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2017 Art Summary
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Published: December 26, 2017
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looks like it's that time of year again, time for my annual ramble about the happenings of the year.  i drew next to nothing this year, i was a lot more focused on academics and mental health so hooray for that i suppose? C: 

in my spare time i drew a lot of humans, but you guys don't see that ;3c  i was v inactive on dA this year but hopefully i can pick it up a lil more in 2018! 

Probably my most socially active month, prior to the great attack of ncea level 2. My art was, uh?? the same as always. I didn't branch out from what i know. I spent most of my time talking to people and playing hella overwatch x,D mediocrity yay

I was still reasonably socially and artistically active, school began so it was like woh im a big kid. I honestly wasn't happy with that painting, it was kind of during a block but i wanted to practise my painting skills since i hadn't done it for a few months. Spending more time balancing social life, overwatch and school but not so much art :C

Bit of a rough month. didn't draw much. more unhappiness under the covers. wasn't happy with anything i did, felt a little lost. plus club penguin died that month so :C 

This month brought HUGE change to my life. Something happened a lil later in the month that drove me to be pretty excessively clingy to friends, people and interests in fear of losing myself. Before that i drew 1 (one) thing which u see above, but hey hey i was actually really happy with that so it isn't all bad /pwp)/

This month was actually huge art wise and one of my fav pieces from this year (possibly even best?) is shown above! I clung a lot to interests and made best efforts to be talkative, but the biggest thing i did was a private project where i doodled a lot of humans in my spare time. AGAIN super happy with the above piece, it was very important for me to learn about colours, environments and some extra shading and lighting ideas c:

wow i drew a  LOOOOOOT of humans this month i feel like this month was v important for me and my practise and hot diggity. i also really experimented w/ the tracer drawing above playing with some things i already knew and mixing them with new stuff and honestly?? I was happy and i still am. Especially since that whole piece was a bit of a step outside of my comfort zone in terms of subject matter ovo)b

This month. Lead to a huge snowball of amazingness for me. Seriously wild. I will admit this month got busy and i lost touch with. a lot of friends which i never recovered from. I still love them and am hoping to be better next year. HOWEVER!! I drew a couple of pieces of fanart this month, one of which u can see above, and, yeah. things happened starting august because of this :D

I WAS SO BUSY THIS MONTH BUT SOMETHING REALLY AWESOME AND AMAZING HAPPENED FOR ME AND THAT MADE EVERYTHING A LIL BETTER SO : DD . Anyways i drew like 2 things total this month including the above where i learned a touch about colour palettes in class so i decided to try practise applying them a painting. since this painting felt a lil too much like a personal doodle i didn't post here. 

A lot of inactivity due to school happened but i allowed myself to get more invested in twitch community (which, by the way, throughout the year has added LEAGUES of happiness in my life). What i did draw this month were two doodle / colour / paint practises, one of which shown above which i was pretty happy with at the time but now i think i couldve done a lot better :,D

Got abandoned by my entire family to live alone with my twin this month. Allowed myself to be comforted by youtube and twitch (which were there a lot through this whole year but picked up especially from june onwards) and painted fanart shown above and a halloween icon. I was pretty darn happy with the painting up there, felt like it was a LOT less murky than my art at the beginning of the year. 

All i could afford to draw this month was tris's bday present (which i was pretty happy with considering my HUGE STRESS BALL BIGGER THAN EVER this month). Exam month, but this time 10 times more important than last year because ncea level 2. :c wanted to draw more gifts bc of november birthdays but legitimately had NO time. anyways i was happy with colour usage in that quick painting up there so :">

o hey thats nOW!!! AND now is the best month of all this year, the icing to a messy, dysfunctional cake. This month i've drawn so much, nothing huge just a collection of little things but i think they show my progress and it makes me very glad. It proves to me that even if progress was slow due to how busy everything got, I did learn things, i got better at colours and straying from the murky ways of my earlier art and i got better and differentiating facial features to get away from my extremely prominent same face syndrome last year (and in the early months of this year). I think every piece I've made this month i've been pretty happy with so. Ya know, i may not have been around, but i got somewhere.

i think that after this year, the future holds good things, art wise and in myself. ive proven to myself that there can be more after hard times. i have a lot of people i want to thank for that, especially in this year (none of them will see this but i think it's important to say it after such a wild year)

-the dream team, especially sharkk and rob for being friends to me and the others all for making me smile and laugh when i didn't think i could. 

-nina and karina for being there for me 100% of the time in real life when i was having pretty rocky times. you guys r my best friends and i appreciate u more than the world ur support has pushed me through the year and done more than u know

-flood and annabelle for bringing me such positivity in the later parts of this year and never failing to make my day with their insane kindness 

-jessie for always being so supportive of me even though i rarely ever talk. i can't even describe how important it's been to me.

-teo and tris for still being my friend even after i've grown so distant and still, somehow, for some weird reason, checking in on me and being such amazing internet siblings <3

dang man, so much has changed. what a year. one word; wild. here's to making 2018 even better. 

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trynxx|Hobbyist Digital Artist
aklsdhklasdjkgajkrhieuik i feel even worse for not getting you a birthday present bc you managed to draw mine in such a busy month for you?? ive actually been wanting to buy you something irl but im broke asf bUT IM EARNING MONEY so soon...itll be really late but shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

your humans have improved so much btw,,,,
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