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PTT App 3.0 || Piper by ThatCreativeCat PTT App 3.0 || Piper by ThatCreativeCat
HERE SHE IS!!!!!!!! Say hello to new and improved Piper, ready to get back out there and splat some squids =w= Don't worry guys, she's still the same squid but just with some improved looksies and art yes qwq ----


Age: 15 (IGNORE THE APP LOL :'D )~

Gender: Female

Species: Squid

Color: Magenta 

Personality: Quirky and bubbly, Piper is a loud inkling who loves to put herself out there. Always willing to make friends, she can be a fierce competitor when battling, and a bit of a sore loser. She is very energetic. She can carry an argument for as long as she feels she needs, and can sometimes get flustered with a short temper, she doesn't handle insults (indirect, direct, misinterpreted, you name it~) very well, which can result in grumpy outburst and a grouchy mood. She'll do anything for friends, to make friends. She loves friends~! She's a bit of a tryhard because she wants to prove herself, and stay on the good side of everyone. However, this can result her in being petty and annoying without realising. She's good hearted, but just doesn't know when to stop. She has difficulty focusing on more than one thing at once, which makes it hard for her to communicate in large groups. She's trying her best, promise.

Background: Piper lived in a quiet, yet poor family in Inkopolis with her father and mother. Her father was always at work, earning a small wage by cleaning the mall. Her mother was disabled in a battle with octarians (this part of the story might change, i'm a lil iffy about it), and Piper grew up surrounded by stories about these battles. These stories gave her a very large imagination, which she would always try to splat out drawings of scenarios created in her head onto the walls. However, as she had little control over her ink, they would never turn out the way she imagined, which frustrated her. This usually lead to her father getting mad at her for making such a mess, and they would yell at each other until her mother took her away to calm her down with her stories. These regular arguments with her father developed Piper's loud personality. Piper's favourite story from her mother was her final battle, which broke her weapon, the Splash-O-matic. This story inspired her to get a Splash-O-Matic like her mother when she was older, but the cost was unbearable for her parents so instead, on her 14th birthday when she finally gained control of her forms, they gifted her a Roller to start off. Piper loves her roller, but it isn't exactly suited to her playstyle. But will always chase her dream of getting a Splash-O-Matic just like her mother. She plans on battling often enough to earn money towards her goal and for her family. However, after she got her roller it really impacted the family's money situation, so they moved to a much more affordable place: The bleak and boring Celphalo City. They would've moved somewhere else, but Cephalo City was the only City that would accept her father into the turf league to earn some extra money (her father isn't exactly the freshest battler around the block lol). Ever since they moved here, things have improved significantly. Her father is able to earn more than the minimum wage, and life is generally cheaper than in the huge city of Inkopolis. Piper appreciates this small life more than she lets on as it gives her the chance to make closer friends and enables her to take the steps of improvement she needs to become a better battler and person. 

Bullet; PurpleBirthday is 3rd October
Bullet; Blue- Wants to have the title "MVP" B) 
Bullet; Purple- Team Callie over Team Marie ! Loves Callie
Bullet; Blue- Says "Yooo" too often for her own good
Bullet; Purple- Likes to hang out in the local cafe
Bullet; Blue- Pretty much always has a little blushu 
Bullet; Purple- Gets all red when embarrassed and tears up 
Bullet; Blue- Is a bit of a TRYHARD !!!
Bullet; Purple- Has very strong opinions !!
Bullet; Blue- Snuck away from home to get her ears pierced (nooty nooty)
Bullet; Purple- Can get really overly competitive depending on the heat of the moment
Bullet; Blue- I drew the legs rly weirdly in the picture (I'll get the hang of it eventually pfpf)
Bullet; Purple- sorta tallish short idk 
Bullet; Blue- Heavy sleeper


you wanna see both of the old versions? oh boy. 

v 1.0 :
v 2.0 :…

she evolved
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ps what are inklings??
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Lol, thanks Cat~!! ;3

inklings are characters from a game called Splatoon!
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