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:iconthatonewanderer:ThatOneWanderer posted a status
Lucina x Palutena: Adjustment
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As Lucina prepares to tutor her "students" she seems to have trouble fitting her usual clothing. Her wife, Palutena, notices her queen's struggle as she assist her by pulling up her leather pants up from the belly area. "I don't know this will cover completely." Lucina worried, looking at her large buttocks with a soft blush. "Has my rear been this big during my pregnancy, Lady Palutena?" The goddess gives a smile without worry. "It sure has been quite noticeable, but it's part of the maternal growth. You'll need those large hips to give birth to our future daughters and thus bring heir to your future kingdom. If you want, I can enlarge your pants after your session!" Lucina smiled softly in response. "That would be quite swell of you to do."


Lucina & Palutena (c) Their respective owners

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