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What tablet do you use?
wacom cintiq :D

How about programs? which do you use?
I use photoshop cc 2015

Do you do commissions?
Yes! all my commission info can be found on my commission info sheets.

Do you do art trades?
Yes I do, just not all the time. You can always contact and ask me for one and I will let you know if I'm interested.

Why don't you do requests?
I just don't really want to. I did on my old account but I found that people got crazy with them and wanted them all the time and would throw a fit over being told "no." Sad to say a few bad experiences killed it for me. I'm not a machine that pumps out art at your request... it would be cool if I was though, machines are cool.

I Hear you used to animate?

A little bit before I got super depressed, I have recently gotten back into it and have stuff posted on my youtube channel for anyone who is interested. there will be a link below. 

Where else can I find you?


I can't think of anymore questions but if you have any please feel free to leave them in the comments. :)

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