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This rough and raw sepia style employed for the parchment cutscenes of 'A New Beginning' was so freeing. Far less rigid than the crisp inked line needed for everything else on the project, creating these panels afforded me moments of expression, where quick scratching and a texturised feel was the order of the day... it was less about details and more about an impression, as if the viewer were scrying a dragon's dream-like memories for events long after the fact. I needed not be 100% accurate here, I could hide the lack of detail in the high contrast treatment and focus purely on motion, emotion and composition. Here Cyril repels the Ape forces in the frozen expanses of Dante's Freezer... a realm over which he had held dominion for so long.
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Love how all the guardians have a native homeland or relation/connection to the levels in ANB :) the sepia tone feels great, Cyril looks very intimidating here :)
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Hey, just out of curiosity, would you ever consider creating prints of these or any of the art you have created for that matter? These are absolutely beautiful!
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I remember when this game first came out, when I was still in middle school in fact.  I recall that year as being my most miserable in regards to my entire grade school experience.  However, I remember playing this game and how it fed my love for fantasy and more importantly dragon themed adventures.  I drew so much fanart and personal art inspired from these illustrations and the game itself.  Your work on this project was so much fun to look at and I always enjoyed reaching any cut scenes that featured said art.  I still believe that "The Legend of Spyro" series was the last Spyro games that held that sense of magic and adventure that had first glued me to the franchise back when the first game came out on the PS1.  Thank you, man.  Thanks for fueling my creativity as a kid and for still fueling my love for concept art in general.  I'll always love the work put into the lore and style of TLoS series. :heart:
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Oooh actually I always loved how Cyril's paws were drawn there x)
Also the ice breath looks pretty cool
That art style was so enjoyable to look at during the cutscenes :D
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These story events sure look stylized in there own unique way that you made them. Cyril fighting off the apes in this made him look more badass as far as I can tell. It's interesting how you say his dominion when there are many meanings to it, so I am going to assume the latter of them since he's always at the temple, maybe.
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These sepia cutscenes were some of my favorite parts of the games.  They told stories not just through the accompanying words but through the roving image itself.  I loved the insight I gained from them, and they were quiet beautiful to look at as well.
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They don't have cheeks.  Just lips.
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I love these drawings. I guess some agreement expired which lets you publicly upload these? Either way I love these old-style drawings. The pencil/coal textures make it look drawn with early traditional tools which honors the lore of the game (no cameras, paper drawn, etc).
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Wow! This is so badass!
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Whoa, is this a crossover with Attack on Titan? Cyril is gargantuan. xD
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Yes he is rather large in this piece... Cyril made me do it. Typical egocentric Ice Dragon that he is ;)
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Not gonna lie, as a kid I thought this was another shot of Ignitus since not only does the ice kinda look like fire with the color, but they used a fire sound effect for this image in the cutscene.
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I never actually noticed that these are going on in the places you visit in the game
That-Spyro-Guy's avatar
They sure are, I felt that was a strong way to anchor them to the game in terms of time and place, and hopefully give the audience a wee 'Ah ha' moment when Spyro visits each world :) I enjoyed doing these pieces a great deal.
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I hold the Legend series dear to me, and finally seeing these up close gives me a feeling of joy. This is yet again, another excellent piece!
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This was definitely one of my favourite art pieces in a new beginning and I love seeing it up close and in full view! ;v;
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Ooh, Old Cy's pose is very striking and gorgeous here! Is he breathing mist?
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He is indeed GoldenGriffiness; a gout of super chilled air to snap freeze even the nastiest of foes :) 
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That's really cool (no pun intended when I wrote that, I swear.) I'd have loved to see that in the games. TLOS/ATLA style elemental control would be amazing in a system with more options. Like, say, making the super-chilled mist and shooting ice power into it to freeze enemies. A lot of fun mechanics to think about. Or, say, for Cynder's wind, sapping air from somewhere.

The point is that I love unique attacks like Cy's mist here. It's one of my favorite things to come up with writing for this fandom. Theirs so many ways to make it fit what you want, and challenges for how to make a civilization work. I spent a long time working out how to make a dragon hold a weapon, or other things like that. I had to design a crutch for a Spyro dragon-based commission as well, which was also a lot of fun.  The game that really lends itself to imagination and creativity in the fandom, and that might just be my favorite part of it.

Sorry for the long reply.
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Wait, so Cyril owned Dante's Freezer?

Whelp, there goes continuity for my story 8D. but at the same time, thats actually really interesting? Did he live alone? Etc
That-Spyro-Guy's avatar
Fear not Rurik-Redwolf! I'd always intended Cyril to come from the more frigid climes of the Dragon Realms, of which Dante's Freezer would be a part... but Cyril need not have lived there or owned it specifically ;) There's room for everyone to have fun in the worlds of TLoS with their own flavour and twist. Keep creating your stories... for TLoS will never die if we keep on dreaming about it :) Hope that helps!
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Ah, that's good to and :iconddraigtanto: have the four locations scattered around the world in our fanfic setting, and so to know that the Guardians only oversee an area rather than directly come from each won't upset the canon we've established too much...heh, although in our setting, Cyril's a Prince from the royal line that does rule the north, including Dante's Freezer, so that still works!
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Hmmm, yes. I wonder how he'd feel once he learns I turned his fantasy adventure game into a big Political thing? ^^;
That-Spyro-Guy's avatar
Dragons and politics? Intriguing.....  The brilliant thing about human imagination is there's plenty of real-estate for everyone :) Enjoy TLoS!
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