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TLoS Elemental Class Earth

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Earth; willful, implacable, unyielding... the steadfast foundation for unrelenting might. Among the more hard hitting of the elemental ability classes in TLoS, Earth offered a robust and entertaining alternative to Ice, allowing for a more direct attack strategy at close quarters. The Earth elemental ability class was perhaps the most revised of all the breath weapons, and the concept seen here served as a guide only. Our first attempts to create 'Earth breath' were certainly very literal, with Spyro breathing smouldering igneous fragments of dark magma (summoned from deep within the earth), only the presence of the magma confused the design and dilluted the distinction between 'Earth' and 'Fire'. By way of remedy, that glowing magma was removed 'til only the lumps of stone remained, but this proved to be no better, for watching our Spyro cough lumps of what could only be described as 'chunks of dry cow pat' made for some nervous moments...  a more 'energy based' solution was implemented and this pleased us (and our publishers) infinitely more!

In TLoS lore, Earth is a form founded on the precepts of strength over adversity, willful resolve and obstinate determination. The bedrock of the world teems with energy, alive with ancient magics and fields of mana... a trained Earth dragon at the height of its' abilities can draw strength from these, delving deep into vast reserves to express its' power. Embracing a strong connection with nature, an Earth dragon's power suffuses its' body, persisting at all times, but is at its' peak when the dragon is firmly grounded. For this reason ground fighting is prefered over aerial attack, whereby full use of this ability class can be made. Calling forth the essence of stone and living nature, power is expressed as an energy based protection, but literal stone and earth can be shaped and brought to bear in the service of a determined mind.

It wouldn't be unheard of for a dragon alligned with this ability to perhaps augment their natural defences with elementally extracted stone, fusing armoured plates and blunt protrusions to form a highly resistant armour. We see some evidence of this in Terrador's design, yet it's plausible that other individuals of the earthly persuasion took this feat to whole new levels... 
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I admire your representations of Spyro's elemental abilities
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Right in the crouch ow
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cynder's breath on the cover art, and this… , remind me of the whispering death's breath, the stormcutter's breath, and the earth rocket.
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 Earth was honestly my favorite element and i can see why it went under some major revisions. 
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Are dragon elements supposed to be magic in the Legend of Spyro world? I never really understood if it was.
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Is it possible for there to be crystal, sand or metal earth dragons?
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Wow! You have really done an amazing job on the Earth element. I always love how it's able to defeat many enemies in A New Beginning, even Cynder herself until the Aether element comes up. Hey, I wonder why the Earth element is the strongest of the 4 original elements in A New Beginning while Electricity is the strongest in The Eternal Night? Is that just sometime the game developers came up with or can certain elements are the most strongest at certain enemies and times of the day? 
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I always loved how this element appears to have both a magical side (as seen in aNB and tEN), and a more physical side (like what they used in DotD). I think the Earth Shot and the "ball-and-chain" were my favourite of Earth's abilities!
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I love how you see the idea of Earth being the "Tank Buster" element XD something to really obliterate heavily armoured enemies :)
Always like the idea of earth dragons being the walking tanks and ground combat over speed and ariel precision attacks :lol:and it strongly represents Terradors design! :D

Using these Earth shockwave blast in close quarters was fun as hell, still is when I go back and play the games XD
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My birth element.  I was born in '88, the year of the Earth Dragon.
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The hardest one to update but totally worth it. :)
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So an Earth Dragon (or Spyro) could just bring up a bunch of boulders and throw them at their enemies?

That sounds like it'd be fun to do ingame. ^.^
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I love that all these elements are not literal but more energy based. After all the elements are forms f pure energy which exist throughout the world and all living things. For me earth was one of the coolest designed breathes ever!!!

Earthen Armor to connect all the scales on the body???? ASTOUNDING!!!!!!!!! 

Jarred your ideas are extremely magnificent. I do not think I could truly speak or say words that will give your amazing talent justice. XD It is beyond words.
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Best Element :) Loving how the mechanics involve close range combat. I always imagined an Earth attack invloving engulfing the dragon's claws in Earth power and use them to launch powerful punches or cause small tremors when running.
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How to beat Cynder in three easy steps. 
-Spam upgraded Earth Shot 
-Recharge with crystals 
-Spam Earth Shot again 
-Die (Re spawns the crystals)

Earth is OP in ANB and it's great.
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Hmm... Just curious... Why did the element attacks change in TEN? All attacks were fabulous, but I was confused as to why they changed some of his breath abilities.
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This was prompted at the publisher level in order to generate fresh interest and provide some new content whilst not throwing out Spyro's established elemental types. We all agreed that the four elements needed to stay as part of his arsenal, but a fresh take was needed somehow. It would have been wonderful to provide completely new breath and elemental classes in TEN...but we simply ran out of room on the D-pad, and didn't have enough buttons either! :D A menu system to equip breaths in those 4 'quick-slots'on the D-pad might have been the answer, but it was decided that keeping things streamlined was best, and this allowed us to focus on quality for the 4 elemental types we had :) Quality over quantity when you're on a budget is always best!
LegendaryGriffin's avatar
Ah that's understandable XD
Thanks for answering! :D
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Such a pretty element.
I never got the hang of using earth thoe for some reason.
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It proved a tricky one to get the most out of it's special functionality for sure, especially when one attempted to ensnare a foe inside a whirling earth tornado and then engage it in melee combat mid-air.
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