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United States
I'm not an artist I just like to draw sometimes. I like to give out llamas and my favorite pony is Colgate. My OCs name is Bread and Butter if anyone was wondering, I'm also on Skype just send me a note if you would like to add me, or chat here I'm free most of the time. And I would love to give a huge thank you too all my watchers and friends all of you are awesome, and thank you for checking out my page! Oh and I would like too give a shout out too :iconagitha-and-neytiri-f: for giving me my OC, my very good friend who came up with her name and :iconrainbowdash3999: who did an awesome job making my avatar, thank you gals again for everything!!!!!

Galantis Stamp (free to use) by pkmns
  Good evening/morning/afternoon fillies and colts! And yes I know I don't post much but I do have some ideas for some drawings and photography, I have been rather neglectful of posting any art. Some of my photography ideas are concerning my Bonsai trees (yes I grow them), like maybe a progression series of trees in training or something of that nature. If there would be any interest. As for my I will start drawing again in time (I hope) what has mostly been holding me back has been work, and well life in general...

   The second point I wanted too bring up in this journal is that I would like to do start those 'featured artist of the month' things. It seems like it would be fun, I feel like it might help bring people together and be a positive thing for everyone. This will be open too all my friends and watchers, so if you would like too be featured please send me a note, and if no one volunteers I'll pick someone myself (and with there permission). I also would like too thank all my watchers and friends, you all awesome and I love you all! With out all of you, my page would be pretty blank and desolate heh.

     I think that covers it for my plans here along with giving out llamas and admiring all of the wonderful art. I thank you all for all the happiness and joy this place brings me. But there is one last thing, I would like too get a Colgate/Minuette themed journal skin. I have no idea on how to make one so if anypony has an open commission for that I would be very interested! So once again, for my watchers and friends thank you all and keep up the amazing work. I hope you all have a wonderful evening/morning/night and thank you for your time!!               
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