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TLoS DragonGuardian Volteer

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Rounding out the set of four known Dragon Guardians is Volteer, the Electricity Guardian. Originally Volteer was a deep blue colour, with a purple secondary tone to his chest and armoured spine regions, but that
painted me into a corner so to speak when it came to Cyril's main colour key. Once the electricity elemental powers were established in yellow, the skin colour of choice for Volteer became apparent. Of all the dragons
I designed on TLoS I'd have to say Volteer turned out as the 'better' drawing, but looking back makes one want to revisit everything! Thoughts on that anyone? Everything has it's place in time though, and I must be
content in that and keep moving forward, lest I become a bit lost in it :) It's been an incredibly nostagic trip posting these Guardians here... thanks for the memories Volteer!
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Yaaaaaay my favourite guardian!!! :3
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sigh... can you stop with this bullcrap please it's stupid, that's 13 times now. Don't fall for this nonsence.
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I love the storm cloud-grey that you gave him for his secondary color. I think it gives him a look that conveys his powers as being a force of nature, the clouds from which lightning strikes the earth and leaves thunders and blast craters in its wake. A magnificent beast, the lighter yellow arc marking across his golden scales make it look like his skin is alive with his element, as if one would expect his nature to cause lightning to randomly discharge from his body and strike them in his characteristic and constant hyperactivity. Overall a commendable and spectacular design!
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Volteer was originally going to be blue?...Hm, interesting fun fact. 

At first, I found his lightning-fast speech pattern to be rather annoying, almost as bad as Cyril's smug arrogance. But I soon noticed a similarity between him and myself: I also can occasionally speak that fast. 

Going through the games, I figured this guy would be one who would have some kind of hidden info that he would suddenly remember (because with how smart this guy seems, he's probably got a LOT of knowledge hidden in the depths of his mind). But he ended up getting fewer and fewer lines in each game. That was my  main problem with Dawn of the Dragon: Volteer only got one line!!! 

Beyond that, however, I like him. I'd have to place him below Terrador in my line of favorite Guardians (yes I actually ranked them), but still a cool guy.
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that kind set me off a bit too and I saw something online that said that in dawn of the dragon Volteer and Cyril we're supposed to have this funny scene but appearntally didn't have the time to do that I would have to see that
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Personally, I wish he could've been voiced by Patrick Warburton (a.k.a. Kronk). Maybe that would've made his speech patterns more tolerable?
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I like the fact Volteer is so interested in everything and talks about whatever word comes out of his mouth to express himself of a ongoing topic. Definitely a fast talker if you know what I mean.:D (Big Grin) 
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I always loved Volteer, he definitely has to be my second-favourite. I've always head-cannoned him as a bit of a sweetheart who holds no grudges, maybe the first to truly accept Cynder during the interlude between ANB and TEN. But that's just me. xD I have to say I love his design. I don't think his model came out quite the same with all the cool markings in-game though. That or the textures were too blurry, since this was the Xbox era. I'd love to see the games in the ANB and TEN style in HD, because DotD was beautiful. Pretty sure the textures were way sharper there. xD
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If I may, have you thought of a scenario where Volteer has an occupation of, say, a rapper? A few heads would be rolling then!
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A rapper eh? Personally I'd love to see The Amazing El-Zappo throw down like Fiddy to a dope backing track... we can only live in hope! I wonder how that would be received by the other Guardians, especially at critical moments. OK professional challenge to all comers..... Optional of course ;)

Opening scene of 'A New Beginning'... Ignitus is approaching Spyro's egg..... Volteer bursts in and he says..... what?

It can be anything you like, but it has to be rap, R&B, G-rated for the hatchlings among us, and probably no more than 4 to 5 lines or so. Who's in?

Ya feeling me? Have fun :D
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Volteer and Ignitus is my favorite guardians (Joke! I love everyone))
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each character is good. Some characters looks like me)
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This is awesome!
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I love volteer!!!! Excellent artwork!!
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Haha, the chatterbox! I missed his chatter in DotD so badly, was a shame he was so silent. Even so, I love this guy's design, yellow is my favourite colour so he's instantly appealing to me. Was purple and yellow the only colour scheme that was made for electricity?
My bombardment of question are over now Jared, you can relax now sorry!
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Yellow is my favourite colour too! So bright, cheery and high energy... it often reminds me of a bumblebee, so industrious doing it's thing, that and my home town's Rugby team the Port Taranaki Bulls :) Electricity was an interesting one for me, and back in the day I blindly stumbled in and depicted everything to do with electricity, this guardian fellow included, in blues... not paying much attention to the time when I'd need to handle Cyril and all things ice related unfortunately :) When that moment came it was Bruno who helpfully pointed out that something would need to give, because we couldn't have Cyril blowing shards or lemon flavoured ice at his foes, it just wouldn't be 'proper' :D "Don't eat the yellow snow!" I can almost hear Cyril say ;) Awkwardness avoided to say the least...

So Volteer had to give up his shiny blue coat (I still have him in that scheme somewhere) and I gave him a nice new finish in 'Bumblebee Yellow'... but to contrast I still managed to keep the steely blue for his harder materials thankfully. Would you like to see Volteer in blue? Kind thanks for the patience and for your very excellent question.
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It is just such a lifting colour in general, but wow! A blue Volteer does sound interesting! But yes, a good thing you changed him, he and Cyril clash enough as it is! :XD: this may just be me, but in my mind's eye I can see that colour scheme also clashing with his final personality; Volteer, now that I think about it, is very much like a bumblebee. A very loud, hyperactive bumblebee, but similar nonetheless so of course yellow suits him! Blue seems slightly more serious and even sterner in comparison, but even so! I'd love to see the illusive Blue! :D
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Volteer was always my favorite <3 He reminded me of me when I was younger. Always talking and trying to use bigger and bigger words!
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I was the same too. I still can be when something makes me happy and excited

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Art always resonates better with us when there's something of ourselves in what we see or experience for sure. Thanks for sharing :)
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I love that you even added the lightning patterns in his wings! It looks so pretty.
I'd love to see all of the guardians redrawn by you. Your art is so amazing!
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Thanks so much for the kind words on my art Flaamez, it was a real golden opportunity to be able to work with the guys at Activision (then Vivendi Universal) helping to bring these Guardians to life, and I'd relish the opportunity to create some fresh offerings in the Dragon Guardian space :) 
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