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:iconthatonewanderer:ThatOneWanderer posted a status
Pregnant playfulness
A very good friend gave me this picture. 

Story time!

After a hard days sortieing in and around the northern island cluster of Japan, team proud was utterly wiped out. They needed a break as the kids didn't stop kicking. 

After a complete rub down by the admiral and an inspection of the new cargo they were carrying; Warspite, Iowa, Tenryuu and Tasuta were sent to the repair baths to cool off, allowing the DD formation to start sweeping for any abyssal subs left over. (Preggo DD is a no no here on Deviantart so dont ask...). Calmly the squad relaxed before Iowa has a steamy idea. Splash Iowa puts it. 

It doesnt take long before Iowa starts to playfully fling water at Tenryuu. Water droplets roll down her bump as the small baby inside start to wiggle.

Story time over!

Hope you like it.

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