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Being presented as rough, high contrast images, while not calling for explicit detail, meant that clarity of composition became very important, as well as clarity between components in relation to their distance in depth from the viewer. Closer objects became almost completely dark in terms of value, calling out the need for strong silhouette and breathing space between darker forms. Forms further from the viewer could afford to fade back, existing purely as roughly deliniated line and mere suggestion of form. Here Terrador drives back Ape forces, sending them reeling in the world of Tall Plains, which was his territory to defend.
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so he fended them off to tall plains? interesting
ANIMEGURL02's avatar
aw, that's sad! bc he doesn't have an element!
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omg this is so good
Tank-Dragon's avatar
Damn getting hit by that tail must hurt like hell :D1

Good old Tall Plains, my favourite level! :D the music and the calming, nature filled atomsphere.
floravola's avatar
I always loved that fighting pose there x3
NemesisXProject's avatar
Kind of interesting that the guardians were at these place and yet they were dragged all the ways to the places where we free them in the game. Makes you wonder why they didn't just keep them there at those places, I would have to assume it had something to do with their elements. Now Terredor's turn to smashing into the scene of a display of environmental destruction. Like the depth focus of dark distance that's done in these.
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This is a perfect example of light and dark showing depth and distance.  I have an issue with that, since my depth perception is off in the real world, and so it is hard to translate it to the page.  Great job, as usual.
That-Spyro-Guy's avatar
Thanks so much! Generally I opperate under the rule that anything very close to the camera plane or viewer is in deep shadow, or is usually quite dark in terms of its value (Silhouette and composition then becomes vital in order to get a good read between foreground subjects) Use mid tone values for the midground, and then anything vanishing into the background plane keep to very light values (keeping the colour saturation value low so it drops back in visual priority.) Good breathing room between subjects and a strong composition helps, but its the light and dark values that push things back or call them forward in depth. Have fun :)
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Oh gosh thank you this helps so much
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The tall plains were my favourite area in the game, with the clouds below and the lush grassy areas; along with the style of architecture they were gorgeous :') I love how these link in!
That-Spyro-Guy's avatar
So happy that you like! The vibe for the architecture was actually one of the more naturally occuring ideas that struck during the conceptual phase. Aztec design sensibilities, coupled with the idea of totems inspired by North American Indian Nations seemed logical to the team... solid cubed slabs of carved stone were to represent the totem aspect, with their stoicly etched faces a key design feature of the Tall Plains world. It was a rock solid theme... and we dug it. Thanks for commenting ;)
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These storyscrolls are so dynamic, it's great to see them in high resolution! 

I suppose if Terrador was in charge of defending Tall Plains, he must have had some sort of relations with the Atlawa. Speaking of the Atlawa, I have a teensy tiny question... Where did their name come from? It is mere gibberish? A mash-up of more than one word? Inspired by another language/culture (Aztec, perhaps)? Or is it just meant to be vaguely similar to 'llama' and 'alpaca'? It's something I've wondered for a long time. =P 
That-Spyro-Guy's avatar
Ah the proud Atlawa, yes :) Great question. Most definitely we looked to draw from ancient and unique real world cultures for the design cues of many characters, and the Atlawa as you've hit upon were inspired largely by the Aztecs. A special mention must also be made for the 'Cynder-class' enemy types that were present in Tall Plains, for they were (no real secret here) Aztec inspired as well. We have the concept artist Mark Hansen (a good friend of mine) to thank for handling the Aztec theme for those :)

Right. The Atlawa. The word has it's origins in both the word Llama and alpacca, being very much a mash-up of the two, but more than that, (to which our Exec Producer Mike Graham can attest) it sounds very much like the noise an uncontrollable sneeze makes when issuing forth at high speed...........and it all sounds very.... Aztec! (If you play ANB, on his way to Tall Plains you'll note that Sparx offers a hearty 'Gesundheit' at the mention of the Atlawa.) It was just a cheeky name designed in the service of that in-joke... I'm only glad we didn't call them 'Achooos' :) Hope that anwers you MissRiverstyxx!
MissRiverstyxx's avatar
Oh, I remember the joke! Never would have guessed you'd have named the Atlawa just for the sake of it, though! ;P Mystery solved! Thanks for answering :D
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Funny to think that of all the time I'd spent admiring these story pieces I never noticed they were all areas within the game. That gives these, and the Guardians, an entirely new context!
That-Spyro-Guy's avatar
Always happy to offer a fresh perspective Melindaington :) So glad you like!
Phaedrolous's avatar
Terrador was in his element in Tall Plains.
That-Spyro-Guy's avatar
He certainly was... he truly fit there in terms of his large volumed shapes and solid design. Cheers Phaedrolous :)
Rovas117's avatar
That-Spyro-Guy's avatar
Awesome stuff Rovas117, I do try my best :)
spyrothedraglover122's avatar
I love the action here. Terrador has a great powerful pose here. :D
That-Spyro-Guy's avatar
Yes 'power' was the principle identifier for Terrador, and I tried to call that out in every pose and in every line of his design :)
rosefang16's avatar
woooo mind officially blown
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