Hi all, thanks for all the comments and interest into TLoS commissions. I don't have a price list but rather I price based on the request and the time that request will take to fullfill. The price I set is always based on the complexity of what is asked for, so as to cover my time for the service.

I've had requests already for sure, and some that predate the opening 
of this account, so it's my hope that I can move on them first. All I would ask for is patience... it's tricky with a fulltime contract as well as freelance work, so if I can ask for patience when handling any commissions, that would be so deeply appreciated. I always aim to please, try to never miss getting back to anyone and always deliver, but with so many of you this will make for a very real challenge!
I always do my best. For enquiries into commissions please definitely message me with a private note and I'll be able to price it up and chat with you regarding my availability etc.

Many thanks in advance for all your patience and good will.

Kind regards

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I'm certainly looking forward to seeing these commissions that other people ask for on your site (If it isn't private hidden art they ask). It would be interesting to see your art after all these years post TLOS to see how much you've improved or changed in art style. So take all the time you need, you'll certainly need it for sure.
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(Hopefully I'm not spamming you with comments!) After I take a few more coms myself, I will definitely be contacting you in regards to a commission. I'm more than eager to see your current works, as I'm certain you've improved!
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Thanks Rypto, it's never a bother and always amazing to hear from the fans... indeed that is my sole purpose to being on DA; to engage with the TLoS and Spyro fandom! There are so many of you, you're all keeping the TLoS home-fires burning, and it's humbling and entirely awesome all at once :D If ever you have an idea for a commission that you'd like to ask me about, please feel free to drop me a note and I'll get back to you as soon as I can :) Many thanks for checking in!
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I'm looking forward to see how those art work turn out from you. maybe someday i'll get a commission from you GOOD LUCK WITH IT DUDE :DD
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Many thanks BluethornWolf, would love to hear about any possible commission you might like, when the time is right for you :)
Kind thanks for the well wishes and good luck with all your endeavours too!
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Thank you that mean a lot to me coming from you ^^
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You're very welcome :)
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The moment I have money and a paypal (or something), I'll definitely look into a commission ^^ For now, welcome again, and I'll enjoy seeing whatever you have to produce!
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Thanks UniverseDragon, I'm looking forward to being able to spend a bit more time on here so as to actually post more work up... it's on its way as soon as I'm clear of my latest batch of working commitments :)
Thanks for the fantastic welcome!
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Don't worry sometimes doing art can be tricky ;) :)
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Oh absolutely it can be. It's rewarding for sure in the sence that one is creating art that one enjoys - tricky in the sence that time is not always a friend whilst doing it ;)
Cheers for the support Pikachufan260!
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Fully understandable and admirable way of thinking and acting ^^
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Cheers Fire-Storm-Dragon, it's that balance between making/keeping people happy and making sure one is covered also ;) 
Kind thanks for the comment.
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Hehe you are welcomed :D

Are you enjoying deviantart?
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I absolutely am enjoying things at the moment, and so far so good!
Cheers and thanks!
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No problem. Here am I to help if you need it ^^
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People would be glad to know at least some numbers, I guess x) For example, how much do you charge per hour of work, what is the starting/minimum price (i.e. won't work for a dollar, starting with 15 at least), etc. It's true that each work is unique and special, but there must be some kind of estimates, you know (:
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Totally understand where you're coming from and it's always a good thing to get an indication of the minimum spend before deciding to go ahead with anything :) As a freelancer I have a day rate, to cover my time and my super-annuation contribution when
working with games companies and their like. It's arranged that way because you never can tell where your next dollar is coming from. The longer the time period I'm secured for by a company, the lower the daily rate is generally, especially if it's an ongoing contract. 

To give an idea of this, I'm $450 AUD at my day rate when I'm working in a freelance capacity and that's a 10 hour day. Even if I do 15 hours, that's my 'day rate'. However, when creating art for fans I'm very aware that they aren't companies with dedicated art budgets, so I strip it back :) For instance a single detailed TLoS Guardian character design at high resolution in full colour would take me about 2 days from start to finish, with all things considered, but I'd charge around the $150 - $200 AUD mark. It won't cover my time spent but I have enough work on that I can do that now. All I need is more hours in the day to take it all on! :)

Many thanks for the comment, I hope this helps :) Freelancing is a tricky thing with many inherent challenges. Many bawk at day rates and it's understandable, but when you are jumping from job to job, covering your own super-annuation flying by the seat of your pants...
and you're offering all the experience/quality you've gained through years of training and craft, it's often not enough for the sheer time one spends per piece. At any rate I try to strip price right back for the fans as best I can and still have it be viable if you know what I mean :) 
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Aha, that helps, thank you! Does this estimate applies to design commissions, like, from a scratch? What if someone were to ask to draw their dragon character in the LoS style (as, they have the reference picture, but are just curious to know how they look in LoS)?
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Sorry for jumping into this thread, but;
As a student animator who hopes to find a place in concept and development this comment was most helpful/interesting!! 

--I am interested, though- when you say Guardian design - is that from concept to completion character sheet or something similar to the guardian images in your gallery??
Its interesting to hear what you have to say about stuff like this as I am an Australian as well so it differs a bit from what you hear form US artists:D
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Not a worry at all Sassifrasi, thanks for saying hi :) So you're an Australian artist studying/working in Australia? It's a tough gig over here in Australia finding steady ongoing work, especially on the art front in games. There are places like Halfbrick Studios, Defiant Games, Gameloft and Krome Studios is still in the mix doing it's thing... but you have to be really flexible and nimble to land the work here in an ongoing fashion, and it's the IOS and android mobile games scene that's staying alive here. Canada seems to be doing really well as far as places of industry go and the US seems to be where all the really big AAA studios are making hit console games, places like Naughty Dog and the like. 

By 'design' I meant the Guardian images in my gallery yes... which to be fair is more like illustration and less like an actual design or character model sheet that a modeller could build from, even though our guys actually did that from the image you've seen here. Yes usually there's design, which drills down on the specifics of what needs to be built exactly, and then there's illustration, which is more getting across the look and overall feel and vibe of something. I usually illustrate loosely before I design anything specific :) I hope that makes sence... where about's are you studying Sir?
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thats really helpful to know! I do an internship with an animation company, not necessarily in games but it would be interesting,  so its nice getting to know whats around before I have to organise it.
Im looking largely at animated series, but as you said, - its a tough gig- so I will go for all the experience I can!! and yeah, canada seems to be huge at the moment --its nice and cold there, wouldnt mind moving haha!

ah nice:D yeah thats what had me wondering- 
Wow so they built from scratch? no side/front ref views? 
no no it all makes sense! its great to speak to people in the industry (other than my teachers of course)!
Im studying at SAE (I completed a Diploma of Animation at SAE Online last year and I am studying on campus for the Bachelor this year and next) mam- haha honest mistake- :meow:
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I didn't know you did commissions
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