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TLoS StoryScroll Spyro Phrophesy

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Of all the story parchment pieces I've done for TLoS, this is perhaps the one that embodies the whole experience for me. There was a certain element, however slight, of 'pressure' in bringing this parchment piece to the story of 'A New Beginning'. Not only was this to be a possibly telling glimpse into how our esteemed Purple dragon, 'beloved by millions', might turn out on his reaching adulthood, but it was to be the first instance in which we would sight 'Dragon-gliphs', the written language of the dragon race. The second was the easier of two challenges... as long as I steered clear of existing symbology found here on Earth, and was careful to avoid any symbol that may be misconstrued or even accidentially translate as offensive, then I found a joy in making it. To address the first challenge of a grown up Spyro; that was more daunting at first.  I had to remind myself that these parchment pieces were 'impressions' only... the ghosts of thoughts that had been or had the potential to be. At any rate this rudimentary rendition of Spyro could have been a glimpse of him at a critical stage in his fullfilling the prophesy, and not necessarily indicative of his full adult potential. It is merely representative, giving us all room to wonder and explore the possibilities... 
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Such beautiful art work! 
I love the tiny little details... the effects the way it looks it’s outstanding 💖
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Anyone else think that Malefor is still around just incorporeal
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Me. I don’t recall Spyro and Cynder killing him so much as weakening him and the Ancestors taking him back to the Well of Souls. Or, at least, that’s the impression I get from the ending.
Makes me wonder what’d happen if Adult Spyro met a returned Dark Master...
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If nothing else he's not going to be able to hurt anyone else anytime soon
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Hey, Jared. I'm getting back into a Spyro Mood, and was wondering if you know what the lifespan of dragons are and how long a generation is for them? As someone who was part of the Team that made the games, I'm hoping you could help answer this long-sought question.
wow that is not only inspired and an excellent glimps forward but also a very influential detail to a story. Your hard work clearly shows and because of that spyro had that much more depth and meaning. 
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In my personal preference, the Legend of Spyro series had more to show that the original, despite only consisting of three games.  The legend series had a great storyline and good twists in the plot, along with a few puzzles that haven't been deeply explored.  I liked the legend series also for the gameplay and the individual character development.  It has a lot of potential and what happens after Dawn of the Dragon remains largely unclear.  I, like many others, am hoping to see a new game with the esteemed dragon.  I too see the possibilities of just how he may turn out as he grows older.  I think that while it will be full of triumphs and failures, it will be quite an adventure to remember.

P.S. The artwork is amazing.  Keep it up.
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I feel the same way about these games. They are so nastalgic, and everything got screwed when Activision released slylanders, which turned out to be stupid. The legend of spyro also showed how it was to being a dragon. Which was so cool since you play as a dragon of legend who becomes this hero of the world. If only activision continued making the series. They could've even done what the legend of Zelda used to do until some stupid newbie fans made a timeline that didn't make any sense and Nintendo made it into the official timeline, is give each game its own timeline. Like for example how oracle of seasons and ages are connected and aren't connected to the ocarina of time timeline, which used to be OOT, MM, WW, PH, and ST. Where a different story and different characters come into play. I have also always wanted there to be a legend of spyro x Zelda crossover. It would have been SO awesome! I'd imagine the items will be used with spyro's elemental abilities like a claw and chain can be used like a grappling hook, but if it gets into spyro's earth ball it can turn into a ball and chain! I can definitely see this happening! Problem is, I doubt it would ever happen. But I'm still hoping it does.
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If given a chance to make a new story for our favorite purple dragon, would you like to get involved on the project, regardless if it's Legend of Spyro or the Original trilogy?
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Maybe this is just me, but I'd want a TV show on the Legend of Spyro universe.
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Huh, thought I was the only one
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:D Turning this into a tv show would be a great way to expand on the universe! Personally, I'd appreciate trying to bring back many of the old classic charcaters from the original classic Spyro games (like what they did with Hunter) like Bianca, Moneybags, the Professor (the Moles were brought back!) But of COURSE they are introduced to the Guardians and all that entails.

Also, a tv show would definitely bring in more of Ignitus, Volteer, Cyril and Terrador! I LOVE the Guardians so much~ They have such distinct character and it'd be great see them get more spotlight!
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Yeah, to expand and explain some stuff that weren't explained or shown at the games...still I think a new game would be cool as well...but a TV series could be much more possible...specially when Netflix can gave us that chance...
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It could definitely do things that games didn't do. Such as Malefor having more screentime than just appearing ... instead of dying some minutes later, or plan out the whole war with the Guardians against the Ape King Gaul before Spyro is found.
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But somehow, Spyro, cynder, and malefor now are copyrighted by Activision itself. so, for TLoS TV series, must be focused of the story of guardians or other lore in LoS that maybe can be explored.
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I second this question. 
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so it is adult spyro?
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I remember loving this immediately the first time I saw it in-game; it really does capture the feeling of the story as a whole, and to this day I still adore that game more than I can possibly describe. Amazing job from the entire team, and I'm so, so happy to see work from TLoS up here by a dev who worked on the game. Beautifully done, really.
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hi jared i saw that u said you would love to make an actual translatable language based on your runes ! well i just thought you'd like to see that my nerd ass actually went and made a computer font based on ur runes ! & i pulled from the letter that hunter sent spyro in TEN and assigned them admittedly randomly to letters, numbers, and misc punctuation. once you know the ins and outs of it you can learn to read it, at least i have ! i hope you like it !! also if you want the .tiff file of the font itself i'd be happy to see if i can find it to send to you!
holy crap. you are the most dedicated spyro nerd here. 
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Hey Jared, just was wondering if there was any significance to the symbol under the dragon runes to the left? I'm pretty sure I've seen it around the place in the game, and if I'm not mistaken it was on Ignitus's shield in one of the caves next to the temple...
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If memory serves, that appears to be the symbol on the banner above Spyro's egg in the temple at the star of A New Beginning. I would hazard a guess and say that is the crest of the purple dragon.
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