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Ebony Fallout Equestria

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Published: December 30, 2015
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Name: Ebony 
Age: ( slightly older then the mane 6 ) 
Cutiemark: two screws the special talent being repairing things 
Bio: As a filly she lived with her family until one day a salespony told them of stable-tec stables in case of magical warfare being the way her mother was they moved to stable 17 a nice homely place it wasn't until a day after her birthday where she had to exit the stable as zebras invaded attacking the members of the stable . Her parents were captured and taken prisoner to this day she fights a day to day battle of struggling to survive and always trying to find where her parents are being kept 
Strength : 5 
Perception: 3
Endurance : 6
Charisma: 8
Intelligence: 7
Luck: 9  
Pros: she can repair weapons and armor, she's smart and generally tries to talk things out ,has good luck 
Cons: she's blind in one eye causing her shooting to be not as accurate ,she's very clumsy, tends to be cocky 
Likes: GUNS!! and other weapons ,persuading others, Food ,alcohol , sleep , music 
Dislikes: those affected by magical warefare , getting attacked at the most convenient times , silence, 
Personality : introverted , charming ,enthusiastic ( when it comes to weapons and accomplishments )
cutiemark story : when Ebony was in the stables  she often loved watching the maintenance ponies work on the stable when it needed the repairs  one day one of the pipes started leaking and there was no maintance pony around and she grabs the pipe clogging up the leak until she found some black tape to fix it after that she tried fixing other things and once she finished the long list of repairs she earn her cutiemark 
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