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Here is a character created by CozyNakovich that will now join the rest of my characters :D. Here's a little backstory done by cozy and I added in a few little details myself!

Eriza is a former first pilot in an elite squadron. Confident in her abilites in the sky, she lead her squad on many successful missions, although there were quite a few close calls. Despite her talents, she was eventually dismisssed from the squadron and suspended due to vision problems. These vision problems she suffers are her own fault as she is too embarassed to wear her glasses (believing that they make her less attractive).
Now working as an instructor at a nearby aviation academy, her newly sedentary job has led her to let herself go a little bit as her drinking habits and poor diet are beginning to catch up to her. She hopes that if she ups her workouts that she'll be able to shed the excess weight but is unsure if she can get back into it.
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