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TLoS DragonGuardian Terrdor Elevations

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Robust, muscular truncation; projecting strength in every hard edged contour and solid volume... these were the design principles set down that qualified Terrador during the conceptual phase of development on 'A New Beginning.' Not possessed of the grace that was to be Cynders', nor the owner of such decorative flourishes as lavished upon his Guardian counterparts, Terrador was to be broader, blunter, with inflated forms - the exemplar of power over precision and the strength of Dragon-kind. Most horn arrangements thus seen in the world of Spyro to this point seemed limited to straighter saber-like protrusions swept back from the brow, but for Terrador to remain true to his design brief he had to break the mold. I reasoned that he was 'less a sword and more a hammer', and from this I thought of an animal that lived in the rugged mountain tundra amid loose shale and stone. An animal so suited to those rocky places and with an unyielding nature bordering upon the stubborn; the territorial mountain ram, whose horns with their unusual spiraling arrangment were just perfect. It certainly lends Terrador an aspect of inpenetrability, and with a head much like the blunt end of a battering ram a strong point of difference was addressed that made this Guardian unique. The decision to weather him significantly more than the others, through the ravaging of wing membraine and chest plate, reinforced the notion that a granite like resolve was Terrador's to command. From these elevation views the animation team on TLoS was to model the Earth Guardian so loved by many.
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How old is he compared to the other Guardians
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That front mughsot for Terry.

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I LOVE this! Terrador is my favorite! Hey I wanted to ask. May I color this like use it for coloring practice? 
Non profit of course, never hurts to ask ^^
resistancechick's avatar
Woah, did you work on the game or something? Because this is awesome!
If you did, did you work on all three or just aNB, because if all three, I have a question.....
iCreatePiE912's avatar
Hey Jared, thanks for posting all this amazing concept art from one of my favorite childhood games! Brings me back!

Anyways, my question is:
What is Spyro's "dimensions" (height, length, etc) in AnB/TEN, and maybe DotD?

Sorry if this has been answered before :)
That-Spyro-Guy's avatar
You're so welcome iCreatePiE912, 'Tis good to have you here and thanks for the commentary :) Spyro himself was 2m high in game (ANB and TEN) if I'm not mistaken :D
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2 meters in height?? Is Spyro that tall? Pff
DontDish's avatar
Quicky question: What are you inspired by for their body types?
That-Spyro-Guy's avatar
Hi there ChaChumlie, 'Tis great to have you here :) There are definitely a few strong influences, but the reason the Guardians (all examples of grown male dragons) are so powerfuly built and less anthropomorphic in nature stems from my love of The Lion King. I especially enjoyed how Disney handled the physique of the lion and lioness characters in general, firmly acknowledging them as beasts and not the upright standing creatures they could have been as witnessed in the Madagascar films and other such more abstract representations. That bestial nature, realised through strong sweeping lines and robust angles had a grace and majesty that TLoS deserved. We wanted to 'play it straight' so to speak, and cling to that truth first: that dragons were mighty beasts first, and 'actors' second. I think it lent the dragons of TLoS the gravitas they needed :) Thanks for the great question :D
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I have a question for you and btw this is awesome  I am big fan of your work

but my question is how did you come up with the guardians personalities
That-Spyro-Guy's avatar
Many thanks Miss-dreamerkat :D
Miss-dreamerkat's avatar
You're welcome! Thank you so helping creating such a amazing game that i played throughout my childhood. 
NemesisXProject's avatar
It's great to see a comparison chart of characters in general, wouldn't mind to see the other charts of the other characters as well. A lot of thought certainly went into making Terrador.
That-Spyro-Guy's avatar
There are indeed a few more charts like this, but no more of the Guardians... I shall have to remedy that!
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I freaking love Terrador!
That-Spyro-Guy's avatar
And I also! Love your energy Rovas117! Bring it, bring it, bring it!
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Terrdor is a tank! Loved his design and personality in the games.
StriderWolf's avatar
I like that he looks like an old war veteran.
That-Spyro-Guy's avatar
I definitely tried to convey the notion of Terrador as such... a weathered old warrior, hewn and hammered on the anvil of life, yet still steadfast and unyielding. One tough old boy :)
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I always loved how unique and powerful Terrador looked :3
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