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Keen Machine

Call this kid if your galaxy needs saving.

Commander Keen 4 is one of those games I sank quite a bit of time into back in the day.
I never knew the game had music until I saw a speedrun on Youtube recently. Couldn't afford a SoundBlaster back then so all I heard were bleeps and bloops. Haha.

Drew this as a late birthday present for a friend. Hope you like it, man!

If you've never played the game then you can download it for free here. It's shareware:
Commander Keen 4 PC version
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Haha! Not only is this a great likeness of CK4, it even captures the spirit of the game!

Super cool

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Great work, it really is alive, perfect sense of motion in it.
It looks fantastic. Do you mind if I use it as part of my Commander Keen LP?
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Go for it. Shoot me a link once it's out there. :nod:
Great job on the perspective and the freezing of the action. As peculiar as it seems, I like how you copied the ghostly pale look of the EGA skin tone.
If you haven't heard, there are fan games made by modifying the original ones. I've played them, and I recommend them.

We need to give ID a huge shove. I think an updated version of Commander Keen would be appreciated yet today. Who knows, maybe the official series will finally get its proper end. 
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And Im still not even close to finish it. The "Gnostice of the ancients" (or which) level is driving me crazy!!!
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Haha. Gotta find those old sages. They like hiding in the most odd places. :XD:
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Sometimes the classics are too good to ignore!
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Darn right. :nod:
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Its been a while sines I seen good keen art. Great Job!
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Haha, thanks! I was surprised to see that there wasn't much fan art out there.
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Its probably its age. nowadays people dont even want to give the series a change because its 26 years old.
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There are still some young folk being bred on Keen or others who discover the series on their own.

Hope is out there. :XD:
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Thanks! Glad you like. :D
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Aww maaan so many hours spent on it back then.
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I hear that. Burned up my fair share of afternoons with it as well. Haha.
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The amount of time I used to figure out how to get to that secret temple...  Very nice work man!
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Thanks, man.

Yeah. Figuring that one out felt next to impossible, but then when you fly there for the first time... :XD:
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Yes!  Commander Keen was my brothers game and we spent so much time on it.  So classic.
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Glad I could remind you of those times. Thanks for dropping in. :nod:
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Holy Flashbacks Batman
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