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Badass Bowling


Keyframes by: :iconseerum: :iconjeffreylai:

A little more Battleborn for today.

When Rath is the bowling ball you're guaranteed a strike every time.

I love Seerum's facial expressions on Rath in this shot. This one was fun to composite (I also threw in an assist on the FX at the end). 

There was so much camera motion that we almost ran out of background at the very end. Pretty sure you can spot it if you know where to look. Haha.

Additional Credits:

Animation Character Design: Sanford Greene a.ka. greenestreet & Nick Freeman
Direction & Compositing: LD Walker
3D Modeling: David Chung a.k.a. dchung
3D Animation: Alok Joshi
BG Sky: Rob Joseph
BG Textures: Jarreau Wimberly a.k.a. reau
Color Design: Mike Chung a.k.a. balloonwatch

This animation was made using Adobe Photoshop CC 2015, Adobe After Effects CC 2015, TVPaint, & Maya
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SansFangirl4life's avatar
Rath is fucking awesome
DoomRangerEX's avatar
Wow, didn't know you worked on the opening scene to this game! That's awesome!
Satoshi444's avatar
Whoa, you're really great! This animation is just as amazing as your other's. Whoa! I love it!
AdamBlower's avatar
Holy thunder fuck! the squash and stretch on his facial expression are awesome! I can't hold the excitement.
I see a smiley face on the robot in the first frame lol
DarqueChyld's avatar
my god, stopppp just stop, im gonna go blind if i keep watching these, shit is AMAZING
thatLD's avatar
Hahahaha. Blindness by animation doesn't sound like a bad way to go. :D
AKCrypticWolf's avatar
Nice animation, my only criticism is that your action sequences are almost too fast paced between scenes, it can be difficult to interpret what is happening, (yes I know that anime uses this style in fighting scenes), but is almost a little overdone and too faced paced in some clips.
thatLD's avatar
That's fair to say. Every animator has their own peculiar sense of timing. For me, I don't mind going fast. The action is still entirely readable, even if it comes across as a bunch of flashing lights to some. :nod:

The heavy action works as a sequence and doesn't last more than thirty seconds before the pace slows in the opening cinematic. Seerum, the guy who keyframed the characters in this part, tends to push the speed of his timing. I figured that the action would still work as readable here because there's enough of a lull after Rath hits the ground to allow the viewer to catch up before the final slash.

Just my thought process while directing these parts. There's more to it, of course, but I've been long-winded enough already. Haha.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, man. It's not always easy to come out with them.

The fact that you said "almost too fast-paced" put a smile on my face. :XD:
AKCrypticWolf's avatar
As an animator myself I like to give and receive feedback, its one of the great things about the internet age.
thatLD's avatar
Sounds like we didn't do too bad. :)
KonfituryGalaktyczne's avatar
...this is great, better than disney's animation ;______; It's amazing ;_;
Ryuu-Orochi's avatar
Oh is this a series if so I'd love to find out more.
thatLD's avatar
This is part of the opening cinematic for a game called Battleborn. It just came out this week and is on XBone, PS4, and Steam (PC). :nod:

You can find three cinematics like this in the game.
Ryuu-Orochi's avatar
Ooooh, animation for the game! Lovely! I'm currently in school for game art so this excites me.
CaptGunbarrel's avatar
Ohhhhh I forgot what game is this from!!
thatLD's avatar
Now you know. Haha.

Definitely Battleborn, my friend. :nod:
CaptGunbarrel's avatar
zephro-electro's avatar
Reminds me of Redline, love it!
thatLD's avatar
Oh, wow. Redline? That's big boy work right there. I've still got a bit more growing to do to fit those shoes. :XD:
RyuunosukeAkiyama's avatar
Really enjoying these so far; please, continue.
thatLD's avatar
I've got one more bit lined up for today. :nod:
RyuunosukeAkiyama's avatar
I shall look forward to it.
ADE-doodles's avatar
the work you guys did on this game is gold...
I don't even play games but i want to buy it just to see the these scenes.
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