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The Sketch Arsenal



Compatible with Photoshop 7.0 or higher

You must have a pressure-sensitive tablet to use these brushes

High-caliber weaponry inside:

Here is a set of tool presets that I've created, tweaked, and used on actual work over the last couple of years. These brushes are among the best at what they do.

Included in this arsenal are:

  • 2 types of color brushes

  • 2 types of color pencils

  • 3 drawing pencils with different lead types

  • A fine-linework pen

  • A dry marker that can change wetness

  • 2 types of shading brushes

  • 3 types of shading pencils

  • The ultimate sketch pencil

  • A watercolor brush

  • And 4 types of erasers!

These brushes, especially the pencil tips, DO NOT get blurry when used at large sizes. They are 300dpi native, but can be used at any resolution. :nod:

You will suffer no change in behavior if you grow or shrink your brush size on the fly.

They were built for that behavior. :XD:

How to install:

  1. Download the Sketch Arsenal to a folder on your computer

  2. Open Photoshop

  3. Go to Window -> Tool Presets

  4. Click the dropdown menu in the upper-right of the Tool Presets palette

  5. Select "Load Tool Presets..."

  6. Find the folder with the Sketch Arsenal inside and load it

  7. Click and turn on the "Current Tool Only" checkbox in the bottom-left of the Tool Presets Palette

  8. Select the brush tool, then a tool preset, and start drawing!

How to remove:

Simply click the dropdown menu in the upper-right of the Tool Presets palette and select "Reset Tool Presets..."

Sample work:

All pieces below are 100% digital and created with presets from the Sketch Arsenal

Hope you have fun and push this arsenal to its limits! Check back for updates. :XD:


[ 655 KB .TPL File ]


23 APR 2010 - Initial Release, credit info hidden in the Pencil Tool
© 2010 - 2021 thatLD
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do you have the .abr file for these brushes please.

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Thank you, this was super helpful!

thanks for sharing these awesome brushes!

Thanks alot! I'm testing out these brushes and love it already!

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Wow, seeing this from 11 years ago. Links dead BTW XD.

Thank so much!!

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Why does "Shading Pencil - Hard", "Sketch Pencil - H Lead" and "Sketch Pencil - The Ultimate!" become softer the harder I press and and harder the softer I press?

These are great. Imma boutto draw some sick hentai cuties. Slurp

Thank youu! :)

Thank you these brushes are fricken amazing

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Thank you so much!

Thanx a lot..:)

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TOOL PRESETS! You are the MAN!

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i really respect people like you that share stuff that could be easily a paid product but decided that its best for the public to have them. you inspire beginner artists, like me, to continue our passions. thank you very much! <3 <3

Perfect! Thank you very much :D

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Thank you! ♥

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I have added your great brushes to my collection of Sketch Brushes:…
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eh the links are dead, why would ya add dis tho?
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