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A conversation takes place
in the space it takes to listen
a thousand thoughts filled a void
and just as many judgements have been stricken
as well as a thousand lifes toyed
i look to the limits
and skorned the skies
i'll wear this liars shroud
while seeking my foriveness
to hope and pray for rain
only to be granted this drought
through your eyes
i read the deception
from your lips
i read your deciet
but still they have me in their grips
no need for discreet
we stand apart
our eyes meet
forever this fire will start
this time to end
this time to see
this time to start
this time to flee
what happened belongs to our past
the future is whats meant to be
what starts as one never lasts
and a true future we'lll never see.
:iconthat-ugly-stick:That-Ugly-Stick 1 6
The End
The change has come
The tide has hit its swell
for now we're under the sun
only to find our tell
now shall we scream to the skies
but look to below
and count the hours according to the scars
for now we continue to follow
No one left to die
a fire so high that god will fear now lets fight!
now child is the time to fear
Did the coward speak?
did the bastard lie?
has your idol fallen?
when will your god walk?
what will come of your talk?
no more comfort
I am what you fear
i'll rip apart your life
and destroy what you call peace
i am the lack of mercy
i am the lack of feeling
will embody this apathy
this is the time of strife
and I will be what you hate
in the end i will be the puppet master of your demise
No one left to die
a fire so high that god will fear now lets fight!
now child is the time to fear
open your eyes
hear the cries
not just warnings
these are not just empty threats
the tables have been turning
this fire will eventually burn to and end
and the
:iconthat-ugly-stick:That-Ugly-Stick 0 0
You and I
This is a little story
i heard it in my sleep
and lived it in a dream
it started so sweet
and ended with such worry
all it needed was a start
and a simple light
the strike of a match
and the spark of distance
it all begins with a beat of a heart
damn it all
again i asked to stop
all i could do was strike that wall
all i was doing was swinging at ghosts
all i wished for was a simple love
but even if i felt that spark was choked
when the sun et that day
i lost my heart and rebuilt that wall
caved a pound of a flesh
and the amount doubled in emotions
now just sit and stare ready for the fall
all it needed was a stat
again i asked to stop
all i ever did was try to love
again i tried to cry
all i needed was trust
but again i simple fell
Now i wear this deadmans shroud
just allow me that last will
ive got nothing to do with the proud
i'll let the glass break but i wont spill
i dont do this for the gathering crowd
ive only ever done it for you
to show you whats in me is easier done than said
:iconthat-ugly-stick:That-Ugly-Stick 1 0
The Sun
This is my will
and last testament
the remains of a thought
now listen while the air is still
watch as my lights dim
listen as my energy fades
embrace it now
this last goodbye
darkness envelopes
and the burning sets down
no more need to cry
the time has come again
lets forget about the apologies
and remember the grudges
and the reasons for my sins
war drums and flames drown out the screams
that little lullaby
for an innocent child
already begun to cry
look at the toothless simle
and those tiny ands
with each year it'll add a mile
only to grow to a broken man
sleep child
laid to ret
to awaken from a dream
wipe your bright simple eyes
only to sleep again
again but older
at rest
now we lay the father down to sleep
his children are weeping
the stars will cry their tears
and being again after all the years
this is the life of a cycle
round and round till the end
but this there can be no ending
not to a cycle
cause what is it essentially?
a perfect circle
:iconthat-ugly-stick:That-Ugly-Stick 0 0
words  and letters are a basic constant
words words fuckin words
i can write so many so many in an instant
but this time its like swallowing swords
they say tomorros another day
you that and more
they say i really should pray
tried and found it a bore
time for a break
ok which bone first
writing till the inks gone
its run dry again
prick the vein let the blood run
its not my first sin
let it slowly pool
dark and thick
it runs from a simple fool
wishing it was a simple trick
find me a rope
something for the hope
bring me a chair
sense it in the air
now a leap of faith
never was a trace
:iconthat-ugly-stick:That-Ugly-Stick 0 2
This time im at a loss
the words are forced
the dreams are gone
im a beautiful mess
an untold farce
tragedy in the comedy
comedy in the tragedy
killing my story
im the king and the jester
a repeat history
The thoughts are there
these words are ajar
all i do is stare
stare till i bleed
all my wasted sorrow
to stain your porcelain lies
an print this paper
im that unstoppable force
the emotional stem
an eternal source
just an unstoppable form
full of life
full of shit
im that type
the one that trips
just for spite
:iconthat-ugly-stick:That-Ugly-Stick 2 7
Clyde the Wolfman by That-Ugly-Stick Clyde the Wolfman :iconthat-ugly-stick:That-Ugly-Stick 0 8 Boozer by That-Ugly-Stick Boozer :iconthat-ugly-stick:That-Ugly-Stick 1 18 Fido by That-Ugly-Stick Fido :iconthat-ugly-stick:That-Ugly-Stick 1 4
Jack And Jill
wind up round up this body tick tocks
the clock goes around the face faster than time
every minute every second on the hour
for every meter ends in an phase within this rhyme
parting is not sweet sorrow its always a bit sour
one hour one life
one life one end
one end this strife
this strife a bend
tick tock brisk walk the body falls the mind talks
the end of a line but the begining of time
the skies might fall but the pillars rebuild
seconds and minutes and hour the gods mime
abandone gone bad now the glass shatters the rust has dulled
one hour one life
one life one end
one end this strife
this strife a bend
Where do we draw a line between fantasy and real nothings lost in this world of mine
hearts with shots like that of a backfire gone wrong
a certain specialty has come with this certain lovely ugly
around the neck the piano wire slides hidden within a tick of the clock
as the pinpoint drops in a reality gone far deaths resonant melody
one hour one life
one life one end
one end this
:iconthat-ugly-stick:That-Ugly-Stick 1 5
Very Bad Things
here we go ive said it before
go one take a good long walk
make sure to get hit by the door
when your gone i'll jam the lock
my bridge is short but your walk is long
your mouth a trap for the ever loving lies
when the time is right we'll see what happens as of late
if we're lucky you'll slip fall and maybe die
watch you try to swim after you "slipped" into the lake
this might sound wrong but thats ok i never said you were right
breathe in plastic and take this final bow
i'll sit there and laugh till hurt my sides
oh and yes your right i'll have to explain why when and how
we'll watch as you sway while your soul dutifully flies
as we know the fastest way to the heart is the sternum
i never wanted this to end well
but now you know that i really don't have to say
i have to let you in on this...its quite swell
this just might turn out fun as you cry where you lay
and that is the end your life as of now take a deep breath and sleep with the sow
:iconthat-ugly-stick:That-Ugly-Stick 0 2
Dreamscape Mire
The magic the marvel
its time and travel
the fantastic the tragic
its hastey and drastic
colors lights and sounds
the bells ring loud
as the midnight hour is found
this time for this tick
an end for the sick
this looks to be a tragedy
a mind is a stain your soul a cavity
dialing across the board
these senses we hoard
wanting paper wishes we stored
many more and less than a few
timing is key to prevent a slew
what comes in would be the next
maybe soon we may all rest
crossroads crossroads and a troubled mind
x marks the spot within mindless time
troubled troubled within this storyline
the devils got a plan to go with this design
whisper whispers about this being defied
hush little child no need to cry
searing searing with each ending sigh
so come closer gather to the fire
yes come closer and crown thy sire
do come closer to the sweltering pyre
don't go closer for you'll wake in the mire
:iconthat-ugly-stick:That-Ugly-Stick 0 0
Well Oiled Machine
It’s a thought a difference an indifference
A humanity defined extinction redefined
Plastic world and this white picket fence
Straight in a row with abnormality confined
Rythmn of a heart
Continuity of this blood
Fullness of warmth
The beauty of the flood
A well oiled machine systematic regime
Totalitarian control irreversible soul
Mindscapes landscaped unending routine
Phasing a dream taking indefinite control
The process of life repeating
Rythmn of a heart
Continuity of this blood
Fullness of warmth
The beauty of the flood
Completion of life, ignition of fate
A child’s cry within a boundary of yellow tape
Concrete truth failing under a ripped cape
Wakenend upon these parting drapes
Sobering strike
Unto interruption
Of a drunken sway
In the end what happens in the night
Disappears during these days
:iconthat-ugly-stick:That-Ugly-Stick 1 3
box by my bed in it i keep this head
this head of mine in charm
next to it i keep this arm
a arm with the scars of time left unsaid
swallow a moment kill a child
a bell rings true now release the wild
in the closet some are left alone
a mouth sewn shut unpearly white
it only comes out with the eyes at night
next to it this body itself lies prone
swallow a moment kill a child
a bell rings true now release the wild
in this shape of darkness i keep the rest
the ears stone carved and deaf
now comes the teeth left in a broken mess
of course the ending i save for the best
swallow a moment kill a child
a bell rings true now release the wild
this is what i call my ragdoll dance
everyday it grows dusty with time
handpainted yet the sweetest mime
now here we go for one last chance
swallow a moment kill a child
a bell rings true now release the wild
careful now look what you dialed
could be a cretin with a taste for the mild
:iconthat-ugly-stick:That-Ugly-Stick 1 1
Human Core
Sitting silent with a broken smirk
tired exhausted time to meet the worst
keeping my distance from theis bed of dirt
wishing i was the last wondering why always first
knee deep in thought
watching as honesty rots
its faded as apathys sought
counting change its all i got
a darkened night as the moons denied
gray clouds overcast the ashes sigh
watching now as my green eyes spy
knowing now its all up to who lied
watches tell of lengthy talks
seeing is believing suicide on the docks
wondering if they'll sink or end it in a box
a tempting offer 12 gauge walnut stock
plea's cries choking sighs
realizing one day we all die
all insects in a beholders eye
imbecile you fight it...why?
its not what you think its what you make
good vibration despite what you think aren't what we call earthquakes
knowing the truth you still deny that this friendship was a fake
you'll soon see that you were wrong its ok even the greats mistake
deep down we're essentially one in the same with a fucked core
ripped and
:iconthat-ugly-stick:That-Ugly-Stick 1 1
When it comes to my life
Lets start this off right reach reach now
come and look for the ladder up up and away
look away for the time just to me dont bow
haha look around and lets keep the holy rollers at bay
run away to mommy
make sure ya dont go to daddy
its probably gonna end sadly
now giggle jump and smile gladly
timing is everything
especially in love
timing is destructive
especially in love
that little choo choo can try and try
while that old frighter chooses to lay down and die
up that big 'ol mountain chug chug chugafuckinglug
dig that grave and make sure you ask them not to cry
destruction is timing
especially in creation
destruction is justified
especially in creation
creations a lie
and evolutions a joke
where does that leave us?
with a cleanup on aisle oblivion
just some mirrors and smoke
and a whole lot of devastation
song and dance
song and dance
bring in the clowns
watch the bears prance
painted smiles
tattooed frowns
lets leave it to chance
and fuck some more miles
raise the bar
and clear the r
:iconthat-ugly-stick:That-Ugly-Stick 0 4

Random Favourites

We were mean't to grow old...
Before you turn away from me, look at yourself in the mirror
Run your gaze over grey skin and tired eyes
loose smiles and sagging dreams
remember red leaves and velvet fields- our autumn
You never smiled upon winter before now
Before you change into something else, while you’re not yet a memory
Touch yourself for me
Think of my warmth and what it meant
imagine your hand is mine and I’m watching
Now, close your eyes
Before you pack up my life, to paste a ‘y’ in front of ‘our’ existence
Breathe in the scent of my love as it rises from the sheets
The sweet scent of total adoration- limited edition
My arms around you as we both lamented our life
When my breathe tickled your neck
Before you tell me you deserve more, that I only made you fade between the pages
Buy a record that isn’t broken
Break the shell of indifference we both seem to have created
Because our love is as old as we are weary of war
And you are still my cliché
Before you say goodbye, p
:iconinside-out-prayer:Inside-out-prayer 1 2
Give and take
Someone teach the ruling minority
Of famine drought and loss
They already know of love and peace
But somehow it's not fair
That they should know no worry
And we should should perish without embracing the sun
Someone show the masses
Of our plagues and war
Our burning pits of spitting, unjust fury
Writhing and convulsing under cross examination
Through magnifying glasses
Like ants under a beam of light
Someone tell the people
That we exist as people too
And as people we have needs like theirs
Dreams and prayers like theirs
Fury unlike theirs
And the power to back it up
Someone enlighten the head of ignorance
That nothing is perfect
And that compromise is not too late
Before it is
Before we step through the looking glass
And take what we were never given
:iconinside-out-prayer:Inside-out-prayer 2 3
Had we but sought
this out another time,
we might have found
great love in this
latitude of lines
but it's locked in our chests
so well that no quest
will reveal it.
the distance between us
cannot be measured in miles-
our legends cannot lead us-
no ecstasy to mark the
spot where we will find
each other's arms:
ours is a treasure that
cannot be mapped,
if there is buried pleasure,
it refuses to be found.
:icongirlwhosangtheblues:girlwhosangtheblues 1 9
Notre Dame June 2 by AsHaCaT Notre Dame June 2 :iconashacat:AsHaCaT 2 6 Pink Bunny Lady by WithinIllusion Pink Bunny Lady :iconwithinillusion:WithinIllusion 6 35
Untitled Poem
Tears form in my eyes
Seeping through the blindfold I wear
All I get from everyone is lies,
Why does no one care?
Day by Day goes by,Sun Rising Then Fall
And I continue to let them walk all over me
I stay by the phone just waiting for that Call
To let him know that he holds the Key.
I Stay here,in the shadows and in the dark
Just letting him do as he wishes.
I am nothing but a small fish,him being a shark
And I continue to stand here,waiting for his kisses.
No more,No more,The Blindfold will come off
I wont let them do as they wish anymore
I will make sure they do nothing but cough
Just so I can hear the words,Mi Amore..
:iconrap3monst3r:Rap3Monst3r 1 13
Mature content
For Him :icontransylvanian13:transylvanian13 2 3
Bruce Lee by severedflesh Bruce Lee :iconseveredflesh:severedflesh 12 14
I’m looking out the window again
I don’t know what I’m looking for
Or who I’m waiting for
But I’m looking out there
Staring at the cars going bye
I’m looking out the window again
I guess I’m waiting for you
To come and save me
Save me from this world
From the horror I am forced to see
I’m looking out the window again.
:iconwishonastar220:WishOnAStar220 2 2
cradling her sanity in her arms
she felt her soul give way
and she was never alone again
whispering all night and day
like voices from a far but
heard oh so near
like talking just behind her
or right into her ear
she knew her mind was
no longer a private place
another voice spoke
just behind her face
a confusion of thoughts
whats theirs and whats mine
it became hard to focus
since they talked all the time
a conversation and shes not welcome
she felt exiled from her own mind
opinions you are forced to hear
and ideas not usually kind
she hears them against her will
with no other option than to listen
their evil suggestions intensify
she does not want to give in
but her mental company is persistant
and she eventually talked to them
now she talks to them often
and has begun to like them
talking on and on, no ones around
strangers stare and snicker
but her friends understand
her friends stick up for her
they are the ones who accept her
other people dont know
other people try to fix her
:icontransylvanian13:transylvanian13 1 6
The Jersey Gang by wb-skinner The Jersey Gang :iconwb-skinner:wb-skinner 217 263 Love for Wrath by Dead-hunter Love for Wrath :icondead-hunter:Dead-hunter 2 1 VW by lulu4714 VW :iconlulu4714:lulu4714 2 5 Evil Clown by JamesRyman Evil Clown :iconjamesryman:JamesRyman 2,276 261 Joker by JamesRyman Joker :iconjamesryman:JamesRyman 7,481 692 Yorick the Nobleman by JamesRyman Yorick the Nobleman :iconjamesryman:JamesRyman 4,675 422



United States
Current Residence: Athens, GA
Favourite genre of music: acoustic, and non acoustic..and whatevers inbetween
Favourite photographer: Doc
Operating System: My face..wait FACE!
MP3 player of choice: Phillips
Favourite cartoon character: Animal
Personal Quote: "Well come on then...if your feelin froggy enough.."
  • Listening to: Five Finger Death Punch-War Is The Answer
  • Reading: Wizard And The Glass
  • Playing: with Fire
  • Drinking: gasoline!
Just so everyone knows (that cares) i brokeded my phone soooo yea if anyone on here had given me there number i need it again either send a message here or just shoot me a text if ya can.

985 722 7971


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