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Don't get ahead of yourself, rookie! Read up on the group so you know what we're about, first!
  Group Lore/Camp InfoWelcome, young inkling, to Camp Triggerfish! 
I'm Tris, and I'm here to guide you through some of our Camp's lore!
If you're the least bit fresh, you would've heard of Camp Triggerfish before, as one of the maps that you play turf war and ranked battles on. You see, My friendo Violet, commonly known as Vi, founded this camp together to teach you squiddos how to be the freshest squids on the block! We supply fun but hardcore training for you guys to be complete bosses when you go out to fight in Inkopolis. We were extremely lucky, and one of our camp's most popular maps got put into Inkopolis' official rotation! How cool is that?!
Now tell me - do you ever walk into town and see this new squid, and they're like, super fresh, but you've never seen them before? Like, they ink as if they've been here for ages, but they're completely new? That could be you! Take the lessons we teach here and make heads turn at your turf war skills! 
Now you must be thinking - where do I sign up? W

So, Squiddo, Welcome to the group! You're officially a newbie in this camp! This journal will be a basic step by step guide on how to join! 


In order to make a squidkid (NOTE how I say squid- we don't allow octos quite yet! Check your design doesnt violate the rules here: Rules), you're going to want to fill out this here application sheet!
  Blank App by trynxx


But what about clothes- What clothes are you allowed? Well, our group uses the official splatoon items, so it's easier to keep track of and potentially rp your squidkid in game! Here's the beginner stuff you can give your squid :
.:Beginners Item Store:.Hey there newbie, welcome to the beginner items store! You start off with this gear. But be careful, because you only get one choice (for clothing, weapons you can choose multiple) and after that if you want to buy these they will be sold at 30 coins! All gear listed is one star! 
Bullet; Red Bullet; Red HEADGEAR Bullet; Red Bullet; Red 
Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Yellow CLOTHING Bullet; Yellow 

All dressed up? Good! You're ready to see-
WOAH WOAH WOAH hold up - houses? What's that? What are those charms for? Before you finish designing up I'm gonna fill you in on what the houses are about- Next section, please!


So, in order to join the group, you need to join one of two groups in which we call 'Houses'! Don't worry if you can't decide, there's a place here for you, too! Although, you will miss out on some cool features. 

So, there are two houses by the names of "Dolphyra" and "Sharquynn". You need to pick which one you want to join! So read up about the two here, and about what happens when you can't decide: 
House InfoEdit: Sharquynn is open again!

"Always go with the first choice that pops into your head. While it may or may not be a bad choice, go with it anyways, because bad choices make the best stories."

Welcome to Sharquynn, I'm Tris, your leader!
Sharquynn is all about following your heart and your true desires, and not what anyone else thinks! We're the ones who take risks and perform daring dives.  We don't back down from a fight, and if we lose, we take them down with us! We do our very best at any cost, and make sure our risks pay off. We do what we can with whatever we've got and aren't afraid to take chances, because if they fail, we learn from our mistakes and pack one hell of a punch for when we get up! And we'll always get up no matter what, because with the support of our teammates we can accomplish anything as long as we try, as error is the key to success!
Like sharks, we take every chance we get to be the best we can be on the battl

Once you've made up your mind, paste the logo into the "House" section of your application sheet! If you've decided you're a Grey, just write that in there.  So, now that you've picked your house (or not) you may take that complimentery charm (or not, if you're a Grey~)!


As I'm sure you noticed, these are pretty self explanitory. To start off in this group, the only weapons available are the ones in the beginner's store!

CONGRATS! You've just made a squidkid camper! 

Now you can officially participate in the group! How cool is that? Check out some super fresh things now that you're in camp, such as...

~~~~How to earn money~~~~ 

.:Coins System:.Wondering how to nab some cash? Don't worry, I'm here to hook you up.
Earning cash is as easy as drawing your inkling! Depending on the effort of the drawing, you can get more coins, so make sure to draw something ultra fresh and be ready for the jackpot!
Mods go by this sheet to help calculate how many coins you’ll get for your art. You can calculate yourself, but a mod will double check and then give you your coins. If we get something wrong, please correct us! We’re always learning and we want to be even better at what we do. Thank you :) !

Fullbody - +20

Full color +10
Complex Shading +7
Simple Shading +4

Waist Up - +15
Full Color - +7
Complex Shading - +5
Simple Shading - +3

Bust - +13

Full Color - +6
Complex Shading +5
Simple Shading - +2
Headshot/Squid Form - +10
Full Color +4
Complex Shading - +5
Simple Shading - +2

Sketches -

Full Bod

~~~~Where you can spend it~~~~ 

.:Store:.Welcome to the Store! Here you can buy all sorts of weapons and gear available in Inkopolis and some not available anywhere else!
Save up yer coins to switch 'em out here for some fresh gear! We switch them outs with new ones every season.

Bullet; Red Bullet; Red HEADGEAR Bullet; Red Bullet; Red 

Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Yellow CLOTHING Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Yellow 

~~~~About House Competitions~~~~ 

House Competition InfoHeya squiddos, Vi here! I'll be talkin to ya about our house competitions!
Here in the camp, Tris and I regularly host competitions where our two houses compete head-on to earn points! The official house competitions are:
-Turf War
-Splat Zones
-Tower control
HOWEVER, it isn't limited to this! We're still working on adding in new activities, so sit tight! These are just the basics.
The competitions are fairly spaced out, mostly ranging from 2 weeks to a month.
The houses are judged in terms of winner/loser seasonly (for example: Sharquynn wins Autumn 2016!), so make sure to rack up those points when the competitions are open to help your team become the winner of the season! When a house wins, each player in the house is rewarded richly with cash, and those who were the top-scoring point earners in the house get special rewards from either myself or Tris! Sound interesting now?
Each time we host a competition, a separate journal will be created, filling you in on the details

~~~~About Camp Splatterfests~~~~ 

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When we're done with our squid(s), do we just upload them to the app folder?? Or do we have to send you guys a note to get them approved?
ThatCreativeCat Featured By Owner Edited Aug 4, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yep, just send them the way of the app folder! We'll review to make sure it's good to go and once you get the OK from myself or Tris then you're good to go!

EDIT: looks like you've already done it and been accepted by tris, so you're all good xD my bad for the late response!
Squid-Cookies Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2017  Student General Artist
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What about variations of squid? Like firefly squid and such?
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yup!! variations of squid breeds are absolutely fine! just no octos <3
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