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TLoS Elemental PowerUp Device

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Fire, Ice, Earth, Electricity... Aether; the power of each can be attained and mastered by the Purple Dragon of Legend. In the coming pieces of art from TLoS I'll explain (as best I can!) the principles behind each elemental ability class, building as we go to that most enigmatic and legendary ability class that is by far the most powerful, and perhaps most misunderstood; Aether. We have to eat our greens so to speak before we come to that rare delicacy, so bear with me if you can. The Elemental Power-up device you see here went through a few variations before settling on this, but it was always built upon a solid circular layout. In TLoS the circle is a strongly established and widely used shape convention, especially in Dragon architecture, (note doors and archways) and for me and the art team it was important to continue this theme going forward to best showcase all the breath/elemental abilities.

No one ability of the four primaries is technically 'more powerful' than another, nor is one more important than the next, and since a circle has no end, one was perfect for what was needed. To readily identify elements from eachother quickly, a strong, contrasting colour key was needed, in addition to the sigils and glyphs now widely known. Here one can see the four elements co-existing on the device wheel, centered about a core of light, a resevoir of power that was to represent Spyro... the embodiment of yet another power, one not of terrestrial orgins... 

From the outset, although many were not aware, the sigil pertaining to Spyro's Aether ability class (and it's dark counterpart) was prevalent throughout ANB and TEN. The hard 'double edged' spiral glyph that surrounds the rim of the device repeatedly was intended to be to Dragon lore what the 'Yin and Yang' symbol is to Chinese Taoism. Because I am fond of naming things (everything), this sigil I dubbed 'The Aethercrest' for my own entertainment towards the end of ANB, and stands representative of Spyro and the 'Purple Dragon' itself; a prophetic symbol, both light and dark halves depicted, that speaks of the balance needed to truly master the Aether ability...

Using the Elemental Power-up device here, Spyro could draw from his inner reserves (powered by the numerous Spirit Gems he'd collected) and transfer energy to bolster his primary elemental abilities. Each ability class has three main aspects that dragons can improve and master, those being: a primary expression (for close quarters use), a secondary expression (usually of longer range), and a 'Fury' (the ultimate expression of that elemental class.) An interesting note: at one stage I'd hoped to make the device the feature of an actual location set deep within the Swamp. The idea was that therein this huge metallic disk was to be discovered by Spyro, tangled and overgrown, but time did not allow for it.
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You’re a Legend of Spyro *GOD!* I’ve always wanted mods for these games! 😃👍💜

NickNinja02's avatar
I like this it has all the elements including the beginning circle in the center
saboza's avatar
So many good memories are coming ...
EfernoTheDragon's avatar
Wow, I never thought a lot of interpretations of symbolism, philosophy, and stuff can actually be put into such incredible details.
Mead1992's avatar
Look these elemental powers in the Legend of Spyro games
RainaCrystalStar's avatar
omfg, this is amazing all the elements altogether.... funny coz i never saw this in the game play? But the way you have made this looks so original to the game itself. 
horrorcrusher's avatar
Beautiful work here, bravo! 
GreenTree-Studios's avatar
Well, I hate to be negative. But I can understand that time is money. But this is ridiculous!!
FyreDragon5's avatar
Oh wow!  This is gorgeous!  Seriously, I've been looking for this for ages because I've really wanted to use it as background art for my laptop.  I love how thorough you were in not only designing this, but creating the deep lore behind it.  Bravo, Sir!

SunlightBlaze's avatar
"Fire, Ice, Earth, Electricity, and...Aether."

Aether? What the heck is that?

Okay, I love this design for the Element wheel. I just wish THIS was the level up screen in A New Beginning. Seriously, this is better than what the end result was, at least in the Gamecube version.

Hmm..."Aethercrest"....I never noticed that sigil popping up all over the place. Maybe in the menu screens, but I can't recall seeing it beyond that. 

Well, I guess I can rank the elements from most to least favorite.
1: Fire - Simple and well balanced
2: Ice - Nice little combat tricks, and it makes the Cynder boss go by SO fast once fully upgraded
3: Earth - Earth Bomb OP in ANB with a single upgrade.
4: Electricity - Process of elimination, this one has to be last.
Noah891's avatar
Electricity was fun because it could be used to throw groups of enemies off of cliffs or stun them at the very least. To me, electricity wasn't so much of an inherently offensive ability as it was for utility and support.
Blockio1999's avatar
The funniest element imo is Cynders wind (999 combo ftw ^^)
jaiette's avatar
LOL yes, I would do that all the time, and with Spyro's ice as well. Haha!
Blockio1999's avatar
Its a lot easier with Cynder tho... my highest combo with Spyro is 300ish, while Im around 1250-1300 with Cynder (counter stopped at 999 ^^)
SunlightBlaze's avatar
Yeah, it definitely helped at Concurrent Skies (when I wasn't wrecking everything with Earth) and at Dante's Freezer (the Dreadwing rush). It's just how I particularly like to fight. I'm personally more of an in-your-face, all out attack kind of fighter, so naturally I gravitate more towards Fire and Earth. 
Gwenevier's avatar
Out of them all, fire and ice were my favorites. Just out of curiosity, when Spyro used Aether's power in the center, how come it left him so powerless and weak? I've always thought it was the overpowering energy of it and his body not being able to recover from it naturally, leaving him as weak as he was.
RenTheEarthDragon's avatar
One thing I always wondered, why did Spyro's Aether left him powerless for weeks after ANB? He only used it for a few seconds. I believe it was because Aether's power was too much for him to handle and drained his powers.
ErmacMKratos's avatar
Didn't Aether (Ether) was the name of the primordial greek god of chaos, destruction and darkness?
ZanarNaryon's avatar
No, that was Eris. Aether was basically all matter, dark and normal, in the universe. Basically what God used when it created the universe
ErmacMKratos's avatar
I'm talking about the greek mythology, before the Olympians, and even Titans, the primordial Gods, represents force of space, and mystic powers. Ether was the son of Erébe (The Darkness) and Nyx (The Night) and the brother of Héréma (Day) but the orphic tradition made him the son of Chronos (The Time). But this is theory a many of stories exist about the greek mythology specially for the primordial gods and godess
ZanarNaryon's avatar
I was aware of the Primordials, but I didn't know of Ether
p101's avatar
I always love seeing how you capture colour in your art. It's always so bright and....i believe vivid is the word i want to use, but i could be wrong. You defiantly have a way with colour i want to capture in my own art someday!^^

I actually have a question regarding the spirit gems themselves. I understand their function is to rejuvenate dragons that break them and to grant them more strength in times of need. But aside from healing injuries, restoring mana, and powering up elemental abilities what else do the spirit gems do?

My mind being in my stories again, i would think 'Blue Spirit Gems' can also strengthen the physical bodies of dragons as well, not just their elemental strength. If physical strength is something they desperately need, that is.
That-Spyro-Guy's avatar
Hello p101, the Spirit gems most definitely have restorative properties for those particular aspects of a dragon's being, but beyond that there are no established effects or rules, so it's a great playground for ideas. There's definitely room in TLoS for creative possibilities in addition to what is already known, for crystals and gems just make for such wonderfully 'high mana' objects that can do just about anything ;) We did have but one rule to explain away magic and mystery in TLoS, and that was: "if in doubt - it came from a crystal!" ;) Have fun!
teru-dagger-master's avatar
ice and electricity will forever bi my favorites.

by the way this look absolutly amazing!
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