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For all four of the known Dragon Guardians I have held a deep, intimate regard for so long. Truly, they each of them inhabit a very special corner of my heart, but it must be said that chief among them, at least for myself, is Ignitus. Warrior, General, scholar, mentor, and now eternal keeper of the Chronicles... for me he has an appeal that goes beyond the image, for he represents in some less known ways my own personal journey, and when creating his visual look and feel so much of myself went into it. I have a strong connection to him, and perhaps it is for this reason that I spent longer on his parchment piece than the others of its kind you see here. Confronting the Ape forces that invaded the critical supply and staging ground of Munitions Forge, Ignitus prepares to unleash a powerful Fire Fury.
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I love Ignitus so much, he's also my favorite~ I just wish more time was shed on him 'cause he really is a vastly interesting, and admirable character. 

Descriptively, I think he's just magnificent! He's got a fiery majesty in him! And ... the poor guy, he holds so much within himself, guilt, depression, regret ... but also passion, love, protectiveness, strength, honor, and in some way . . . maybe he can also be a little playful! He certainly cracks open to be a little vulnerable when he first sees Spyro again alive and well, he couldn't help but feel faithful in that Spyro was the awaited miracle the whole world was waiting for; and he loves him so much because of that. 

I also just have to appreciate that (while you guys only kind of teased the idea of Ignitus being Spyro' real father . . . and I mean REALLY teased) Spyro finally has some sort familial connection to an older dragon, to IGNITUS, instead of just being a cocky, loner little dragon who rescues elders.
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You just revived my childhood :D
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I noticed you polished this up for your profile picture! Post that one too, please! :'D
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How do you sketch like that..
BlazingHeartnix's avatar
His tail looks longer than in the game, it suits him.
Tank-Dragon's avatar
The main man himself! :D General Master Ignitus XD

So does Ignitus come from Munitions Forge? :o considering it being a fire realm? :)
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It's great to see a nice resolutions of those artworks :3
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Seems like Ignitus was a lot of things considering he was the last one standing after the whole fight when he hid. So now we have him here about to explode them all to kingdom come, was wondering why this one was more detailed than the others.

So why did he exactly choose to hide near the mushroom place after the whole fight ended them losing, when there were plenty of other places to hide? Would it have been better just to leave the whole continent altogether and get as far away from the whole area than staying near risking Malefor getting free? 

To be closer to the temple,
the only place he could hide at
unwilling to abandon his comrades,
afraid Cynder's forces would spot him, 
good hiding place, or
hoping to wait for a certain someone to come along despite him being all depressed and hopeless?

These were just my guesses, would be interested to know this.
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Say, I don't suppose you've got a picture or any information about that young dragon who's seen with Ignitus as his squire? Darnit, his name escapes me; I know I wrote it down somewhere...
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Ah yes, Pyra :) I haven't yet had time to flesh this young dragon squire out as yet... but I shall indeed! There's certainly been some interest in young Pyra and his story, and it's something pretty special to me as well. When the time is right and I can get to him, I'll be sure to share it with everyone here :D Thanks for asking!
AMCAlmaron's avatar
Awesome, can't wait to read it! Methinks me and :iconddraigtanto: will need to work him into a story now...
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You should totally make a "fan" comic of the young dragon squire!
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Ignitus was always a favorite of mine.  His wise ways and unexpected sass were so complementary to his physic and facial expressions.
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Kinda hard to tell if this is Munition's Forge or not.
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Gotta love the lighting in this one. I know the others were similar but something about this one is much more pretty. ^^
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You know... Its funny, I've seen this piece countless times during my play threw's of A New Beginning, and yet I never noticed that Ignitus was crushing that ape soldier beneath his claws.
It really gives me a new perspective on just how MASSIVE the dragons really are in that world!
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They actually look larger in these pictures than they do in the games.
That-Spyro-Guy's avatar
Hi MadMatt2024, yes the Dragon Guardians are a bit larger in these images than they appear in game... the original intention was to paint a dream-like memory that told a story and delivered an impression, rather than being 100% accurate in their detail and scale etc... it's like one's memories of things as a child when everything seemed huge and oversized, but the reality upon revisiting places of one's childhood is that it's all fairly regular, or smaller than you first remembered. These pieces were quite freeing in the sence also that I could throw the rule book out the window for a bit and just be really expressive with composition and rough with detail. They were awesome fun :) Thanks for your commentary!
OverlordTroubleClef's avatar
Yes, I've noticed, It's probably why I'm noticing little details like this now. lol
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He looks so happy crushing these apes
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I'm loving your descriptions on these! Ignitus looks great here, he is indeed a very strong character.
That-Spyro-Guy's avatar
Thanks so much Spyrothedraglover122, I always try to paint a clear picture and get across the feeling of a moment in time when we made something, so that everyone can feel a part of that process in some way, and perhaps gain a little more insight than they might have had before. It's always a pleasure to talk about Ignitus too :)
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these just get cooler and cooler
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