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:iconthatonewanderer:ThatOneWanderer posted a status

Commissioner :iconqwerty2999: writes:
"The gang soon found their pregnancy's to be slowly growing larger then they ever expected, their hormones, cravings, and mood-swings running wild because of it, in spite of such troubles they were able to regroup to try and figure out how to stop the totem's influence, but after meany-a-failed attempts to reverse it's effects, Cat chose the more blunt approach by tossing the totem at a wall, braking it....only for them to suddenly become HUGE in size the second it's magic was unleashed, but on the upside their bellies seemed to stop growing, though they were no less able to figure out how to reverse this then before.

How will they figure out how to reverse the effects?

What would they do now?

You make the call!"

But it's a Commission so you don't really :P

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