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BREAKDOWN: Fun, Sun, and Run


12-Step Breakdown


A couple more steps were added to this one.

Turn commentary on and off by clicking in the middle of the viewing area.

If it isn't obvious you can go forward and back by clicking on the right and left edges of the viewing area, too. :nod:
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Ambient lighting...That's the trick... o_0
ImStarving's avatar
Thanks for posting this. It's very helpful to see how such a cool piece is brought together.
Amazing work guy, you're giving me much inspiration
Demented-Chicken-Guy's avatar
the first one is so ugly my mind barfed.
and the finality is infinity times better!
thatLD's avatar
Funny way to say it, but that's the process of creation. Not everything is pretty from the start. :XD:
Feindall's avatar
nelsontubaina's avatar
love! really helps to learn!
thatLD's avatar
Glad you like this and managed to get something out of it. :aww:

It certainly encourages me to make more. :nod:
Rocket-joe's avatar
I love ur walk-through =D
thatLD's avatar
Ah, you're welcome. Glad you enjoyed it. :aww:
thatLD's avatar
Glad you liked this one. :nod:
PutterPen's avatar
holy crap lense flare that doesn't suck!
thatLD's avatar
Subtlety goes a long way with lens flares. :nod:
Fladgeblede's avatar
Now THAT is a good use of flare.
thatLD's avatar
Glad you like my decision here. :aww:
tamaraR's avatar
Amazing work. It's so neat to see your work process. Really cool. And the plugin looks good.
Thanks for sharing your work progress. Love to see more. :D
thatLD's avatar
You're welcome. :aww:

I've got a couple more of these breakdowns planned, so you'll get more soon. :nod:
diedhorribledeaths's avatar
Wonderful work, man!
thatLD's avatar
Thanks! I have a couple more of these breakdowns planned. :nod:
KIRKparrish's avatar
these are great!!! keep em comin:)
thatLD's avatar
Will do. I've got a couple more planned. :nod:
McAwful's avatar
Absolutely wonderful walkthrough and very charming captions there's a lot of class in this! Really educational and a lot of personality I thoroughly appreciate it.
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