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Beast Of Bray Road 52
An hour and a half after I drank that shit-excuse for a soup/cure, I started feeling the effects of it...and they weren't good. I was running a real bad fever, I could not stop sweating, and it felt like every single muscle in my body was tensing up. Uly tried to help by rubbing my back and putting a wet washcloth on my forehead, but nothing was working. This shit was happening from the inside.
GRACE= "What the fuck is going on with me?" I looked over at Uly. He was sitting with me on the floor. His scrubs were soaked with my sweat, which made them cling to his belly, man breasts, and fat rolls(yes, even now, I can't stop with these fucking horny thoughts).
ULY= "Well, it's either the cure fighting your wolf-curse, an allergic reaction, heat exhaustion, or it could be lead poisoning."
GRACE= "Okay, I'll ask this again; What the fuck is going on with me, realistically?"
ULY= "You're just sweating out the bad stuff out. I've seen this all the time."
I moan loudly and collapse onto
:iconthatgirlistwisted:thatgirlistwisted 1 2
Beast Of Bray Road 51
Soon after we talked, Uly finish the cure soup. He gave me a large bowl and a spoon, and he got himself a ladle and poured me some soup.
ULY= "Here. This should be safe to eat." It was this whitish-green color with chunks of leaves still very visible and smelled like wet dog.
GRACE= "Is it good?"
ULY= "It's safe."
Taking that as a big no, I took my bowl into the living room while he cleaned the kitchen. Looking at the broken couch, I sat on the floor up against it.
GRACE= "I could help you pay for a new couch, you know."
ULY= "You're already paying to too much."
GRACE= "I have the money. I could probably fix your car, too."
ULY= "Grace, eat your soup."
GRACE= "Fine." I took a big spoonful of the cure...and immediately spit it out.
GRACE= "Oh my God! It's like licking the inside of a fucking lawnmower!"
ULY= "No one has ever enjoyed taking their medicine."
GRACE= "How much of this shit do I have to eat?"
ULY= "The whole bowl."
GRACE= "Fuck! I just might want to stay a fucking were
:iconthatgirlistwisted:thatgirlistwisted 2 5
Beast Of Bray Road 50
Once I figured out how much of what Grace and Cameron bought was actually safe to ingest, I starting cooking up the werewolf cure. As I cooked a plant soup with a water and vinegar base, Cameron left to be a look-out and let us know when Quist was gone. I watched as Grace disappeared into my bathroom with the antibacterial cream. She came out a few minutes later, looking much shinier.
Instead of heading back to the living room or my bedroom, Grace joined me in the kitchen, sitting herself on the counter.
GRACE= "You think this is gonna work?"
ULY= "If it doesn't, we're gonna be shopping for some pretty big nails."
GRACE= "Ugh, not remind me of that."
ULY= "It's that, or I stab you in the head."
GRACE= "Let's forget about all the stabbing shit. So, Uly, what you want to do once this is all over?"
ULY= "What do you mean by 'this'?"
GRACE= "Like, once I'm de-wolfed and once Quist decides to leave me alone? You want me to stay here in Wisconsin? You wanna come with me to California? Wa
:iconthatgirlistwisted:thatgirlistwisted 2 2
Beast Of Bray Road 49
I cannot believe this was happening! First, the girl I like turns out to be a werewolf who talks to dead people, then I find out that she may have killed the biggest pain in the ass in all of Elkhorn, and now her police-chef-stalker is right outside my apartment building! Does he know Grace is here? Did he see me and Cameron sitting on her porch all night? Could he have stay hidden that long? Does...
I was drawn away from my fear when I noticed a number of bags full of plants on my kitchen counter.
ULY= "Where on earth did those come from?" I walked past Cameron and Grace, and into the kitchen to get a better look at the bags.
GRACE= "Well, Cameron and I got us anything and everything to make a werewolf cure. We've got wo..."
ULY= "You guys went out?"
CAMERON= "We weren't supposed to do that, were we?" I lift my hand to my face and start to massage my temples.
ULY= "Now we know how he found us out."
As I was doing everything not to freak out, something happened. Something had gone
:iconthatgirlistwisted:thatgirlistwisted 3 0
Beast Of Bray Road 48
After a solid half hour of sleep, Uly had to go to work. As I watched his sexy, fat ass(this wolf-shit's getting stronger), I got the idea to get my werewolf-cure started. I woke up Cameron and talked him into taking me downtown and help me buy shit that I found online. After a good ten seconds to think about it, Cameron agreed.
The both of us got into his car(which was more clean and less a piece of shit), we bought wolfsbane(obviously), vinegar(surprisingly), and many other things that can made into a lovely de-wolfing potion. I felt good about what we got...until we got back to Uly's apartment and Cameron asked me a question.
CAMERON= "So, what are we doing?"
GRACE= "What?" I placed all the bags on the kitchen counter, then turned to talk to Cameron.
CAMERON= "What are we doing?"
GRACE= "We're making something that's gonna reverse the werewolf curse."
CAMERON= "Yeah, but, how are gonna make it? Do you have a recipe, or just a bunch of ingredients?"
GRACE= "I...fuck." I pull ou
:iconthatgirlistwisted:thatgirlistwisted 4 2
The Beast Of Bray Road 47
So, here were Uly and I, sitting on the floor, propped up against his broke couch, while Cameron slept in his bedroom, and Grandpa not wanting to be anywhere near me.
ULY= "I am so sorry about..."
GRACE= "Don't worry about it.  Not all furniture can handle such an amazing mass as yours." I place my hand on his belly and give it a few pats, watching his fat rippling through the fabric of his shirt. I then swallow all the drool that caused.
ULY= "So...what know much...*sigh*...what do you know about the whole werewolf-thing?"
GRACE= "Oh.  Well, I've learned that I wolf-out every third night, whether there a full moon or not. I better be asleep when I change, because it hurts like fuck when I'm awake. I do not remember shit when I'm in wolf-form. I am incredibly horny ALL the time. I..."
ULY= "Oh."
I glanced over at Uly, who now had an extreme look of distress on his face. Did I say something wrong?
ULY= "So, when was the wolf?" Shit! It was som
:iconthatgirlistwisted:thatgirlistwisted 6 2
The Beast Of Bray Road 46
The moment I got Cameron somewhat calmed down, he, Grace(after a change of clothes and grabbing her laptop) and I got into my car and I drove all of us back to my place. The complete shock of all that has happened over-ruled the fact that I didn't sleep at all last night, and I was able to get to the apartment complex safely. As the three of us rode the elevator up to my apartment, I saw that Cameron was in no place to be left alone, so I told him he could sleep at my place.
Once I unlocked and opened my door, Cameron rushed in and ran to the bathroom(probably to throw up) while Grace and I stood at the doorway. The first thing I saw was Grandpa on the couch, scratching up one of the cushions. He looked right at me and meowed loudly.
ULY= "I know, I was gone too long. I'll get you some breakfast."
I walk into my home, and into the kitchen to feed my angry cat. I don't know if it was the lack of sleep finally getting to me, or the thought of all the things I was gonna have to replac
:iconthatgirlistwisted:thatgirlistwisted 5 7
Beast Of Bray Road 45
So, after THAT awkwardness, Uly and I sat on the floor next to each other, leaning against the wall(Cameron lost a intense game of Rock Paper Scissors and had to check the neighbor's house). Looking over at Uly, I saw him continuing to brush his hair with his hands, obviously a nervous tick. I'm guessing it was the whole werewolf-thing(it's always the werewolf-thing).
Trying to calm him down, I reach over and start to rub his back. Of course, as soon as that happened, I started salivating at the touch of his mountains of soft flesh. God, he's so fucking hot!
ULY= "So, about those videos..." I guess he noticed.
ULY= "...I never had a lot of money, and I was in college, and I was tapped out. It was a way to make quick cash and it paid for med school. I never had sex with anyone on tape and I haven't done a video in years."
GRACE= "Uly, it's okay. I don't mind that you made fetish videos. I get it, shit's expensive. And, honestly, I would have never have found them if I didn't think
:iconthatgirlistwisted:thatgirlistwisted 2 8
The Beast Of Bray Road 44
I take a deep breath before closing the door behind me. I knew I had a LOT of explaining to do. I turn around and see Uly and Cameron looking to be in complete shock at what the inside of the house looked like.
CAMERON= "Ho-ly shit!"
ULY= "Oh my God, you completely destroyed this place!"
GRACE= "I know, I know! I'll replace everything, I'll pay for everything..."
ULY= "Grace, what happened? What happened last night? What is going on?" Shit.
GRACE= "Okay. Umm...I...I'd say sit down, but, kinda broke everything you could sit on. So...let's just get into it...Ummm..." God, it was hard to think of a non-crazy way to say that I'm a werewolf. Well, here goes nothing.
GRACE= "So, you remember the night I was attacked?"
ULY= "...Yeah?"
GRACE= "Yeah, so, something happened that night. Like I said, I was attacked by, what I thought was a large animal. Then when the police came, they said it was that Kressler guy who attacked me. Well, turns out we were both right."
CAMERON= "What are you t
:iconthatgirlistwisted:thatgirlistwisted 3 9
Beast Of Bray Road 43
My head was pounding. I slowly open my eyes and see that I was on the living room floor. I look around and see the mess I made. The coffee table was completely shattered, the couch was ripped to shreds, the front door and walls were covered with deep scratch marks, and I was surrounded by torn clothes, pieces of rug, and a coat of loose fur on the floor.
I start to get up(my body still feeling the pains from last night), and see what the rest of the place looked like. The kitchen was no better off than the living room. The fridge was over turned and broken dishes littered the floor. I stumble into the bed room and see pretty much the same thing. The mattress was gutted and my clothes were thrown everywhere. Realizing that I was naked, I grabbed my robe off the floor and put it on.
Looking around the place, I start to wonder what happened last night(besides transforming into a were-beast). The two times I changed before, I'd never do this much damage. I try to think back to last n
:iconthatgirlistwisted:thatgirlistwisted 1 4
Beast Of Bray Road 42
After deciding to deliver Grace's phone to her in the middle of the night, Cameron and I hopped into my car and drove off to her place. Of course, with some new information coming to light, Cameron had to talk all about it.
CAMERON= "So you and Grace. I gotta say, I kinda knew this would happen as soon as I saw you two together."
ULY= "You say so?"
CAMERON= "I know so! Hell, she was pretty much drooling every time she looked at you. Grace wanted your body."
ULY= "Well, there's a lot of body to go around."
CAMERON= "And boy did she want herself a round boy! So, how was it?"
ULY= "I am not telling you that! I don't kiss and tell."
CAMERON= "It's okay. I can guess."
ULY= "Please don't."
CAMERON= "No. So, you drive her over to your place. The two of you have lunch, talk about your job, play a bit with Grandpa. And, after awhile, something starts to build in Grace. You're sweet, caring, have a cute pet, a straight-up gentle giant, plus you have a big, fat ass, which we found out, she's
:iconthatgirlistwisted:thatgirlistwisted 3 6
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