If 'passion' were dragon magic...

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Well! Where to begin? Firstly please let me offer a tremendous and heartfelt 'THANKYOU' to absolutely everybody who has visited, commented on the art, and has made their presence (and their love for Spyro and TLoS) well known here! I've always been aware of the strong fan following that TLoS has enjoyed, yet I stand in awe of the passion. I marvel at the intelligence and devotion with which this fandom (this wonderfully diverse and dedicated fandom) has embraced it, and by extension me. The multitude of comments that has flooded in like some vast stream of consciousness is both beautiful and overwhelming. The questions and expressions of curiosity are equally rich and abundant, and I welcome and read each one... please know that if you are as yet unanswered - I have not forgotten you. 'Prepared' certainly isn't the word, but in time I will get around to answering each fan and all I possibly can; only please bear with me as the response has been... quite simply remarkable. With such unshakable devotion TLoS will endure for many long years! I'm truly humbled by your response and extremely grateful to everyone :D

So here's what's on the cards: there seems to be a fair amount of interest in the dragon breath/magic weapons, specifically Aether and Dark Aether, as well as a desire to hear explained Spyro's Dark tainted state and how this affects Aether. As the people have asked, I've answered what I can in the comments section pertaining to my avatar icon (which if you missed it is represented as the Aether glyph), but to make the information more visible I'll offer something specific on all of that when next I post. That and a fresh batch of game art from the development phase on TLoS is in store as soon as I can!

You've been fantastic: if your 'passion' were Dragon magic, it would certainly overcome any power wielded by the Purple dragon! So thankyou all, each and every one of you. Thankyou for passion and patience, thankyou for kindness, (especially with eachother) and thankyou for coming along for the ride. 

It's wonderful to share the road with you all :)

TLoS forever...
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Hey There. I first played Dawn of the Dragon on XBOX 360 a Few Years ago, and i really Liked that game since it really sparked my interest on Spyro and Cynder and I Ship both of them like many fans out there, If The Trilogy was Remade into like a Zack Snyder Style-Like Series (I love Batman v Superman and Man of Steel and Cannot wait for his cut of Justice League) with it's Similar Tone & Color Palette, that would be Awesome..!

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Hiii damn this is a nice journal entry! It's 4 years too late but I gotta say this is lovely! I love this seires and I'm happy you're so willing to talk to the fans.

It's been so Interesting learning about the lore and stories you guys had planned for these games. Wish they could've been realized. Would've loved a remake or soemthing reincorporating these ideas. Love ya dude. Hope you're still answering questions SOME WHERE.

I'm really curious about some of DotD's content. Specifically the scene with volteer and Cyril. My favs and OTP lol. How would that scene have played out? Hated that they both only got one line in the game. Volteer is a chatterbox! Why does he only have one line :cries: .

Thanks and you're welcome!

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The Legend of Spyro became my all time favorite video games the moment I beat Dawn of the Dragon, a game that had me in tears at the end for multiple reasons.  Your work is amazing and I hope that one day your talent will be called apon to work on a Legend of Spyro 4, 5, 6, and so on.

TLOS Forever!
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I really love your artwork so much! 
I like you did draw cynder the black dragon  but I  really confused  her colors . 
  Begin she was black and red is color my favorites  but I don’t know why  on 2008  she change her colors like not good (  I don’t like  her new colors she should black and red and her  power darkness  OK, looks  Great ) 
thank you show us amazing your artwork, Been 11 years I still miss TLoS  I hope one day he’ll be back  future , ) 
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Do you have any early designs for Spyro? I'm curious to see what other ideas the studio had for Spyro's new look.
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You have fantastic artwork, Jared. It's been about 10 years since The Legend of Spyro came. I myself did some anime art in honor of the 10th anniversary of that incarnation in the Spyro franchise. I hope you can check that out! :aww:
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It's a great honor to finally meet the creator of the TLoS universe. If I hadn't accidentally naught the game I would of never found this wonderful universe. Again it is a great honor to meet you. You have been an inspiration to my dragons from the very beginning and what keeps my passion for dragons alive. 

TLoS forever!
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An honour to meet and have you here Spyroconvexity! Thanks for spending your time here... more dragon-works are on the way :)
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Can't wait to see them!
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I'm in awe of your gratitude, it's simply wonderful that you are taking all this time to respond and reach out to your fans.  Thank you for being accepting of our onslaught (we can't help it, we're so intrigued :D).

TLoS forever, yes.
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Cheers StudioShadows, I'm trying to get back to everyone and there are some amazing questions in here from fans... some I can answer for sure, some I'm just not equipped to as I just don't know the answer, (or didn't work on that particular thing in question) but I'll always do my best :D I'm just thankful for the patience from all as I try to juggle multiple things, contracts and all sorts here :D So glad you're enjoying what is on offer here; I'll be posting again very soon :)
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:D It's wonderful to have you here; good luck on your end!
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i don't know what must i say, but you've made the awesomeness stories about Legend of Spyro Universe.

but, i think some part of universe of Legend of Spyro are connected in Lore of Elder scrolls (skyrim), exactly in Dawn era, Ruins and colliding, seems like in end of dawn of the dragon too.
and some of people think that Legend of Spyro DoTD are connected to Skyrim World.

the most i want until now, make Legend of Spyro trilogy to be a films like in 2010 ago, not a game although it belong to Acti now.
cuz LoS now would be better into a movie because its trilogy already to be a story that made into a movie.

TLos Forever Love :happybounce: 
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Many thanks Ojanh, a TLoS movie trilogy or an animated series would be absolutely fantastic! I'd definitely line up and pay to see that... more than a few times :D As far as I'm aware there are no official links between DoTD and the epic that is Skyrim, although the two are definitely beholden to the magic, mystery, majesty (and popularity) of dragons. I've had Skyrim now for quite some time, but don't usually get the chance to indulge in it... if ever :) It is such a huge game... I think I'm still in Whiterun ;) Thanks for visiting! You are welcome anytime :)
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No no no, it's us which must thank you! You share wonderful arts and secrets: it's always interesting to learn more about TLoS!

You are awesome, thanks again!

And of course... I totally agree with you: TLoS forever! :D 
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You're so welcome Spyro76, thanks for the wonderful support! TLoS Forever indeed! :D
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I fell in love with Spyro starting with PS1 (and still play Year of the Dragon once in a while), but TLoS was where he truly came to life for me. Before then he was just another game character, but TLoS made him so much more. He became someone I felt I could relate to, and he's where my obsession with dragons began.

Once thing still bugs me though: What kind of society do Dragonflies have in TLoS? Spyro was raised by a dragonfly family, but we don't know much about them beyond that.
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Hi Jaeger15, Dragon and Dragonfly culture never really had much to do with eachother until Spyro and Sparx found eachother, yet now the two seem inseparable as a result! Yes Dragon-kind suffered a rapid decline as a result of the wars and Cynder's dragon-purges whilst under the corruptive thrall of Malefor. Its' members, it's culture; indeed the entire dragon civilisation had deminished greatly by the time we experience the opening of ANB. All we can bear witness to are the remnants of an ancient race once proud and just, now fallen into ruinous decay. The Guardians were the 'warrior monks', custodians of elemental dragon magic and wisdoms of their race, supported by the Dragon Knights, of which there were once many orders. Such a vibrant and rich history brought undone by the dark machinations of Malefor; the Purple dragon that betrayed his true calling and lost his way. 

Dragonflies live very much in family social clans for extended periods,usually near water, and are widespread in the worlds of TLoS. These clans are usually fiercely independent and proud of their heritage, but often work together forming beneficial alliances to ensure survival in more harsher climes. They have a warrior caste to protect them from predators, but it is largely 'unexplored wilderness' where their society structure is concerned, so there aren't any hard and fast particulars set down :D Nina and Flash were Sparx's parents and the adoptive parents of Spyro, and were beautifully designed by the very talented concept artist Mr Richard Lyons :) Hope that fills in some blanks for you!
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That helps a lot, thanks!
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sorry for the late reply , i've been kinda busy lately .

it's an honor to have a developer of TLoS here , and i'm glad that you feel welcome , and i hope to see another TLoS game in the near future , that'd be super !!!
That-Spyro-Guy's avatar
Another title (or another trilogy even) for the 'Legends' series would absolutely make my career BigMaleforFan!... we shall live in hope, as all good beings do, and tend that flame! :)
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yes , we shall !!! and please , call me Pedi .
That-Spyro-Guy's avatar
Thanks Pedi, shall do :)
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I'm very happy that we were all able to make you feel welcome. ^^ And i'm especially very happy that you were able to find your spark for exploring the LoS universe once again. I think I know how you feel actually. I recently reconnected with Pokemon after quite a few years and i'm very happy that i did. Got a bit of catching up to do, but i still couldn't be happier.

I do hope that you will continue to show us your talent for drawing and discussing your inspiration for everything you've done on this project. In truth its a little inspiring for me. I'm currently undertaking a Major in 'Games Art and Design' in my university's School of Arts. Looking at all you've done for this game and the thought you've put into every design and character. It fills me with the kind of hope that never fades, if that makes any sense.Sweating a little...

Sorry for getting a little dramatic. But anyway. Just so you know: I'm happy you're here. And i hope your stay on DA is a good one!
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