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Hamster Rain


Hamster Drop is now available on iTunes and  Google Play

So during my time as a ninja under the radar I've been working on a mobile game called Hamster Drop.

A small team is handling the game and I'm the sole artist responsible for character design, background design, interface, and all animation.

Needless to say, it hasn't been easy to keep up with. :D

Thankfully, reception for the demo at PAX East just this past weekend has been nicely positive, enough for me to get the greenlight to start taking the lid off of what I've been up to. :nod:

Over the course of development leading into release I'll be dropping some character art and animation from the game here in my gallery.

There's also a facebook page, if you're into clicking like buttons.

Thanks for putting up with my absense. I've quite a bit more things to show, but there'll be a time for that.

Eventually... :XD:
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This is beautiful. I wrote a children's poem about an escape hamster that jumps from her cage. Do you think I can use this on my blog as the cover photo? I would, of course, give you credit for it! 
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It's too adorable. I can't handle.
I also saw the art on the FB page and enjoyed the heroine (I'm assuming she is?)'s design. She is too adorable <3
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Ah! I'm glad you like her. Yes, she's a heroine and her name is Raye. :nod:

I never thought of myself as one who could draw cute things, but here I am doing it. :XD:

She'll probably be getting uploaded next week and is one of the playable characters in the Hamster Drop roster.
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I really dig her design, and you really succeeded in doing something cute.
It's always refreshing to do something you didn't think you could before hahah.
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Awesomenesssss!!!! This makes me want to go out and buy a hamster. Anyways, glad to see you are back and working on an awesome project. I will be keeping my eye out for the game and more art work from you. GOOD luck!!!! ^____^
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Thanks, Von!

I'll be updating when I can. The wait definitely won't be as bad as before, though. :D

Hope things have been well on your end.
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NO problema!!!


Yep yep things are starting to get a lot better. New doors are opening, which leads to awesome opportunities. :D
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So, that's what you've been up to. Hiding in the shadows like a ninja, creating cute hamsters and animating like crazy. It's good to know that you haven't disappeared entirely! Love this, too and I can't wait to hear more about it in the coming months. :D
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That's a part of it, yes. I'll have quite a bit to share once I can take the lid off of everything. At least that is a perk from being a ninja for so long. :XD:

Thanks for popping in after so long. It means quite a bit. :nod:
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Catch 'em if you can! :XD:
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they are adorable!
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I'd have to agree. Thanks! :D
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