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These pieces were begun early, and while being among the more simpler pieces done for 'A New Beginning', were revisited and updated a fair few times as new details came to light as to the environmental content of the worlds from the game were locked down. Once the crystalline nature of the Concurrent Skies world was established and known, I came back in and incorporated those elements into this piece. Again the raw and inaccurate style lent itself to quick adaptation and revision. Good times.
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Ahhhhh so Volteer used to live/study here before Cynder and her army came and screwed everything up basically, I absolutely love the idea of the guardians and other dragons living/gathering or studying in these levels before darkness consumed them, very interesting :'D
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Our Volteer is very learned and inquisitive, so the laws and mysteries of the universe as they pertain to his element find him engaged in study often :) Glad you're enjoying.
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Is Volteer using electricity from his nostrils actually ? xD
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In this illustration he is yes! (Although that was a bit of a happy accident really) :D There are most definitely many ways in which a dragon can express its' elemental abilities... and as more and more people saw this image, I thought it was a fun way of putting that idea out there :D These ones were truly fun to do.
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Learning quite a lot from the lore you are dispensing for us all, sure gives us a big different view of many places we've seen in the game that we didn't know much about and could only guess. Volteer here sure is giving them a shocking welcome.
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I'm so glad it's shedding some light on the things that went into making the worlds of ANB and TEN... it's those little backstories that assist the mental process when creating, and it's all the juicy possibilities that kept me inspired throughout the development of the games. Thanks for visiting :)
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Indeed he is, the one and only ;)
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Alright, this lore is purely awesome.  Cyril goes on about his lineage, Volteer (The Amazing El-Zappo) lives in skies studying while his brethren harnessed a pure form of energy.  Cyril is awesome, too, but this is epic.
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I could sit down for years and write TLoS lore, if I were allowed to spend the time. I'm a story-teller first and foremost, so it's my favourite thing to do. Just hanging with fans and being able to share all the nuggets of lore behind the process, that's epic for me :) So stoked that you're enjoying it all :D
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Oh my god I adore lore (whoops slipped in a rhyme).  I love learning nuggets, even if they're only theories and head cannons made by fans.  Direct from the source is a rare opportunity.
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Did Volteer live in Concurrent Skies like Terrador lived in Tall Plains, Cyril around Dante's Freezer, etc? That would be so lonely, though, I somehow can't imagine dragons living there normally. Little hatchlings running between the walls and spiky crystals... Dragons gazing up at the forboding towers silhouetted against dark skies and rocky crags... Going to visit their neighbors the next metal tower over... Seems, uh... cozy. xD
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Like most worlds experienced in TLoS, they are corrupted versions of themselves. When we first enter Concurrent Skies, the sky is dark and raging with electricity because it is unbalanced and unchecked. When Volteer visited he would have spent long days there bent in study atop the towers, and the other Electricity dragons there tended the spires and crystals with him, shaping and harnessing the raw forces of lightning... then things were alot more hospitable. After the Dragon purges however, it lay in ruin; a deadly gauntlet of electrified steel and supercharged crystals, a testiment to Cynder's cruelty at the time.
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Dudes, we're getting game lore from the source!!
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:) I haven't all the answers that is for sure, especially when it comes to the development of DoTD... It's important to me also that there is mystery still out there because that's what keeps people wanting to learn more; wanting to find that next nugget of narrative and perhaps dicover 'how the story ends'... or at least continues ;) I think a good deal of the buy-in of the fans comes from the ability to make the worlds of TLoS their own, and you guys definitely need the freedom to do so :) I'll tell you what I know for true, share with you where I would have gone with things were I to continue in this universe, and always make the distinction of what is actual canon, and what my intentions were. As much as I've lived and breathed this, so too have you all. It's deeply important that TLoS remain the playground of the fans as well, and affords you all a freedom to express ideas, theories and works of fiction :) It is a great place to play in, so keep on dreaming and writing and theorising about all the things that could be. Enjoy every minute of your time as part of the 'TLoS story.' Thanks for visiting!
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I always loved this style, I remember that when I first completed the Eternal Night and unlocked the art gallery I would try and reference these drawings over and over again.
Although I am curious, if Volteer was defending Concurrent Skies before Cynder took over, then what was it before it became her lair?
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Ahh Concurrent Skies was used as a place of isolated study, from which to best observe and unlock the mysteries of electricity... like some kind of gothic monastery reserved for scholars. All those spires were brilliant conductors, and with our Electricity Guardian and other dragons of the same element on hand to channel and divert lightning if and when needed, the place was ideal as a recluses' hide-away. Only it lent itself so well to Cynder's purpose, and once the lightning had no one to manage it, it raged wild and unchecked... the perfect deterrent for outsiders. Cynder of course achieved entry through her superior powers of flight and evasion, picking off the dragons one by one. Nice question, hope that helps :) 
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Ooh, that's truly awesome! :iconddraigtanto:? I think we might need to revise the history of Concurrent City in the story...
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I continue to be amazed and I love it. 
I never would've guessed Concurrent Skies was a research area, including the fortress. I always figured when Cynder conquered this place she decided to set up shop and the fortress was built for her. The whole structure just seemed too fitting. Tall, black, intimidating, broody, gothic, big, dark and covered with blades everywhere. 
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I was so sleepy that I thought it was Ignitus at first, woops.
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