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Rath's Crossing


Keyframes by: :iconseerum: :iconjeffreylai:

This was one of the first shots finished during my run on Battleborn.

The robots were the toughest element to nail down. Their design changed midway through production and had to be updated later than I'd have liked. Was still worth doing. :nod:

Aside from directing and compositing this shot I also assisted on FX. Did the electrical parts that you see on Rath's sword as well as the lighting on the explosion.

Additional Credits:

Animation Character Design: greenestreet
Direction & Compositing: LD Walker
3D Modeling: David Chung a.k.a. dchung
3D Animation: Alok Joshi
BG Paint: Rob Joseph
BG Layout: Nicolas Palmer
BG Textures: Jarreau Wimberly a.k.a. reau
Color Design: Mike Chung a.k.a. balloonwatch
Clean-up: Jay Li, Josh Grubbs, Adam Toews, David Howard

This animation was made using Adobe Photoshop CC 2015, Adobe After Effects CC 2015, TVPaint, & Maya
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I cant see it, it just says loading please wait for ever...

SansFangirl4life's avatar
I loved Battleborn. it saddens me to no end the servers are done.
EKJr's avatar
Rath is strong!! I can see how he combines those 3 swords!!
Thelightsmen's avatar
*furiously taking notes*
FantasyRebirth96's avatar
Dude i love the animation so much! ah man if only i could see you do an animation with another swordsmen you know? like an intense sword fighting animation? rawly see stuff like that now a days let me tell you.
Konjur's avatar
This was my favorite shot. 
thatLD's avatar
Definitely have to agree with you on that one, man. :nod:
Shadow-Alpha's avatar
Rath is a badass. One of my favorite characters in Battleborn.
thatLD's avatar
Haha. You're not alone with that choice, my friend. :D
JazylH's avatar
So fluid & Beautiful! Hats off!
thatLD's avatar
Thanks. It's definitely one of my favorite shots. :nod:
DevilTheDragon's avatar
yes indeed
thatLD's avatar
TobuElemental's avatar
Oh sh!t you made someone made
elpachonisimo's avatar
Es genial me gustaria ver el video completo
thatLD's avatar
Wolf-fang4's avatar
I wanna animate just like you.
Arumansoru's avatar
Im officially a fan of your art.
thatLD's avatar
Thank you for taking that blind leap into this dusty little corner of the web. I'll do my best to clean up.
liemtodaisu's avatar
My most favorite scene of the animation! 
Jeff Lai and Seerum did an amazing job. Your VFX was very awesome too!
thatLD's avatar
That they did. It's hard not to give them enough credit. :nod:
liemtodaisu's avatar
But you did the spark electrical stuffs right? That really looked like your style :D.
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