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  • Please do not contact me about roleplaying. I don't.

  • CLOSED to commissions.

  • CLOSED to requests.

  • CLOSED to collaboration.

  • CLOSED to art trades.

  • OPEN to proofreading and beta-reading. Just ask.

  • I'm completely open to derivative works. If you want to write your own stories or make drawings inspired by any of my stories or drawings, feel free. All I ask for is proper credit where needed and that you be creative.

  • If you want to chat about writing and shit, feel free to message me here or on Discord. (.juicedemon) I'm not really active on Discord though, so I would recommend sending a note here. I have a busy life so I may not respond immediately.

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Depending on how you look at it, I've either been writing body inflation fiction since I was four, or since I was twelve, or since I was sixteen. My first exposure to body inflation as a little kid was Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and my first exposure to bursting was The Fairly Oddparents, which was my first writing subject. I forget the details (because it was all nonsense scribbles), but basically Cosmo and Wanda go to Pixie World by mistake and that somehow causes them to get magical backup and explode. So, not only was I writing inflation fiction before I was fucking literate, the very first story I did was a bursting story.

A long time passed and my fetish reignited when I got an ipod touch for my 12th birthday. Searching "naked inflated women" on google images eventually led me to DeviantArt and, which is how I discovered there was a community of people who, like me, got boners at seeing round people. I got into inflation literature because it was much more subtle than artwork, so that's how I was introduced to the works of folk like Inflate123, Alecdeluxe, sickstar, CriticalVolume, DoubleIntegral, and most of all LutherVKane.

Including my previous two (now deactivated) lurker accounts, I've been on DeviantArt since 2011. While I wrote the occasional inflation story on my phone for private viewing, my first forays into writing that actually made it to the internet were with traditional, non-spherical topics like, believe it or not, freeform and beatnik poetry. But as that went nowhere, I lost interest and pivoted to more horny subjects. And so here I am.

I write body inflation, blueberry inflation, and very rarely anything else. I'm open to anything, but I have obvious preferences and very little self-confidence in my ability to be successful at new things. Pretty much all of my stories involve popping, and I am 100% unapologetically turned on by inflation and popping. All you people who hate fetish content can go fuck yisselves.

Thanks to the recent change in DeviantArt's ToS, previously censored and removed stories have been restored and paywalled (to stay in line with ToS). This is not the only means of accessing these stories. If you like my work but don't want to give me a dollar, feel free to track down the alternates on a pinned tweet on my Twitter account. According to ToS, I can't directly link the stories so... that's the best I can do. But I mean really, a dollar? You can't spare one dollar?

Favourite Visual Artist
Leonid Afremov
Favourite Movies
Blazing Saddles, Lord of the Rings
Favourite TV Shows
Red vs Blue, Arrested Development
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Steely Dan, Van Morrison, Haircuts for Men
Favourite Books
The Hitchhiker's Trilogy by Douglas Adams
Favourite Writers
Isaac Asimov, William S Burroughs, carnatichall, LutherVKane, Alecdeluxe, DoubleIntegral, sickstar
Favourite Games
Morrowind, Team Fortress 2, Civilization V, and Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
A Keyboard, a stylus, and a shitty internet service
Other Interests
Hiking, guns, and femboys.

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Regarding DeviantArt's New Mature Content Policy by Grumpy-Juice-Demon, journal

I wasn't really satisfied with the level of completeness with which I purged my status posts, so I've been doing another run-through while I'm stuck here in Chattanooga (for work, not pleasure). Mostly making sure all of the depression posts are gone, and the other cringe stuff. But I'm also deleting all of the posts that are just hyperlinks to other posts (most of those I think are holdovers from when DeviantArt used to have a repost functionality), and all of the posts that are basically just sharing youtube videos since most of those videos are gone anyway. I'm also removing a lot of posts that are just blank, which I assume are signal boosting posts for artists whose content or profiles have been deleted. I have no idea what or who I was sharing because I have chronic memory retention problems, so I'm just going the safe route and deleting all of them in case there's any cancellable shit there. Going through it again, I can pretty confidently say that somehow there's a hard
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Ah, finally reached the end. I'm sure I missed a lot thanks to Eclipse's ass UI. But I cut down the number of tabs from 437 to 301, which is somewhere around 680 status updates deleted. That's a lot of cringe finally purged from existence. Man, going through that final stage from 2018 to 2016 was a walk through memory lane I could have lived without. I forgot just how much of an annoying prick I used to be. In fact, my day is actually kind of ruined because of it. Not just the depression posts, but also the awful cringe "lol randumb" posts, the schizophrenic ultra-libertarian political rants, the complaining about my parents (but to be fair, my mother used to be ultra-controlling over my time and life), and the thing I completely forgot about: how I would shamelessly mock other people in this community for petty reasons and then whine about being blocked and calling myself a pariah. I wonder why... I'll probably go through it again at some point to make sure everything cringe is
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As I said, I'm going through my status updates and deleting all the cringe and depression posts. I wanna say real quick, I want to apologize for all of the times from 2016 to 2019 where 4/5 of my status posts were "I'm high", "I'm drunk," or "I'm high and drunk". I didn't realize how fucking annoying that shit is apparently. To be honest, there is a lot of depression posts, but most of the real self-hate spam is pretty condensed in 2020 and 2021. Outside of that, it's a lot of announcing to everyone that I am doing drugs, and constantly thanking everyone for even the slightest degree of attention for any story I post. Especially pre-2019. There's also a lot of intense agonizing over every pageview, favorite, and other measurable statistic related to popularity in the early days, too. Which I remember, and not fondly. But damn it's like every day I'm scrutinizing why more people visited my page on Tuesday than Wednesday, and less than Friday. I'm glad I moved on from that shit. I
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I'm cleaning up my status updates to get rid of all the depression posts over the years and came across this old thing: Status by Grumpy-Juice-Demon on DeviantArt Sound familiar?
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Got quite a bit done today, and I'm satisfied. I finished my character roster for Bursting World and used it to hammer out a really thorough character outline for the next big installment of Bursting World, in which I plan on touching the world of college-level competitive inflation. I have it planned as a multi-part series, each one being hopefully fairly brief. I also did a bit of brainstorming on, of all things, a continuation of my old Wasps story from ages ago, which is based on Click and A Lovely Day To Fill Up by Dragon-6860 and Roger64, respectively. If you haven't read any of those three, Click and Lovely Day are some of my favorite stories that really inspired me to start writing in the first place. Click in particular I consider to be one of the best inflation vignettes ever written, and the best I've ever read. In essence, what I have so far is a revisit of my repeated attempts to come up with a chronic inflation syndrome that isn't boring or depressing. But this time, I
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Are you open to Story Ideas?

Not really, no. You're better off trying someone who writes more often, I don't have time anymore.

Question, do you take requests

No, ordinarily I'd take commissions instead but at the moment I'm too busy with IRL stuff. I list answers for questions like this in my bio.

Ok, how much are commissions and what are the rules?