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I Want Your Femur


Sketch Commission

for: :iconastrozerk04:

A secret commission of the OC, Dubrashka Petrova.

She's a bone-weilding assassin with strong intelligence and a death grip to match.

Your femur just might end up in her hands as a weapon. :skullbones:

How it was made...

Made in Photoshop CS4 Extended
This Work is 100% Digital

Dubrashka Petrova © =Astrozerk04
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© 2010 - 2021 thatLD
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you're getting better with every sketch (x !!!
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I'm giving every one of them my best. :nod:

Thanks again for helping me out with my secret commissions. :XD:
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Thanks man! I love the pose and colors X3
thatLD's avatar
I have to thank you for the opportunity to try something new. :iconbowplz:

You're very welcome!
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It could be my monitor complainig but certain areas seem kinda blended in darkness.

...Yeah my monitor is complaining
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Thanks! :la:

There are a few parts that are absolutely black, but it should still hold up, even on a dark monitor.
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this could be an awesome t shirt, or even a big print on a wall!
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Hmm...You think so? I never even considered those possibilities. :iconponderplz:
angry-green-toast's avatar
yeah, actually i have been trying to think up something like this for a long time--some thing that celebrates super heroes or game characters or, or stuff like that,--but looks formal at the same time. that way it could go with the decor and color scheme of a living room or dining room, but still celebrate what you love. so often all you can find of subject matter like that are posters. and posters, as awesome as they are, dont fit in well with the "interior designer" planned rooms. if this were printed on a nice canvas, it could fit with a room
thatLD's avatar
Very true, that's a great idea. :iconyesyesyesplz:

I can imagine the demand for work like that will only grow with time, especially for fans with households and families of their own. That's definitely an idea to act on.
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:la:Great Concept!
thatLD's avatar
Thanks! :D

It took a while to come up with, but was worth it. :nod:
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i like draw fast, too!

like this [link]
thatLD's avatar
I see! Nice concept. :nod:
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