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the dream team by ThatCreativeCat the dream team by ThatCreativeCat
ookAY so heres fanart for mr fruit and the dream team because i love gaming vids but these guys are literally hilarious and i dont think ive ever laughed harder at any gaming videos ever? like i never fail to get a laugh out of all of their videos. like, i never havent laughed while watching any of their videos/streams. FeelsGoodMan

AND THATS IMPRESSIVE because im not much of a laugher. but these guys can make me smile and laugh which im grateful for, so naturally i had to do fanart

from left to right we have: bluewestlo, mr fruit and rhabby_v

im fairly happy with how this came out, i think rob came out the best tbh

ALSO NO i dont know what blue looks like, no, he didn't do a face reveal. i just, made it up based off other fanart ive seen and gave him a dolphindeer hat so i didnt have to make up most of his hair loL sorry blue for messing you up. i just really didnt want to draw blue as micheal cera lol

ITS RUMOURED, HOWEVER that blue is planning a face reveal at 100k subs!! i subbed to him at like 76k, he currently has like 86k so IM PUMPED FOR THAT and you bet i'll draw blue again after i know what he looks like!! IM NERVOUS THOUGH because i may have gotten like real far off. OH WELL still hype

so uh yeaH these guys are great AND SO HILARIOUS and if you are into gaming videos blue and fruit have active youtube accounts and blue and rob stream on twitch.

YEP thats it. sorry for my lack of ability to draw people heck

and as rob once quoted: "hey fruit, look. blues your right hand man and I'm your left hand man." -rob 2k16 episode 7 season 2 rust

frick. i love their content so much. excited for the future ;v; WITH THIS IVE RAMBLED TOO MUCH and this description is SO long so B Y E watchtheirvideosandstreamsitssoworthit
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January 4, 2017
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