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critic concept work

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This was a piece done for [link]
Enjoy :)
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Excellent one! very good composition and dinamics.
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Love the angle the perspective is on, is intriguing! Awesome work! :D
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Cool. Looks good as an illustration, just don't se how this is a character "concept". It doesn't really show of the design of the character when it's all in shadow.

I can give you a small crit from an illustration standpoint (don't mind any typos, writing this on a phone)

The composition is good but I'd move him closer to the left so his arm and waist isn't making a tangent with the mountain wall looking thing. It would also increase the contrast by his head so your eye is lead around a bit more.

Secondly there are a few problems with the lighting. You have this magical light source at the bottom of the page that exists in a vacume. That light source isn't hitting anything. Some white light on his robes and some on the ice/rocks of the foreground would fix that.

These balls of light aren't hitting anything as well and at the strength they shine you will se some reflected light on his robes.

And here's a big one. You have this huge ambient light in the background and it's not shown at all in the dude. You could have done a tone of rim light and push the character forward.

Hope you se what I mean. Been reading that gurney book "Color and Light" and it has made me over sensitive when it comes to having accurate lighting :P you should try and find it, it's really helpful.
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Dude I love it!
Those things would have made it a lot better.
I feel really bad because I actually didn't have a lot of time for these image I had 3 days and I was really sick for the them XD

Although excuses aren't good XD

Thanks again man I will definitely keep the rebound and secondary lightning in mind next time.
Come to think of it I can't believe I didn't think if it, considering lately I have been trying to focus on it so much
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Ah, your mind gets kinda fuzzy when you're sick. I had a a painting I was working on for some band and I got sick while working on it. So I figured I'd just render some stuff until I feel better and when I got healthy again I realised all the stuff I rendered was wrong. Had to redo several hours of work.
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Awww dude that would suck!
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This painting is awesome overall but I thought I'd comment here because this thread has some useful information I find quite helpful too ^^ nice work :D
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Ahah I'm glad you like it man :D
What info is here?
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The stuff about lighting and the mention of resources, Icould deffo do with it I can be quite meh with my lighting heh ^_^'
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this Is awesome man
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WOOO, so epic! :iconstarelaplz:
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Warriors with swirling chains always got a special something :)

What's the thing whirling in the wind on the right hand side, behind him? A sort of ripped cloth? An abstract sword?

Love the oily-shiny-magic-swirl!
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Just magic they wanted XD
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Shit this one is wicked.
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