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Slash Gesture

An animation for school with the restriction to use as few lines as possible to depict a motion.

I chose a katana slash. :katana:

The timing was done in Flash and brought over to Photoshop for inking and the finish.

Every last one of those 148 frames was drawn by hand; no shortcuts used.

***Are you having trouble seeing this animation in Internet Explorer? Please let me know***

DOWNLOAD SIZE = 800x450, 24fps, 1.14MB

RUN TIME = 6 sec
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800x450px 1.14 MB
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Holy Sith-spit!!! A-plus!!
Kohatsukoi's avatar
What was your mark on that piece of art?
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Hmm. It was a while ago that I made it, but I do remember that it was an "A". :nod:
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bhora's avatar
This is so cool!

The animation doesn't work in IE unless I download it ^_^
thatLD's avatar
Thanks! Glad you like it. :XD:

Yeah, the Flash won't loop in Internet Explorer unless you download it or right click it and tell it to loop. I've added code to make it loop, but it's ignored.

It's good you knew what to do, though. :nod:
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:iconblushplz:I feel so smart ^_^ Haha!
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0_0 e doesn't have a head...

But anyway, AMAZING!!! it's very smooth, nicely done =)
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Thanks! The head had to be removed because the goal of this exercise was to work with as few lines as possible. I'm glad it's still readable. :XD:
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very well done....

to be a bitch about the attack... XD its done wrong. samurai never stepped they bring their front foot foward and drag their back foot up. i was told this by my sensai.. and normal the pull out is a slash too. i know that for sure and btw if the pull out was that slow i would make it ez for me to throw him ^-^ (Jujitsu FTW)

Just tipping you for if you want to do something like this again
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Thanks for the info. :)

A requirement of this exercise was that it be at least 5 seconds long; a realistic samurai draw and slice would have been too quick. So I opted to slash in a way that would cater to longer timing, plus read easily. This is the result.

I know it's not quite right, too. If I ever do try something like this in the future I'll lean more toward how it's actually done, though, sometimes for the general viewer, it's not nearly as interesting to look at as something completely made up.

Thanks again for commenting.
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your welcome for the advice ^-^
SolomonMars's avatar
OH HO! you cheeky monkey, you put it up.

i just sit and watch this over n over n over...

thatLD's avatar
Thanks for reminding me that I still had it. :D

I'm glad it loops for you. Internet Explorer has been giving me trouble with that.
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simple but great!
great work! :)
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It was great fun. :D
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