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Into the Wild

First serious piece in a long while - as in, something other than refs, to be totally honest with you.
Also the first piece in a while I enjoyed making.

Far from perfect, but yeah. Some hacking out with Pilgrim! Here showing what his mane is like when it's not tied down. Epic hair all the way. :3
Also showing Pilgrim's daily tack, which is an odd mix of classic Nordanner tack, western tack and English tack, best suited for hacking out and general long distance riding, not so much fighting on horseback. Very comfortable and lightweight.

Anyway. Horse done with thicker lines than usual, simple block shading for a bit of depth.
Background is speedpainted in about 20min, hoping it will count for kaaring despite that, but we'll see. Inspired by =tanathes speedpainting tutorial, but completely self made.

Artwork and design by me
Horse/human ref [link] by ~LuDa-Stock
Background ref [link] by *Eirian-stock
Used some brushes from `DanLuVisiArt brush pack on the BG: [link]
Nordanner breed by =Cloudrunner64 and =BrindleTail

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Awww a peacock horsie! I love all the detail in the tack as well!
ThatDenver's avatar
Thank you. :) I was really proud of this when I originally made it.
Felidinda's avatar
Wow, very lovely!
Pilgrim fits right in, with those nice markings :)
Maybe add a bit of shadow underneath them next time?
ThatDenver's avatar
xD this image is over a year old, I don't think it reflects anything anymore at this point, but thank you. There is some very tentative shadow on the ground, but I'm generally not very "brave" when it comes to placing shading on an image.

Thanks for the comment.
Felidinda's avatar
Haha, I realised it too, after seeing your newer works :D
Paradise-Stables's avatar
:D This is so beautiful! I love the way you did the background, with the grass and leaves in the trees!
ThatDenver's avatar
Thank you. :) It was fun to do something different for a change.
EmeraldTheWolf's avatar
oooo, this is gorgeous Denver c: I love the background, and your rider looks so nicely done :love: great anatomy! and of course, Pilgrim is the bomb <3
ThatDenver's avatar
xD I think the rider looks horrible tbh. But Pilgrim saves the day!
Cloudrunner64's avatar
Oh this is really beautiful Denver! Curly tail, hehehe <3 Now that you say so, I guess I haven't seen a lot of this type of art from you! It's really pretty. I like the background in particular and the way you draw Pilgrim's peafowl in his hair is too awesome! Draw moar. Now is good. :eager:
ThatDenver's avatar
Now is bad. D= Art is not liking me.
OpalSkye's avatar
Very refreshing to see something with so much detail from you Denver, it's absolutely beautiful :) It's got that raw "I enjoyed doing this" freedom about it :) Love the water in particular, soft and shimmering. The tack is a beautiful design, I particularly like the scroll-work on the saddle ^^

Awesome <3
ThatDenver's avatar
It was indeed. :3 I'm looking forward to designing the full dragon tack for him as well.
Thank you
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