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Bright Raye


Hamster Drop is now available on iTunes and  Google Play

This bubbly young lady is Raye. The first of four playable characters from a game I'm working on called Hamster Drop.

Here's an interesting little fact:

The line art is NOT done with vectors.

I didn't use software like Adobe Illustrator or Paint Tool SAI. It's drawn straight by hand onto canvas in Photoshop. All of the art in the game so far has been done purely in Photoshop, animation included. I practically live in that program. :D

Other art released from the game so far:
Hamster Rain by thatLD
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If you can imagine it then you can probably make it in Photoshop. :D
Vonny88's avatar
AWESSOMEEEEEE Gotta loveeeeee photoshop!!!!! :D
thatLD's avatar
So much that it can do. :D
Kurumi-Lover's avatar
I legitimately want to fan art her because she's too adorable to handle ffff
thatLD's avatar
Now there's a compliment! I know how blown away happy I'd be if you took the time to do so. I'm sure the rest of the team would be all for it, as well. :D

Seems you've done quite a bit since I last stopped by your gallery. You leveled up nicely!
Kurumi-Lover's avatar
Wow, with a reply like that, how could I say no? Nah, I really want to though, she has such an adorable design, and I love the ....funky? colour scheme.

And wow. That really means a lot to me coming from someone of your caliber ; A ;
I will try my best to level up to at least lvl 10, senpai /salute
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This is really cool dude!!!!
thatLD's avatar
Rocket-joe's avatar
How you been dude? btw my name changed up a few times. Its Nopal-De-Desierto lol
thatLD's avatar
Ahhhh. Didn't recognize you behind the new name and avatar! :D

What have you been up to lately, man? Any animation on your end? :XD:

I've been busy like crazy, but you'll see what I've been up to in time. :nod:
Rocket-joe's avatar
I M still working on some. I m trying to find a cool style I ll post something soon.

Yeah I had to change my name it was too long.

I can't wait to see more of your work.
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I like her design. You can really get a sense of motion in this picture. :)
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Thanks. It's tricky to throw in just enough motion. Glad it's getting across just fine to you. :nod:
bulgariansumo's avatar
Cruxia's avatar
Ahhh you're alive!!! :D
thatLD's avatar
Alive and fighting the good fight! :D

I've got quite a bit of stuff on the way. All I need is the thumbs up to pop open the gates. Hopefully it's not too long before I can do that. :XD:
Cruxia's avatar
Great! I can't wait to see some more stuff :D
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very nice, I love how bright it is 8D
thatLD's avatar
Thanks! Bright enough to squint, huh? :iconiseewhatyoudidthere:
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