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Pluffets Species Guide by ThatCreativeCat Pluffets Species Guide by ThatCreativeCat

woohoo, we turned them into a species. this is our first experience making a closed species so bare with us!~

Pluffets are a © species created by ThatCreativeCat and le-procrastinatorz. They are CLOSED and you may NOT make one for yourself for free.


Each pluff has at least one body part with "lava lamp " look to it, including the tail tip which always does, as that is the part the gemstone is connected to. These translucent body parts show blobs of colour, which are actually liquid extracts of the gemstone the tip of their tails. This liquid floats around and glows like lava lamps. This liquid interrupts the bloodstream and sends jolts of power to the brain, increasing different abilities based off the colour of the gemstones.

:bulletred:Red-  Increased strength

:bulletorange:Orange- Increased jump height

:bulletyellow:Yellow- Increased stamina

:bulletgreen:Green- Increased flexibility

:bulletblue:Blue- Increased speed

:bulletpurple:Purple- Increased intelligence

:bulletpink:Pink- Increased accuracy/precision

Lifestyle and Habitat

Since they have both fluffy parts and sleek, thin parts of the body, Pluffets easily adapt to any habitat. Idealistically, a preferable habitat would be one with a consistent lukewarm climate. The only habitat they are unable to live in is the desert, due to lack of food resources.

Their diet consists of numerous berries and flowers. As their gems are powered by these plantstuffs, they need to harvest this photosynthesised energy to strengthen the power in their gems. When starving, they'll also resort to eating leaves and stems, and even bark.

Their main predators are large birds, foxes and snakes, as they are the size of a house cat. 

Anatomy and Gemstuffs

The parts were you see the lava lamp are their weak spots, the Pluffet will only bleed if you cut it there

Their slim structure enables them to be light on their toes and very nimble, allowing them to escape from predators with more ease.

The thin layer of fur prevents being too bulky and and noticeable, however, they near-always have a thick, fluffy body part that grows more quickly naturally incase of drastic temperature drop.  

The gem on the tail pumps the blood cells/lava lamp stuff to the body to keep it alive. They need the gem power to increase their skills so they are enabled to protect themselves against predators. 

A Pluffet's gem is made of a special crystalline structure called 'Plufftal'. Plufftal is a special kind of gem that gains the qualities of a plant so it may photosynthesise (influenced by the food a Pluffet eats) and collect the energy it needs to maintain it's strength. This crystal structure is only found on a Pluffet's tail and therefore Pluffets are sought by hunters. Unfortunately if a Pluffet's gem is cut off, it slowly losing it's gem power (as the gem is not there, therefore not generating more) until it has none left and dies. Fortunately, Pluffets are fast so the hunters cannot cut the lava lamp parts, killing the Pluffet.

Plufftals, being rare (since killing a Pluffet is so difficult due to their abilities) are sold at fairly high prices, and having even the most common Plufftal can make you rich, selling for thousands of dollars. The Plufftal continues to generate gem power even after removed, which is also sold for thousands of dollars.

Due to the high prices and many Pluffet hunters, an organization of deviants have joined together to save the Pluffets, hosted by Violet (ThatCreativeCat ) and Tris (le-procrastinatorz ). To do so, Tris and Vi save wild Pluffets and give them to deviant homes to care for. These Pluffets are now protected as when they have an owner, it is illegal to kill the Pluffet. Tris and Vi hope to save all the Pluffets and give them loving homes, safe from all the hunters.
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