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Raye Being Idle


7 frame animation loop

Idle Animation


Hamster Drop is now available on iTunes and  Google Play

Today's Hamster Drop update is a work in progress snapshot of Raye's idle animation.

The only things missing are the shading and the trampoline used to catch hamsters. I'm pretty sure the latter in the important one... :|

Seven individual frames drawn entirely in Photoshop CS6 Extended.

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I like how the animation is so bouncy and the colors looks so soft and rosy.
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love this style!
thatLD's avatar
Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving! :XD:
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love the posistion
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if this is idle, I must be dead :D cool animation.
:XD: That dance more upbeat and adorable at the same time :eyes: 
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I that's idle, I don't wanna be active.
hehe. u said it. 
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I'm thinking of making an animation myself someday when I'm a better artist...and honestly, just watching your animations helps me learn a lot!

And, honestly...if you listen to a lot of songs, it pretty much fits her movements. Its actually very interesting!
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She is soo adorable! I look forward to more on this, and project 1000!
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Thanks, man! :D
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you really got a lot out of seven frames!

i love how rhythmic her idle is
she's got a nice beat going in those ear phones i can imagine
ha ha
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She's so cute! :) I think frame by frame animation is the best way to do 2D animation :D looks more natural and is more fun to do. I work that way also with my animations also in photoshop :p
You always inspire me to continue doing it that way whenever I have a reason to do 2D animations xD
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Aww, thanks. :aww:

Just doing what I can with what I've got. :D

Photoshop keeps getting better at it so I'll keep using it in that regard.
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Haha and you should keep up with it cause you're so awesome at it xD

Yeah love animation in photoshop. Glad it's now INSIDE of photoshop unlike back when I first had to do it inside of Image Ready when I used Photoshop 7.0 :p Lots of good improvements for many of adobe programs. At first when I realized there was no image ready I was like "NOOOOOOO!!!" and then I saw it was inside photoshop and I was like "oh. They just moved it inside" :p
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GROOVEH? . n .
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Maybe a little. :XD:
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