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TLoS Elemental Class Electricity

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Electricity; wild, erratic, unpredictable... the fierce collision of dynamism and eloquence embodied. Of all the breath weapons used in TLoS, electricity presented perhaps the greatest challenge to game-play because of it's far reaching implications. By it's very nature electricity flows from one conductive material to the next, and by that reasoning entire groups of enemy types could have been electrified simultaneously. We ideally wanted to allow this, making for incredibly long chains of foes all linked by and writhing under the uncanny forces of this spectacular breath weapon, but that would have potentially over-powered this element and completely unbalanced the game-play. Yellow became the colour key identifying all things pertaining to electricity, despite the fact that the earlisest and unused rendition was depicted in blue.

To master this elemental ability class, a dragon would need to be clever and quick witted. In TLoS lore, charged ionic forces displaced at speed are channelled from the air, redirected over muscle, bone, sinew and scale; and thus resisted via arts of wit and will, project forth this phenomenal force of nature, either through exhalation or motion of the body. Nerves of steel and an exquisite sence of timing are essential here, lest a dragon fail to properly redirect and release the potent energies surging through its' body. Sheer speed of thought to regulate this instantaneous process allows a well trained Electricity dragon to channel and produce powerful torrents of electricity. For this reason Electriciy dragons are often possessed of higher cognitive function, with a 'silver tongue' to articulate thought at high speed. Such power though makes them prone to magniloquence, of which Volteer is a true exemplar. As an aside, a deep knowledge of the sky also asists to bolster understanding of this primal elemental power.

It is not beyond reason that an Electricity dragon in full possession of its' wits and intellect could exercise mastery of this element in unexpected ways... The quick thinker could perhaps ionise the extremities of its' body, charging horns, claws, tail and wingtips to create and project a static-electric manifestation. Similarly this charge could be projected onto inanimate objects, provided they could carry a current, thus creating a deadly and cunning trap for unwary foes. Electricity is most definitely the thinking dragon's' weapon of choice.

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Lord I love these. Will we be lucky enough to hear about the other four canon elements as well (fear, shadow, poison, wind)? And, if I may ask, were there any plans for other elements to be included?
Final question: would Spyro have been able to wield elements besides the four (five counting aether) we have seen?

Love your stuff, infinitely thankful for your presence on this site.
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The lighting stream is still one of my favorite attacks, here, aside from the freezing missiles.
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I just replayed ANB and this turned out to be my favorite element, mainly because you could throw enemies off cliffs for easy kills. I love comparing my recent playthrough with how I played the game 10 years ago. Now I put a lot of thought into how I'd go about killing enemies, what I'd upgrade first, and getting totally lost in the story. Yeah there were cheesy moments in the game where you kind of cringed but it was all part of the charm.

As a kid I just rushed through it without a care in the world. I remember Earth being my favorite element just because of the visuals and the sounds it made. I still enjoyed the story though, and I think I was actually afraid of Cynder. :XD:

I miss David Spade Sparx :(
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That explains Volteer's personality. Honestly my favorite group of characters are the Guardians. I just loved there interactions with each other, it was the funniest thing on the planet for me! Especially when they were all together again 
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Wow! The Electricity element looks so cool in your artwork. :) I also find it amazing that Electricity used to be blue instead of Yellow. ^^
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This was always my favourite element in aNB, and still managed to stay up there in tEN (though I think Fire and Earth were my favourites in that game).
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If we were dragons, this could the mad scientist element LOL

Throwing enemies from side to side with electricity was and still is hilarious in tlos...

Volteer is my favourite guardian, the idea of him being a genius and never shutting up is brilliant :D
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Sounds like Volteer perfected electricity to speed up his tongue foremost.  Imagine how intense a fighter he'd be if he amplified his reflexes, literally...
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A fun and exhilarating power! :D
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Ahhh, I loved electricity in the first game, though it was a bit overpowered. I had the habit of grabbing enemies and just throwing them off cliffs to win the harder fights. xD
spyrothedraglover122's avatar
One of the coolest breaths to use in the game! Great job once again! :)
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Electricity was always a fun element to me. :p But, since magnets uses magnetic fields, and electrons are needed to flow to make them, it would've been nice to have an electromagnetic attack. :) Spyro shoots a clear disk out of his mouth. It collects enemies by their armor and they get stuck together for a certain amount of time. It would make it easier to attack enemies. That would've looked funny.
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My favourite element :)
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Electricity has always been my favourite one (if we leave Aether out of this), I would have loved to see it in blue colour but it's understandable why it needed to be yellow :D My favourite electricity attack was probably the sphere in DotD, the lightning and pulsing just looks super cool and powerful when upgraded to the max! And loved the electric furies, there's just something about shockwaves that I like a lot :XD: 

By the way, I figured out a way to use the spinning attack in TEN without letting it consume all the mana, it just consumes a bit and then it stops, so you can use it for as long as you hold the two buttons ;p That way it becomes quite overpowered haha but it's great.
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Electricity is by far my most favourite element to use in the Spyro games! 
I don't really know why, honestly. It just seems really strong and cool to me.
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I guess that explains why Volteer talks a lot :)
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I think most gamers thought of electricity being yellow ever since Pikachu

but yeah electricity was my favorite out of spyro's elements
i liked how the breath was used to throw enemies off cliffs for easy kills in the first game
in the third game it more so lived up to its chaining from enemy to enemy nature
but The spinny top attack from the second game felt rather disappointing maybe i just diddnt use it right?
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Yes our spinning top of doom didn't quite turn out as we'd hoped unfortunately, but we tried our best with the constraints we all had had the time :)
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This is astounding!!!! The trap it is the work of a genius. How do you come up with such ideas?
That-Spyro-Guy's avatar
Years of elemental training and focus.... and the channelling of wild electriciy! :D In all seriousness though it's just that 'soft time' I was talking about earlier... one sits awake at night after a day's work on the project and the mind simply reels away. The deeper one gets into it, into a project or character, the more nurtured ones' creative mana becomes... 
I was so invested in TLoS that I was having regular dreams at night, and I'd come in and tell the guys about it, and we'd all brain-jam away until things just clicked. Good times :) I miss working with those guys.
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Oh my goodness that sounds like a level of creativity I wish I had XD
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