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:iconthatonewanderer:ThatOneWanderer posted a status
I thought I'd go back and revisit my very first pregnancy drawing from 2011, one I never posted here because well... first drawing and all that. (It can be found on my Pixiv if you really want.) By now enough years have passed that I can go back and make improvements on the original, finally bringing it up-to-date. Revised outfit, shinier eyes, better lining and shading even for a rush job, and... wait a minute... I forgot the wrist rings, didn't I?

It's that one bloody day of the year again isn't it, heh.

Don't mind me, just hopping aboard the April Fool's genderswap train, and here's what happens when you swap a pregnant woman. It's almost guaranteed that I'm going to burn some eyes with this, since there's a vocal disdain for mpreg among the typical preg fans. But meh, I'm neutral on the the topic myself, and some people like it. Being on the internet long enough means already having burnt husks for eyes anyway.
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