mixel, was happily prancing about through the thick shades of the trees in the large forest without any care in the world when he eventually then noticed that he was having his stomach growl anxiously, if that was even possible to feel from such a natural body function. Having not eaten anything prior to heading out for the forest, he soon came to regret his lack of eating as he recalled that he became far too excited to leave. But even so, he was now desperate to find food, and he was going to stop at nothing to obtain it. Luckily for him, however, he was not that far away from his friends’ newest friend, Ulu.
Following a happy bark of relief, that was when Glurt had then found himself running off eagerly towards the town and in the general direction of Ulu’s house. Upon his arrival, he was smiling up at the larger figure of the house, panting and drooling at the mouth with interest. He was having a thorough look around the hou
:iconthatrandom4977:ThatRandom4977 4 19
Game Over (Detective Pikachu Vore)
“You know, I’ve always known that you were there. I was actually just waiting for you to beat the game,”
He was very excited as he found that his wait was over. He had been waiting many months to play the game, but he finally had a copy of Detective Pikachu in his hands. When the young man made it home, he made no delay in going into his bedroom to play. The game was very fun, and he enjoyed spending time with it. After a few days, he was finally able to have the game finished. He watched as the last of the credits rolled by, but he was not expecting what he had seen afterwards. The game then cut to what he first presumed to be an extra cutscene as Detective Pikachu himself appeared on his screen. “What is this?” the boy asked himself quietly. The yellow Pokémon was in his office, not doing much when he suddenly looked towards the camera, and he was approaching. “What’s he doing? I think he’s...watching me...”
Detective Pikachu
:iconthatrandom4977:ThatRandom4977 6 28
Carl the Crusading Ditto (Gift)
“I find it pointless that you’re asking me about something YOU’RE doing right now.”
The small, shiny Ditto sits on the grass and keeps to himself. He looks down and takes a second look at his vore drawing. You see, this Ditto is very special and he is quite into vore, but many tend to judge him over it. But nevertheless, he is far too strong to even care. This Ditto is special enough as a shiny, but what makes him even more special is that he also has a real human name, though that should not be discussed for now. Yes, he already has a nice vore drawing laid out in front of him, but he feels as though he could be better. These feelings are usually never helped when others criticize his interest in vore.
“This drawing sucks, but I’ll keep it for now,” he says, reaching forward to pick his drawing sheet up. The Ditto has been so immersed in his drawing that he finds himself forgetting just how late it really is in the forest. Ditto looks up at th
:iconthatrandom4977:ThatRandom4977 2 4
She Finally Made a Friend That Day (Raichu Vore)
"I will gladly show you what a friend is."
Have you ever had those feelings of inevitable isolation and insurmountable consternation as the lonely type? Well, a certain Froslass always did, and here is how things went for her one day, one day that definitely changed her opinion on intimacy...and basketball hoops...
"Alrighty class, today will be a fun day! We're all going to be headed into the gym for basketball practice, got it?" the Nidoking stated as he finished up marking attendance on his clipboard. All of his students were sitting in front of him in four different rows, awaiting his instructions. However, a Froslass was sitting all the way in the back, feeling bored and lonely. She always disliked P.E because it meant that it would be time for her to be reminded of how lonely she felt. Being an Ice type Pokémon here would always prove itself to be difficult, given that she could not stand the heat. Next to her was a happy, always sympathetic Raichu who actually felt bad for
:iconthatrandom4977:ThatRandom4977 3 6
Our Lives: Looking to be Adopted
It is another cold day in the adoption center, and both of us have been longing for someone to come and adopt us. When we finally assume that all hope is lost for the two of us, we soon find that...
1.) Someone is finally here to adopt us. However, they appear to be a little out of the ordinary. Just how much trust can we put into them?
2.) Our sad suspicions have been confirmed and no one will ever adopt us. So what do we do? We plan an escape out of here.
3.) One of us is finally snapping and begins resorting to cannibalism and suicide. If neither one of us finds a way into a nice life with a responsible person, our lives will result in unprecedented chaos.
What are we?
A.) Humans
B.) Small domestic animals
C.) Pokémon
As this is an open life RP, there...are no exact rules... Have fun. (Though you should have some common sense on as to what is encouraged and what is not. Thank you very much.)
:iconthatrandom4977:ThatRandom4977 1 373
Desert Pachirisu? (Vore/TF)
“OK. I’m gonna try this again... Anyone here?”
As lost as he is, the desert seems to be a place that is never going to end. It is very wide, and as to be expected, there is sand everywhere. Sand everywhere. The human keeps walking, seeing that he cannot find a natural exit anywhere. What he does find, though, is a large military base. “Huh, looks abandoned. Maybe something in there can help me find my way,” he says softly to himself. He walks right over, feeling a small bit of relief. Hopefully he will be helped inside. It seems as though the place actually leads underground. Helping a lot is the fact that it is much more cool inside of this complex than the outside desert. The human gets out of a doorway and finds a kitchen. There is a ton of food in here, and it proves to be a great sight. “Finally, food I can eat,” he says, making a slightly stealthy approach to the food. He opens a wooden bin and looks inside when he hears a thud coming fro
:iconthatrandom4977:ThatRandom4977 5 9
Plusle's Dinner
...Plusle to eat me.”
This makes Plusle get absolutely thrilled. “Yes! He chose me! In your face big bro!” Plusle taunts. Minun seems a bit upset and pouts in minor irritation. “Hmph,” he lets out. Without wasting anytime, Plusle jumps up and gets onto the table. He begins to lick the human all around with clear satisfaction on his face. “Aww, you taste so yummy!” he exclaims. Eventually, the small Pokémon gets the young man down his tight threat...somehow. When he gets his whole body down, the human feels all wet and gross. Then, he feels as Plusle gets up. “How are you getting up so easily?” he asks, getting no answer. Not entirely sure how, he feels as Plusle starts playing in a different room as Minun eats quietly in shame. This moves him around a lot, which speeds up the digestion. The last thing he can remember is Plusle belching rather loudly...
:iconthatrandom4977:ThatRandom4977 6 7
Minun's Dinner (Alternate Ending)
...Minun to eat me.” Minun gets very happy and starts to cheer a bit. “Yes! Looks like I’M gonna have the better dinner than you, bro!” he cheers. Plusle seems to be a bit annoyed with this, but he just crosses his arms and watches with both anger and disappointment. Minun then grabs the human and puts parts of him inside of his mouth. A lot of saliva is dripping down the guy’s face. “Ugh...” he groans, slipping down a very tight throat somehow. Minun watches down as his stomach is getting very, very big. The human then manages to get his body down, and he sits in a tight space. Minun is patting is stomach when he releases a burp. “Aw man, do you have to do that right in front of me?” Plusle asks, clearly upset with this. Minun smiles at him. “Hah, I never told you to stay and watch. Now go ahead and eat your food, little bro!” Minun laughs as his older brother leaves to eat in shame. Meanwhile, the person in his stomach
:iconthatrandom4977:ThatRandom4977 4 3
Who's Dinner? (Plusle and Minun Vore)
“Mine’s is not even a word!!”
In a specific forest, there actually exists a large but old mansion. No one is really sure when it was built or who even did it, but many people and Pokémon alike tend to avoid it out of precaution. It is a mystery because no one is even sure who lives in there, either. One person will find out soon, though.
One room is currently being used by the two owners. A small Plusle, and a small Minun are both inside of their kitchen, already in argument over who gets the small portion of food. Unfortunately for them, they only seem to have enough food for one of them, which causes them to argue like they are now. “Come on! I want the food!” Plusle cries, flailing his limbs out of anger. “No way! I found it, so it’s mine!” Minun counters. “Hey! But I’m younger than you, so that makes me more important to be fed!” Plusle adds to the arguing. They continue to fight each other when both of them sud
:iconthatrandom4977:ThatRandom4977 8 8
Digestion Observation (Pikachu Vore)
“Wow, looks like Pikachu are very skilled and do this quickly,”
As of lately, some Pokémon researchers had actually made an interesting discovery in regards to their feeding behaviors; vore. In the beginning of it all, it just seemed so strange to them that every single known Pokémon was capable of going through with such actions. They did already know that some could get a bit unusual and stray off their regular eating habits, but this was too different. The deliberate process of looking for someone to vore and and actually consuming them was an undeniably outstanding discovery to them. So, what did they do next after the finding of this?
The researchers were already getting good research done that had to do with how Pokémon got their prey consumed, how fast they digested, and even went as far to see the reactions displayed to consuming rather large meals. They concluded that a new test was ready to be carried out, so they looked for a willing human to parti
:iconthatrandom4977:ThatRandom4977 9 8
Fuzzy, Furry Family 2: Forbidden Forest
“Look, if you wanna come out and scare me, I’m just going to let you know that I’m not ready for any—”
It has only been two weeks, but Nick has actually evolved into a Pikachu now, and everything is going great for him. Though, being a bit shorter than his family members, he still has a short way to go. For now, he is playing with his new mother in a secret cave, near the Pikachu trailer that he found a while ago. But still, they play together until his mom sees something that she strongly hopes would not be a place that Nick goes into. She makes a sudden stop and gives him a serious look. “Listen, Nick, you see that dark forest over there?” She points to it. “Oh, yeah, I do. What about it, mom?” Nick asks, now becoming curious about it. “That’s a place you want to avoid at all costs. None of us have ever been in there, and only nature knows what lies inside. Please, son, do not go in there or you might just be sorry abo
:iconthatrandom4977:ThatRandom4977 6 8
Unwanted Guest in the Park (Pikachu Vore)
“If you really wanted me to like it here, you never would’ve trapped me here!”
Our lead, a young man, was looking down at a hole in the ground. Quite obviously, he was not sure what it was and could only make speculations about it. He really wanted to know what it was, so he kneeled down beside it. “What is this, and could it lead to anything?” he asked himself through a mostly quiet mutter. Soon, he got a bit closer to it, when he almost instantaneously found himself plummeting downwards. He was falling for a while, and he felt scared about it as he was previously unable to figure out what it was. Fortunately though, he soon landed a bit roughly. This had caused him to pass out for a bit, leaving his senses entirely off for a while...
“Ugh, that hurt a bit,” he said with a groan, eventually rising up to the ground with his hand rubbing the back of his head. He felt his head to have been in some minor pain, but soon got over it when he saw that
:iconthatrandom4977:ThatRandom4977 5 4
Raising a Predator RP
You are (I am) searching around through the woods, when a unique sight reveals itself; a lone egg. Feeling yourself (myself) on the curious side, you (I) go up to it and pick it up. It feels to be a bit warm, and it also seems a little big. Oh? What is this? The egg appears to be hatching. The birth of a new creature is always so cute and promising. You (I) love the idea and sight. You (I) quickly put it down, and watch the new being slowly emerge from the egg as it cracks and eventually busts open. You (I) feel happy to have been a witness to a lovely birth. What could this new hatchling be? You (I) go in for a closer look. Aw, they are a... Oh dear... No, cannot be... You (I) have just witnessed the birth of...your natural predator. This kind loves to eat members of your own species. And, what is worse? They...they... You (I) think they just called you (me) “Mommy/Daddy.” How do they even know abou that word, or how to tell genders and their corresponding parental
:iconthatrandom4977:ThatRandom4977 4 1,066
Bolt of Brilliance (Detective Pikachu Vore)
“Well this is one way to catch a thief now, isn’t it?”
It seemed as though he would never get home, no matter how hard he tried to. Through bushes and trees, clearings and pathways, it all appeared the same to him. The small, eight year old boy simply could not find the way back to his home. His parents just recently having a divorce made everything here all the more difficult on him. But even so, he had to find a shelter for tonight. Wind continued to blow, trees shook with it, and the skies appeared to have been darkening of all things. “Looks I’m gonna have to sleep outside again,” he muttered to himself, walking through some grass. However, it appeared to him that a small figure was in the distance, watching him conduct his every movement here. The boy put just a bit of pressure into squinting, and attempted to make out this strange figure. Whatever it was, it seemed to be on the short side, definitely no taller than a grown person’s knee.
:iconthatrandom4977:ThatRandom4977 11 6
Warm Emotion (Togedemaru Vore)
Note: The episode, “So Long, Sophocles” was a fair one to say the least. It built up a good bit of tension, and it was good in my opinion. Though, this story in particular does not follow it in its fullest. To put it simply, it follows a different viewpoint of the plot. Who’s? Togedemaru’s, but not entirely.
“Aww~ Thank you, Pikachu~”
Sophocles did have lots of nice friends in this region he had come to call his home, and so did his Togedemaru. Both of them were very happy here, and it only made it all the more difficult to take in when Sophocles found out that they had to move. He felt awful because he could not handle the sadness of having to depart from the friends he made at school. In fact, he was so sad that both he and Togedemaru cried themselves to sleep. The morning after that, Sophocles was worried that the others would be mad at him for leaving and keeping so much withdrawal. He and Togedemaru were approaching the school, only feeling a de
:iconthatrandom4977:ThatRandom4977 6 1


Happy Valentines! [Fortnite] by Hey-Seven Happy Valentines! [Fortnite] :iconhey-seven:Hey-Seven 155 22 nom by YUI-HII nom :iconyui-hii:YUI-HII 178 17 flarigas vore by YUI-HII flarigas vore :iconyui-hii:YUI-HII 139 0 Glitch by Vladinym Glitch :iconvladinym:Vladinym 71 3 Grichy - droop by Garry-O-Jelly Grichy - droop :icongarry-o-jelly:Garry-O-Jelly 24 17
Mechanical Mishaps (Mixels Transformation)
Monday, as annoying as the week could get, Kate was unfortunate enough to be asked to work, not at her normal job, but at a so called, "Intervention Job." She then woke the next day, groaning as the sunshine burst through her shades.
"Alright. Alright!" She sits up, rubbing her eyes, and just sitting there. Breakfast happened to be next, Kate decides to head downstairs, hoping there'd be no distractions throughout her day. Just as Kate hit the bottom step with a thud, a knock was heard at the front door. She rolled her eyes, slowly making her way to the door, turning the knob, and opening the hardwood door.
"Oh, Morning Thunder." Kate said, rubbing one of her eyes. I smiled and waved.
"Morning. I'd assume you received the job as well? At that Steam Factory?" I held up a notice.
"Ugh, don't even mention it." Kate exclaimed in pure hatred. She went back inside, leaving me at the open door. I then sigh.
"So, uh. Can I come in?" I said. Kate nodded and motioned I head inside. I clean off m
:iconmixelsink:MixelsINK 5 0
Monumental Meltus by MixelsINK Monumental Meltus :iconmixelsink:MixelsINK 4 1 ask #2 by luispapu ask #2 :iconluispapu:luispapu 9 3 Inktober day 16 (Fat) - justDEF by justD3F Inktober day 16 (Fat) - justDEF :iconjustd3f:justD3F 263 30 Inktober day 4 (Underwater) - justDEF by justD3F Inktober day 4 (Underwater) - justDEF :iconjustd3f:justD3F 3,793 566 MOAR TACO BELL PLZ by Ferwildir MOAR TACO BELL PLZ :iconferwildir:Ferwildir 694 21 In the Paper Palace #18 Geico by Numovum In the Paper Palace #18 Geico :iconnumovum:Numovum 14 5 (request) please deposit 5 coins by luispapu (request) please deposit 5 coins :iconluispapu:luispapu 29 56 Hydro Ref by HydroDaFeraligatr Hydro Ref :iconhydrodaferaligatr:HydroDaFeraligatr 30 54 Summer Chills by MixelsINK Summer Chills :iconmixelsink:MixelsINK 12 3 Poundcake by WildTheory Poundcake :iconwildtheory:WildTheory 216 97


Have any of you ever been to Tampa before?
Update: 2 new stories and 1 new RP scheduled for the next several weeks just so that you all know.
This episode is great because it is literally an embodiment of just about every micro/macro fanfic or RP out there that has to do with an extremely playful giant, and the best part for me is that Puppycorn was the giant out of every possible character. 10/10

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