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My 'MY WAY' animatic is complete - if you want to watch it, click here!

'MY WAY' is kind of a teaser trailer/preview into a project that I will be working on sometime in the upcoming years - not any time soon by any means, but it will be a thing eventually.
It stars Loki, and features Aphrodite (whose original design by was PessimisticSharkie), Hephaestus and Apollo.
Completed in three days.

This was an extremely fun project to work on - the limited colour palette and hard shading really made this, I think, and it was nice not to have to animate all the frames but instead go for a coloured sketchy look, which I think really enhances the feel of it!


Time taken: 3 days
Program Used: Paint Tool SAI
Art & Characters (c): :iconthatfurryartist:

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You have no right to use my art or this character in any way, shape or form unless you are the one my art is intended for. This includes (but is not limited to) tracing, reposting, using my art for your roleplays, gridding, heavily referencing, etc. Thank you.
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Holy heck!!
I cannot stress how incredible this is??
Your style is so amazing and this really inspired me!
Loki has such a cool design and he back story looks really interesting.
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Oh gosh, thank you so much!!! ;AAAA; And thank you so much for the shoutout as well! Oh my gosh you're too kind <3333
Thank you!!! 
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This is amazing!! Seriously!