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Hungry Alex


Hamster Drop is now available on iTunes and  Google Play

Here's the next playable character in the Hamster Drop roster.
The ever-snacking hero, Alex!

A native of Onion Square and all-around good guy, Alex is never more than two steps away from an adventure. Where ever there's action he's sure to be there.

In the rare moment of downtime you can be sure to catch him stuffing his cheeks. Oftentimes smacking his lips on onions-on-a-stick. He loves them so much he can eat them with the skin unpeeled... :|

Also, just to reiterate. No vectors were used in the making of this character art. It's pure brush tool in Photoshop.

More art from Hamster Drop revealed so far:
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Really liking these designs here. :) Do you have a certain brush setting(s) in Photoshop?
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Thanks. :aww:

Honestly, I've been using with the 'Linework Pen - General" preset from my Sketch Arsenal. The actual pen that I'm using is a classic Wacom pen with a spring tip in it. :nod:

Provides a good bit of control for inking digitally, at least for me. The other tips don't cut it.
Kurumi-Lover's avatar
Woah, is he eating a caramel onion?
That's crazy, It took me a sec to realize it hahaha XD
I like his design too!
Argh, these characters are too adorable
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Yes, it is. :XD:

He'd probably eat an onion with just about any topping on it. :D
Thanks! Looking forward to what you have to say about the rest of the lineup.
Kurumi-Lover's avatar
This kinda makes me want to eat an onion on a stick, but as I just recently actually started eating onions for the first time in my life (like, almost 2 years ago now), I'm scared of ruining it haha

I'm looking forward to the rest of the lineup, honestly! How many more characters do we have left? I'm dying from anticipation ; n ; I really really really like these character designs, and honestly really wanna play this game (late summer fffff)
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Really now? What got you to start eating them?

Yeah, I wouldn't recommend the caramel until you're a little more seasoned. :D

Well, the antagonist just got uploaded. You can check him out until the others are up, at least. :XD:
Kurumi-Lover's avatar
Believe it or not, Thai Yellow Curry. I'm so addicted to Thai food and curries now, and thanks to that I really really like onions. I feel it's strange I've gone 20+ years without eating them til now...
Vonny88's avatar
ONIONS GROSSSSSSS, but nice character design!!!! :D
thatLD's avatar
Haha. Everyone's got a favorite food. :D

Thanks. The rest of the cast will be showing up in due time. :nod:
Vonny88's avatar
Awesomemnessss!!!! :lol:
bulgariansumo's avatar
Onions on a stick... It almost sounds kind of tasty. :D
Your lineart is so smooth! Do you use any kind of tools, or are they hand-inked?
thatLD's avatar
I could only take mine if they were diced into rings. :D

I use the "Linework Pen - General" from my Sketch Arsenal and slowly build up the lines using a Spring-tipped classic Wacom pen. That's pretty much it.

The lines are all hand-inked. :nod:
bulgariansumo's avatar
Wow! :omfg: Kudos to you! :clap:
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I'm amazed how he manages to snack on them onions without shedding a tear. :o

Awesome works so far. Love the clean line art you made. :D
thatLD's avatar
The tears are on the inside. He's just happy to eat them. :XD:

Thanks! :D
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